Top 50 Euclid, Ohio home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Euclid, Ohio in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 54 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $52,300 in Euclid.

Top 50 home sales in Euclid for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Anna M. Ferguson2145 Waynoka Road$149,900
Jeanine J Perkins24350 Hawthorne Drive$144,500
Diana L Vistein28251 Gilchrist Drive$139,109
Edwin B. Garrett374 222nd St.$129,900
Renee D Lancaster81 Lake Edge Drive$124,000
Cheryl L Cooper Harris and Michelle Pride685 Willow Drive$123,000
Lakeitha Goens26100 Benton Ave.$123,000
Eric D Gary26891$118,000
Lavonte M Robinson259 214th St.$114,000
Casaundra R Aston21531 Roberts Ave.$108,000
Dianna L Barnes741 263rd St.$97,000
19905190491337 255th St.$95,000
Latasha D Russell20671 Ball Ave.$89,000
Landis Properties I283 270th St.$85,000
Danielle Way23336 Roger Drive$82,500
Christopher M. and Rebbeca A. Gensur472 222nd St.$80,000
Hala Shafik21730 Roberts Ave.$80,000
MJB Investment Properties LLC20330 Ball Ave.$67,000
Sjr Properties LLC85 217th St.$66,667
Nnb Assets LLC20400 Crystal Ave.$63,000
Cecelia Mastin26931 Mallard Ave.$62,500
Onemain Financial Services Inc.27301 Forestview Ave.$61,500
A K Investments & Properties LLC1730 236th St.$61,400
Deloya Properties LLC419 274th St.$60,000
Rot Properties LLC20976 Goller Ave.$53,900
Wells Fargo Bank25801 Briardale Ave.$53,200
Propspercle LLC19580 Pasnow Ave.$53,100
Sjr Property Brothers LLC20700 Naumann Ave.$51,500
Yhr LLC641 Babbitt Road$48,900
Donald J. Walter20330 S Lake Shore Blvd.$48,140
Yoram Amar Properties LLC165 219th St.$48,000
AFC Dwellings LLC21221 Westport Ave.$46,000
Tangs Euclid LLC20470 Lake Shore Blvd.$45,000
Innova Property Investments LLC26931 Mallard Ave.$43,850
P Cubed Properties LLC1470 195th St.$43,500
Kathryn Brickman314 235th St., Unit 190$43,000
Gerald and Rita Klauda339 235th St., Unit 84$43,000
RB Trout LLC26431 Shoreview Ave.$40,000
Silver Cedar Holdings LLC685 260th St.$39,000
Kenneth W. Welsh10 Trenton Square, Unit T23$36,000
Jgp Investments LLC455 250th St.$34,000
Bank of America23334 Williams Ave.$33,334
Investortek Holdings LLC23200 Blackstone Ave.$32,000
Frank D. Dinardo23334 Williams Ave.$31,000
Anthony Curtis21270 Nicholas Ave.$30,000
Investortek Holdings LLC21270 Nicholas Ave.$30,000
Skymount Properties LLC641 Voelker Ave.$30,000
US Bank19151 Pasnow Ave.$28,000
Gch Management Inc.316 260th St.$27,000
Gch Management Inc.424 260th St.$24,500

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