Top 100 Homestead, Florida home sales for January 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Homestead, Florida in January 2020, according to

In January 2020, there were 152 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $200,000 in Homestead.

Top 100 home sales in Homestead for January 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Studios 22 LLC419 Second Ave.$1,300,000
Dennis Hebert an Unmarried Man and Gisela Mojena an Unmarried Woman as Joint Tenants With Rights of2710 Fairways Drive$420,000
Roundtree Joshua W. and Roundtree Antonella C.1906 23rd Court$413,000
Francois Sopha and Jean Baptiste Carl Ans Stanley3481 Second St.$380,000
Reyes Celia and Reyes Ronny2136 38th Road$370,000
Loayza Jose and Loayza Yana2202 41st Ave.$368,000
Alles Joel2964 42nd Ave.$365,000
Diaz Fidelina M.4122 30th St.$349,900
Kouchalakos Charles1833 20th Road$340,000
Zuloaga Jorge A.1987 15th St.$335,000
Berry Antonios T. and Perez Berry Virginia L.2126 40th Road$330,000
Rauf Michael A. and Rauf Jana162 Third St.$325,000
Khan Zubair, Khan Dora and Khan Ubaid Rehman2114 40th Ave.$320,000
Caffey Ricky L. and Carr Crystal R.2179 Second St.$320,000
Devarona Alina M.186 26th Ave.$315,000
Porras Juan C. and Alzate Jhoana A.4128 30th St.$305,000
Larrosa Avilenee M. and Lince Alvaro543 37th Place$303,800
Nessy Ruben and Gil Torres Delia3244 Second Drive$300,000
Richardson Karina and Richardson Andrew384 31st Ave.$295,000
Williams Mireille G.3985 15th St.$292,000
Reasor John D. and Reasor Melissa C.2841 41st Place$290,000
Quintero Henry S Jr. and Quintero Matalin Y.1821 17th Ave.$290,000
Magrinat Joshua and Torrens Natali2102 40th Ave.$290,000
Martin Walter J. and Garcia Kasey M.3616 First St.$290,000
Mateo Anthony and De Mora Gliceria L.3605 11th Drive$285,000
Aguiar Antonio and Aguiar Auxiliadora D.949 14th Ave.$284,900
Palacios Frank V.129 Ninth Ave.$284,500
Alaoui Rachid M.4115 22nd St.$284,000
Alvarez Maria L.2607 41st Road$283,500
Casey George B. and Iori Stephanie2056 14th Court$278,000
Vega Gerardo374 19th Ave.$278,000
George Jonathan J.2617 Seventh Court$275,000
Hernandez Elvis505 Seventh St.$270,000
Singh Alecia N.1157 37th Place$270,000
Masis Lourdes D. and Duran Leonardo3726 13th St.$270,000
Kharkov Holdings LLC3507 Fourth St.$268,000
Gonzalez Yusla, Alvarez Raul Jr., Guzman Jose G. and Vera Rita M.1354 Pelican Court$266,900
Ortega Omar L.2610 Seventh Place$260,000
Maytin Eileen and Vergara Edwin997 41st Ave.$260,000
Benoit Stevenson357 31st Terrace$259,000
Marcia Jennifer and Marcia Lazaro2028 13th St.$253,500
Mert Leyla2002 14th Court$251,000
Beckenridge Property Fund 2016 LLC1156 37th Place$251,000
Tort Maureen2393 14th St.$250,000
Morales Jose A.155 17th Ave.$245,000
Gutierrez Marlon A. and Quiroz Corea Imara G.716 33rd Terrace$240,000
Gonzalez Hector M. and Cardero Arlenis O.1893 13th St.$240,000
Bedoya Mario639 33rd Terrace$240,000
Melendez Bryan G. and Negron Tatiana393 37th Ave.$240,000
Pastor Lopez Dionicio and Pastor Santos Maria Perez Jolomna De122 Sixth Ave.$240,000
Guild Nathan A.2703 Augusta Drive 42$238,000
Burke Lesetr W. and Zazanis Burke Donna767 22nd Drive$238,000
Molina Mayrelis Del R. and Rabelo Olga L.219 15th Place$235,000
Alonso Sergio and Duong Tai Tan3728 22nd Place$235,000
Mederos Edilio, Mederos Jessica and Mederos Melissa1033 40th Road$233,000
Hm Dev Group LLC1221 42nd Ave.$228,200
Kertznus Kenneth and Kertznus Sonia2515 15th Court$228,000
King Lung LLC4126 11th Drive$225,000
Marcano Pedro J. and Barreto Esther V.2449 19th St.$220,000
Salgado Ulises and Rodriguez Neivy32 Fourth Ave.$220,000
Baez Victor A.949 42nd Ave.$220,000
Wilson Adlai A.2594 14th St.$220,000
Leach Chad Scott2550 Dunwoodie Place$219,000
Duhaney Carlos and Duhaney Melissa1972 24th Ave.$216,500
New Future World Investments LLC2008 38th Road$215,300
R & M Property Group Inc.2158 20th Ave.$212,600
Harrison Linda1011 41st Place$210,000
Diaz Laura1446 26th Ave.$210,000
Habben Sylvia N.995 41st Place$210,000
Norori Marco1066 41st Place$207,000
Flowers Reginald1173 32nd Ave.$206,000
Crespo Pedro A. Jr. and Crespo Elizabeth2359 42nd Circle$205,000
Perez Carvajal Yasel500 21st Terrace$205,000
Middleburg Properties LLC1320 17th Ave.$204,800
Hall Hazel J.866 13th St.$202,200
Diaz Angela M.929 42nd Place$200,000
Lianne Lopez Montero A. Single Woman4234 Ninth St.$200,000
Monsalve Alexander1951 23rd Road$200,000
Rodriguez Velazquez Mayleysy540 21st Terrace$200,000
Medwinter Andrea A.618 21st Ave.$195,000
Diaz Monica P.1005 42nd Terrace$195,000
Gonzalez Lascelles R. and Campbell Andreanna M.657 21st Ave.$190,000
Nelson Shameika L.971 42nd Terrace$189,900
Effective Builders LLC768 34th Ave.$186,000
Grace Edmundo F. and Grace Angela M.2262 42nd Ave.$185,000
Insignares Cesar A. and Ruiz Yeny112 28th Terrace 6-8$180,000
Rose Brian A. and Mejia Campos Alejandra2928 Second St. 2-2$179,000
Live Well Financial Inc.2435 Fourth Place$177,700
Scott Andrae M. and Scott Latoya1287 Eighth Place$177,500
Calixte Natalie1697 30th St.$176,000
Cates Sonia1507 San Remo Circle$175,000
Lugo Roberto and Perez Hilda A.152 29th Ave. 12-7$175,000
Matos Edelio D.1495 First St.$174,900
Ghani Farzana1513 San Remo Circle$169,000
Maxali One LLC2725 15th Road 103$167,500
Cuellar Cristina and Arrastia Aida E., Cuellar Aida R. and Cuellar Juan C.112 28th Terrace 6-1$167,000
Lemian Corp.2470 15th Place 335$166,000
Triana Jose J. and Triana Ada142 28th Terrace 7-27$160,500
Fcs Services Inc.2527 15th Place 193$155,000
Theodule Dalia D.4134 24th St.$155,000

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