Top 100 Columbus, Ohio home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Columbus, Ohio in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 572 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $140,500 in Columbus.

Top 100 home sales in Columbus for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jessica and Michael Jackson4632 Tensweep$1,200,000
Gary Lynn Ardell and Laurie Glader95 Deshler Ave.$970,000
Marcus J Johnson and Elaine L Todd325 Hubbard Ave.$605,000
Daniel J. Sanders (trustee), Patricia J. Sanders (trustee) and Sanders Family (revocable trust)6092 Whitney Woods Court$550,000
Ellen May Wai Chung762 Bryden Road$515,000
Enayet M. and Nicole M. Pierron Rasul3711 Olentangy Blvd.$495,000
Steven E Leclair95 Hubbard Ave. 95$490,000
Korede and Victoria Olatunji1183 Chadbyrne Drive$460,000
Bradley and Tessa Sealock6750 Merwin Place$450,000
Jeffrey L Davis and Michael W. Vreeland188 Sheffield Road$438,000
Carolyn D. and Derek R. Riley1316 Beechlake Drive$426,000
Christie Swearingen734 Fifth St.$425,000
Jonathan N. Bond and Megan E. McKim217 Moler St.$407,000
Bradley J. and Emily R. Bocook1410 Clubview Blvd.$403,500
Brenda J. and James V. Zeigler349 Jenkins Ave.$400,000
David and Elizabeth A. Gecht6735 Headwater TL$399,000
Lauren E. Bonfante and Jonathan M. Weise187 Virginialee Road$397,000
Barbara A. Madden and Ray W. Petering4159 Rowanne Road$385,000
Damien A. Gerald and Lee E Mangiante7437 Tottenham Place$382,000
Matthew A. Cooper65 Norwich Ave.$380,000
Isaiah S. and Kristin M. Stidham5518 Moccasin Drive$375,000
Farhan M Haque and Tricia King6171 Middlebury Drive$365,000
Heather Lynne Hoffman and Richard L. Hoffman Jr.5412 Tathwell Drive 39-5412$359,900
Brendan P Gatens and Sophie M. Lanfear216 Orchard Lane$358,000
Traci Zins318 Seventeenth Ave.$357,000
Christopher E. Royer and Hali R Schwind6609 Merwin Road$355,000
Cynthia H Mercer3196 Polley Road$350,000
Adam J. and Rebecca Mayerhoff263 Broadleigh Road$350,000
Michael A. Sliemers Jr.779 Kerr St.$350,000
John Wilson6727 Headwater TL$349,000
Dennis M., Drew, Hannah and Kathleen Bullock1177 Freshman Drive$344,000
James R. and Susan K. Hency953 Medinah Te$340,000
Brian Difeo748 Olde Settler Place$340,000
Jennifer Lynn Bonito and Erin Rebecca Deel2297 Medford Place$336,000
Ross Friedman and Arielle Scheier938 Remington Road$332,000
Kelly J Grannan2744 Kensington Place$328,000
Chin Yuan Lin3700 Henderson Road$328,000
Daniel Austin Brodhag47 Lakeview Ave.$325,000
Patricia A. and Richard J. Miller5236 Double Eagle Drive 5236$320,000
Yiyang Lin and Jiahao Ping946 Birchmont Road$320,000
Christine L. and Nathan R. Janes950 Brockwell Drive$317,500
Amna Haider and Mirza Faraz Hussain789 Mountainview Drive$312,000
Brandon Bartlett73 Twenty Second St.$310,000
Michelle L. and Philip A. Kovoor7859 Katies Way Lane$306,000
Dwight C. and Kyong A. Pilkington1021 Bluffway Drive$306,000
Sei Jin Kim1063 Bluffway Drive$305,000
Alexander Perry and Stephanie Gene Wright Nelson390 Richards Road$304,900
Lauren E. Wetula and Matthew C. Young369 Kelso Road$300,000
D. Blake Fisher Realty (trust), Katherine S. Fisher (trustee), Lillian S. Fisher Realty (trust) and Marshall S. Fisher Realty (trust)2211 Fourth St.$300,000
Brian Garbellini (trustee), Carmen Garbellini (trustee), Gianfranco Garbellini (trustee), Gianfranco Garbellini and Carmen Garbellini (living trust)5944 Pine Rise Court$300,000
Clarice and Randall Decker614 Lummisford Lane$300,000
Trent May and Stephanie Welch5802 Fieldcrest Drive$298,500
Stacey Hana and Susan A. Kyser129 Tulane Road$298,500
Bashu D. and Hari Adhikari5516 Rushden Drive$295,000
Elizabeth Jordan and Zachary James Walters847 Claytonbend Drive$293,000
Deandrea Delores Jones6335 Baskerville Drive$290,000
James Daniel III and Jennifer McGruder7953 Fielding School Drive$289,900
1419 1421 Snowmass Road LLC1419 Snowmass Road$289,250
Achieva Holdings LLC756 Fairwood Ave.$288,716
Angela S Acquista165 Tulane Road$288,100
Bryn C Bell3889 Pinto Court$288,000
John Cook6211 Freewood Drive$288,000
Chenelle A. Jones2822 Marcellus Drive$287,000
Sara Anne and Troy Andrew Greer8737 John John Court$282,000
Robert Bair and Amy Socie8421 Bridletree Way$279,900
Guadalupe Mireya Garcia Flores and Salvador Eduardo Tafolla8368 English Oak Drive$279,000
Matthew Martin1315 Brookwood Place$278,000
Michael F. Bernard5485 Moccasin Drive$275,000
Iric J Bernal2131 Heatherfield Ave.$275,000
Aaron M. Hurraw3692 Grimes Drive$275,000
Carolyn and Stephen Francis5990 McNaughten Grove Lane$275,000
Brian and Sarah Schmitt4930 Larwell Drive$275,000
Megan Eileen Courtney and Mitchell Thomas Lush375 Jeffrey Place$274,900
Casey McKenna and Alan Michael Monroe7968 Hightree Drive$274,900
Andrew E. and Elaine Starinchak5059 Calais Drive 5059$274,900
Cesar Salih5717 Newington Drive$274,900
Cenave Mputu Kabongo and Prince Mukila Wabatinga370 Hoskins Way$270,000
1425-1427 Snowmass Road LLC1425 Snowmass Road$270,000
Lisa A. and Tommy L. Fravel8478 Flower Cherry Drive$269,800
Cory and Frances Wilkinson2442 Charles Mill Drive Drive$267,500
Patrick M. and Silvia R. Jackson2758 Schaaf Drive$266,500
Marc S Spindelman430 Stanley Ave.$265,000
Mary Kathleen Friedlander and Brien L Moore6309 Little Deer Lane$264,900
Tracey L Archibald637 Stinson Drive$264,500
Jiaoyan Yu and Hai Jie Zhen1029 Discovery Drive$263,000
Safiyo Hassan Abdulle and Mariam and Osman Hagi Ahmed6505 Ponset St.$262,000
Juan L. Moreno Cruz and Almadelia Sanchez Monzalvo508 Brandon Court$260,000
Jennifer Rivas886 Twenty Second St.$260,000
Joshua and Miya L. Reyes2857 Westrock Drive$260,000
Mohammed Foiz637 Riddler Ridge Drive$260,000
Dorothy Kathryn and James H. Rosmarin1050 Bernard Road$260,000
Cristel May and Nicholas Kaiser5212 Rockport St.$259,900
Chelsea and Nicholas Anderson5208 Nightshadow Drive$256,000
Patty Farley2898 Clime Road$256,000
Bryan L. and Jennifer A. Rusterholz5349 Goldfield Drive$255,000
Mei Feng Lin5007 Gettysburg Road$253,000
Jay E. and Kelly J. Fulmer2257 Worthingwoods Blvd.$252,900
Arn Hospitality LLC5501 Rainbow Falls St.$250,000
Ethan Mendelson201 Twenty Second St.$250,000
Grant Hershberger911 Caniff Place$250,000

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