Top 100 Cleveland, Ohio home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cleveland, Ohio in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 356 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $44,000 in Cleveland.

Top 100 home sales in Cleveland for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Thomas G. Schoen1284 108th St.$338,000
Tb New Generations LLC3850 18th St.$320,000
James Breen1774 28th St.$320,000
Maya Simek3204 Archwood Ave.$259,900
Ucaa Ltd.1848 101st St.$250,000
Qiong Wu and Song Zhu18111 Larchwood Ave.$245,000
Erin Cardis1366 73rd St.$240,000
Katherine C. Montelione2805 Clinton Ave., Unit 3$236,000
Robert M. Kilbane2478 Seventh St.$225,000
Chrstine M Jackson0 12th St.$218,000
Lisa Farmer2494 Thurman St.$210,000
David Mahowitz and Victoria Wells5212 Bridge Ave.$200,000
Maria C. Flores16409 Southland Ave.$199,900
Hiba Khan and Umar Shuaib0 Euclid Ave.$197,570
Anthony E Rizzo and Kathryn A. Stackhouse2914 14th St.$195,000
Jennifer S. and Ryan D. Burton750, Unit 201$192,000
Loren Genson and Ryan Szafraniec315 Grove Drive$190,000
Joyce Gusman16604 Lucille Ave.$187,500
Kenny Vega1030 11th St.$185,000
Erik Thorkelson3516 152nd St.$180,000
Joseph Incorvaia16600$178,000
Arthur Henke1338 67th St.$170,000
Eric Stuczynski and Sarah Sterling16111 Larchwood Ave.$170,000
Joseph Beutler19320 Davinwood Ave.$170,000
Julianne Roseman3123 Woodbine Ave.$160,000
Chris N. and Kathleen C. Perry and Dana C. and Daniel T. Kirchoff5801 Brookside Drive$157,000
Barbara and David Fidel15601 Fischer Road$155,500
Brandon L. Kowalski and Rachel Lucas15521 Frick Court$153,500
Crescent Private Equities RE2018C7501 Rutledge Ave.$140,000
John V. Clarken5213 Fleet Ave.$139,900
Latasha L Crenshaw1533 80th Place$139,900
Drd Properties LLC3314 Hancock Ave.$137,500
Sam Glick3314 Hancock Ave.$137,500
Dmf Land LLC5902 Bridge Ave.$135,000
Dmf Land LLC4516 Clinton Ave.$130,000
Michael A. Montoney and Victoria Summer4508 Burger Ave.$129,500
Asheba Coleman4000 189th St.$124,900
Rehab Zoqash17605 Flamingo Ave.$124,500
Rhonda L. Hills3992 Wendy Drive$121,900
Eranah and Rickey Adorjan17701 Crestland Road$121,000
Kevin Deleon13514 Fairwood Drive$120,000
Shadea N Hughes4239 38th St.$115,272
Laura Grimke and Mildred Humphrey10204 Loretta Ave.$115,000
Anthony H. and Marisol L. Dandrea1402 Plymouth Road$114,000
Maritza A. Caraballo4350 Redding Ave.$112,500
Pac One Ltd.3932 158th St.$110,000
Misty D Musson15004 Grapeland Ave.$105,000
Zhihao Guo4338 58th St.$105,000
Brock M Behler4582 193rd St.$103,090
Brickwood LLC2661$100,000
Andrew Szafraniec318 Groveland Club Drive$100,000
Jacqueline Hayes12809 Crossburn Ave.$96,900
Julio H Santiago4568 148th St.$92,200
Cynthia A. Legge13709 Thornhope Ave.$91,530
Michael L. Coleman17808 Lotus Drive$91,000
Gentlemen Project LLC10712 Bryant Ave.$89,000
Crisalis 2 LLC10712 Bryant Ave.$89,000
Donna and Milthon Fernandez13605 Clifford Ave.$88,000
Nauman Saeed18401 Hiller Ave.$85,000
Meriah J. and Tyler J. Zeleny14417 Broxton Ave.$85,000
Cpd Realty & Holdings LLC3411 150th St.$82,800
Charrier Investment LLC3998 153rd St.$81,000
Diab A. Dar Issa3332 98th St.$80,500
Divvy Homes Warehouse III LLC15331 Glencoe Ave.$80,000
Chun Y Wu1819 Haldane Road$79,900
Aaron L. McLean3482 118th St.$77,500
Frisanch Galler Esther1493 Larchmont Road$77,150
US Bank17116 Talford Ave.$76,000
Donald E. Vance14315 Courtland Ave.$75,500
Rev Cleveland LLC1268 169th St.$75,000
Fountain Bay LLC1339 86th St.$75,000
Heisenberg Real Estate LLC479 118th St.$74,000
Anthony C Cintron13113 Highlandview Ave.$74,000
LV Investissement LLC11623 Gay Ave.$74,000
Yuca 45 LLC12717 Irvington Ave.$73,900
Timothy Nagy2048 87th St.$72,000
Christina and Jason Hunt12413 Worthington Ave.$72,000
Christina Quillin4706 Burger Ave.$70,300
Sacrebleu LLC3971 176th St.$68,305
Puyloub LLC10422 Dove Ave.$68,000
Vlap (trust) and Le K. and Vinh T. Le3563 123rd St.$68,000
Tshaka Brown3740 69th St.$68,000
Au Bonheur LLC16709 Fairfax Ave.$67,021
Bcm Renovation Ltd.17800 Flamingo Ave.$66,000
Sky Real Estate Group LLC3131 48th St.$66,000
Dmf Land LLC2828 York Ave.$66,000
Moos Invest LLC4650 147th St.$66,000
Yuca 45 LLC4067 56th St.$65,000
Guardian City Investments LLC3691 136th St.$65,000
Maria D. Torres4228 Marvin Ave.$65,000
Creighton Realty LLC13614 Benwood Ave.$65,000
Memom & Suns LLC10117 Hampden Ave.$65,000
We Build Too LLC12801 Imperial Ave.$65,000
Eric B Lingwall9807 Parkgate Ave.$64,900
Nicholas Duale4104 Schiller Ave.$64,500
Christopher D. Fraze2933 125th St.$63,000
Pilatus LLC3354 88th St.$63,000
Froioul Four LLC4278 133rd St.$63,000
Orlando R Desantigo15711 Barbara Ave.$63,000
Au Bonheur LLC831 London Road$62,766

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