Top 50 Corinth, Texas home valuations for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home valuations for Corinth, Texas in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $252,890 in Corinth.

Top 50 home valuations in Corinth for July 2020
Buyfixsell Holdings LLC1809 Oak Hill Drive$133,221
Beth Marie Flatt3515 Riverview Drive$160,000
Iwtf Series 16 LLC2701 Forestview Drive$168,627
CSH Property One LLC2707 Fountainview Drive$169,373
Maria G. Fraide Bermudez and Rafael Tapia Ruiz2104 Mayfield Circle$176,000
Juwan Bandula and Urmila Dorothy Fernando3205 Fairview Drive$180,868
Tina Boyd2107 Barton Springs Drive$185,653
Kimberly Rose2606 Lonesome Oak Drive$190,000
Greg Mall3212 Timberview Drive$193,756
Kimberly A. Roberts2700 Whetstone Drive$195,369
Compass Creek Dated July 8 2020 (living trust), Deanna Renee Smith (trustee) and Gary Wayne Smith (trustee)3617 Fritz Lane$205,000
Dayna R. and James D. Thompson3214 Hidden Springs Circle$208,081
William T. Stout1646 Knoll Ridge Circle$217,265
Gail Olivia Moore3206 Windridge Lane$219,522
Humberto Martinez4311 Fieldwood Drive$225,485
Jordan R. Pierson and Chris A. Shapley2741 Windstone Way$231,173
Heb Homes LLC2311 Chambray Drive$232,000
Elegant Investment Group Inc.2311 Chambray Drive$232,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.1715 Morning Glory Drive$234,637
Opendoor Property Trust I.1715 Morning Glory Drive$234,637
Kenneth Roger and Melanie Jo Poole3200 Topanga Canyon Drive$237,405
Heather Lytle1652 Knoll Ridge Circle$237,787
Ayako T. and Kevin D. McKinney2900 Goodnight Trail$239,580
Michelle Douglas3012 Mason Ave.$242,159
Amber M. and Richard F. Bryant III1500 Marbellas Court$242,959
Creek Janie Lee and Creek Matthew Wayne2900 Windridge Lane$247,779
Johnny M Boardman2613 Westwind Drive$247,950
Coleman David E. & Mona M. 2006 Trust Dated April 10 2006, David E. Coleman (trustee) and Mona M. Coleman (trustee)1506 Ash Lane$252,890
Seralaathan Hariharesan and Lakshmi Seralaathan1724 Tealwood Lane$256,921
Brendan P. and Courtney D. Kearney1616 Wood Ridge Court$260,677
Renee and Shannon W. Hyatt1513 Knoll Ridge Circle$261,579
Scott Solomon (trustee) and Thandas (revocable trust)2411 Beckley Court$265,657
Irma and Lawrence Jaques2112 Vintage Drive$269,500
Anthony R Barrette and Jennifer G Guzman3206 Stonewick Drive$274,405
Philip Marcel Anders1501 Mission Hills Lane$278,809
Michael Parker1521 Ash Lane$288,839
Shannon L Patrick2804 Surrey Oaks Court$294,213
Nicolas Vladimir Ramon Gaibor and Liseth Azucena Arias Mancheno2013 Hayden Lane$297,028
Jonathan Payne2304 Regina Drive$298,500
Krista Tidwell2106 Oakcrest Court$299,661
Joel H. and Lilia Lamar Muro1607 Shady Oaks Place$305,000
Graham M. and Keegan M. Walden1806 Creek Bend Drive$308,279
Carolyn and William D. Bunn1507 Mission Hills Lane$312,414
Mica J Ingram and Steven K Payton2014 Glen Manor Road$320,000
Victoria and Vincent Celis3215 Hidden Springs Drive$329,678
David W. and Mary A. Holochuck1833 Vintage Drive$350,000
Jason C. and Kristin R. Stewart2105 Birdwood Circle$350,863
Marquita L. and Terrance D. Williams3219 Hidden Springs Drive$395,000
Deborah Barron and James Floyd Kelly2212 Creek Crossing Drive$406,297
Disbrow Ray Dated July 29 2020 (living trust) and Richard Raymond Disbrow (trustee)1305 Ballycastle Lane$407,000

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