Top 100 Ankeny, Iowa home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Ankeny, Iowa in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 207 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $230,000 in Ankeny.

Top 100 home sales in Ankeny for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lance F. and Michele D. Farrell2805 Seneca Drive$724,000
Megan and Mitch Holtz5238 Sienna Court$722,020
Steven A. and Elisa Speer2308 Abilene Road$652,500
Mark and Jamie Huygens5026 Seneca Drive$650,320
Sara M. and Nathan Thompson3702 Court Ave.$612,000
Justin and Tiffany M. Beeck6641 Berwick Drive$525,000
Lindsey and Heath Curless509 Reinhart Drive$463,390
Joseph A. and Janell J. McMullen4006 Fifth Court$462,500
Kurt and Shazia Manus2405 41st St.$460,000
David Rodriguez and Molli Rodriguez Cerecero and Jesus Rodriguez410 Reinhart Drive$422,550
Callie and Zackary Kubik4209 Applewood St.$417,500
Joseph Winnike and Reilly Trent3018 17th St.$414,900
Stephen Dean Morgan and Jennifer Chmielowski3104 17th St.$410,000
Justin Schaefer and Kristen Drury215 28th St.$410,000
Patti J. and David E. Delger2744 21st Circle$409,900
Robert Myers and Jolene Johnson2104 Cascade Falls Drive$395,000
Thomas D. and Evyann R. Gonzales3818 Beechwood St.$394,000
Kyle A. and Brittany Sievers225 Reinhart Drive$392,000
Derrick and Penny Birt509 Somerset Court$389,000
Trent Michael and Kaitlyn Kay Hulseberg2701 19th Court$385,000
Noah and Kara Swanson1024 31st St.$382,500
Raymond and Patricia Ahlers1630 Hillside Court$375,000
Colin Edward and Caitlin Stathos Richenbacher522 Georgetown Blvd.$375,000
Bryan Louis and Amanda Mae Laraia4409 Camden Ridge Court$372,000
Diane R. and Michael S. Samples3120 17th St.$369,000
Andrew Hochstetler and Brandy Gilmartin2115 Cascade Falls Drive$367,500
William F. and Rachel R. Gossman2122 Applewood St.$354,560
Alexander E. and Catherine M. Swanson3158 84th Ave.$350,000
Sarah Marie and Jaydon Michael Reinert8749 27th Court$347,000
Alexandra Ann Olesen and Justin Micah Blinkmann3218 Coves Drive$345,000
Marsden and Samantha Hand2605 40th St.$345,000
Randall and Cynthia Anderson505 Somerset Court$340,500
Alec D. and Anne E. Schaufenbuel2014 24th St.$340,000
Edward Gary Jones2116 17th St.$338,000
Kurt and Sharon L. Turner2210 40th St.$337,500
Zachary R. and Rebekah A. Norgaard3106 Northpark Drive$337,500
Danielle Johana and Matthias Daniel Swanson514 42nd Court$335,000
Timothy Edward and Kimberly Kay Kelsey2418 40th St.$335,000
Richard R. Rev Martin (trustee) and Stacey L. Rev Martin (trustee)4410 Driftwood Court$335,000
Christopher M. and Ann J. Herrera1918 19th St.$325,000
Michael and Chong Nation3604 Beechwood St.$320,000
Joseph C. and Patricia J. Raythe904 Boulder Brook Drive$316,000
Nataliya Campbell and Oscar Ramos Delarosa1611 Vintage Parkway$315,000
Darla Oldenburger317 Carriage Drive$310,900
Matthew Dorenkamp and Candace Madsen507 48th Court$309,000
Troy Sydow1713 31st St.$306,800
Pablo Sebastian Bin and Estefania Pineda2010 Greenwood Court$304,900
Christopher W. Guetzlaff and Emily M. Hurban2711 21st St.$299,000
John Meyn and Rex and Summer Butler305 Driftwood Drive$298,000
Aaron Jeffrey and Sage Miriam Holm916 Otter Ridge Circle$293,000
James Anthony Herold2719 21st St.$291,300
Chelsea A. Kumbera2116 Westwood St.$290,210
Adam M. Cramer4909 Innsbruck Drive$290,000
Christopher J. and Karis Kuckleburg1505 Boulder Drive$289,900
Jamie and Molly Norton2705 Fourth Circle$289,000
Brett and Ashley Huth1511 Abbie Drive$287,400
Kimberly Lindsey and Carlos Capdevila Lindsey312 Carriage Drive$286,000
Robert A. and Meghan R. Vineis4102 Ash Court$285,500
Amin K Ekalino and Allison K. Falenschek912 Reinhart Drive$284,000
Chad M. and Katie Brooks103 Rock Creek Circle$283,000
Rick A. Kavan1912 Woodbury Drive$283,000
Tyler S. and Ashley D. Farnsworth4316 Ash Court$279,500
Rebecca K. and Garry E. Kalitzki812 Redwood Lane$278,500
Kathryn E. and David J. Peiffer326 Ridgeline Drive$275,000
David Saxon and Amanda Jane Byford4902 15th St.$275,000
Cesar Tristan Alvarado2214 Ashland Parkway$273,500
Nicholas J. and Kaylene R. Jordan905 Barrington Court$269,900
Leah Braas2616 Plaza Parkway$268,990
Kayla Siemsglusz314 Abbie Drive$268,000
Heidi L. and Joshua T. Boyd901 Abbie Drive$265,000
Daniel and Jenna Daman4308 Innsbruck Court$265,000
Elliott Mickelsen and Miranda Lynn Butler2217 Parkridge Drive$264,900
Clayton and Cheryl Berglund315 Eaglewood Drive$260,000
Kyle Jeffery Wooten and Lesley Ann Thompson1602 Linwood Drive$260,000
Cassandra Sievert and Blaze Alesch1909 Woodbury Drive$258,000
Emily Ryan and Kayla Petersen1206 Cedarwood Drive$256,000
Lee C. and Viviana Raley3408 Plum Court$255,000
Jonathan and Rachel Hausler3605 Second Place$253,900
Abby Masching and Dylan J. Flynn1602 Innsbruck Court$252,000
Nicholas P. Skow706 Wanda Drive$251,500
Bobby Oneil and Lisa Marie Bechtel906 45th St.$250,000
Zachary H. Benttine939 Otter Ridge Circle$250,000
Adam Steven and Lindsey Eckhart430 Lowell Drive$249,000
Sarah C. and Mark H. Heggen2521 35th St.$249,000
Lindsay M. and Matthew J. Kirstein3107 Butternut Court$246,000
Kimberley S. and Christopher E. Kostman2010 Logan St.$245,000
Kyle Patrick and Hillary Christiana Stout Wehr4715 Innsbruck Drive$245,000
Samantha Anne Hayden2603 31st St.$244,000
Bradley and Sharee Lind4716 Michael Drive$244,000
Madison N. and John P. Meeks3501 Westwood St.$240,000
Jose I. III and Taylor A. Iregui2518 35th St.$240,000
Eric M. and Danae Gleason1012 46th St.$240,000
Christian James Witzel2510 35th St.$239,900
Richard Formanek4114 Trilein Drive$239,000
Judith A. Short2844 North Creek Circle$239,000
Matthew M. Sommerfeldt3011 Chestnut Drive$239,000
Michael Allen and Penni Lea McKinley3602 Cottonwood Lane$237,500
Jonathan Ludescher and Shannon Pruismann3023 Applewood St.$236,000
Ping Chen and Yanting Huang1604 Hayes Drive$236,000
Kelsey Lynn Simpson110 Cedarwood Drive$234,000

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