Top 50 Harrisburg, North Carolina home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Harrisburg, North Carolina in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 55 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $270,000 in Harrisburg.

Top 50 home sales in Harrisburg for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Huma Kasumbi and Imran Parekh4712 Myers Lane$632,500
Karen Lynne Benner7730 Windsor Forest Place$565,000
Ralph McGee III and Kimberly Zegil4412 Britley Lane$525,000
Christopher and Jennifer Glasser4684 Snow Drive$515,000
Carol E. and Scott M. Hoover4106 Burnage Hall Road$480,500
Joann Lee and Marvin Gibbs2070 Woodstream Road$465,000
Brandon Richard and Jennifer Lee McGuire9403 Leyton Drive$447,000
Shaun Redmond4736 Myers Lane$440,000
Abby and Shawn C. Lovins8831 Tarrington Drive$435,000
David Jacob and Lauren Barbee Townsend3251 Cabana Way$420,000
Roeun Kuong and Vanary Savann7727 Pleasant Valley Drive$409,000
Deborah Graney and Joshua Alan Collins4616 Snow Drive$405,000
Gloria Margarita and Jose Gerardo Zelaya2641 Cherry Laurel Drive$395,000
Addie Denise Cohen9026 Kensington Forest Drive$380,000
Yolanda Garris and Danny Thompson2217 Jon Chris Drive$352,000
Kenneth Paul and Michelle Ann Fritsch8622 Butterfield Court$350,000
Jerri Ann Fatticci7777 Orchard Park Circle$335,000
Hillary A. and Marc K. Sodervick8625 Butterfield Court$335,000
Judith Abigail and Matthew Jason Cadwallader7724 Orchard Park Circle$330,000
Kendall and Nicholas Breshears7729 Orchard Park Circle$325,000
Dee and Fritz Blakley801 Patricia Ave.$320,000
Alexander J. and Elisa H. Posthauer4612 Arborview Drive$319,000
Brittany A. and Matthew J. Bryce4852 Walnut Grove St.$315,000
Wesam Hassan and Abdelghani Mohiyeldeen5665 Berry Ridge Drive$314,000
Christopher Scott Stehle8230 Ferrell Place$300,500
Sherard Wall and Lashanta Watkins7708 Windsor Forest Place$300,000
Melody M. and Melvin R. Battle7814 Foxcroft Lane$275,000
Scott A. Dixon and Jennifer B. Lloyd2231 Stallings Road$270,000
Mary Ann Rosina7776 Orchard Park Circle$270,000
Ptnrp IH6 Property North Carolina LP6731 Thistle Down Drive$261,500
Ptnrp IH6 Property North Carolina LP6804 Thistle Down Drive$260,000
Vanjaya S Thomas5075 Sunburst Lane$250,000
Adam B. and Heather Stegall Kinsey and Heather Stegall-Kinsey2120 Moss Creek Drive$250,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.5563 Hammermill Drive$243,500
Amanda M. Lawrence4718 Willow Glen Road$240,000
Ptnrp IH6 Property North Carolina LP7019 Winding Cedar Trail$237,000
Progress Charlotte LLC6754 Thistle Down Drive$233,000
Gary William and Grayson Albra Wassweiler6290 Springcourt Lane$230,000
Erin and Gregory Schrijvers215 Oak Side Drive$225,000
Emja Properties LLC4456 Alexander Hill Court$220,500
Andrew Josiah and Deborah McDonald6278 Morehead Road$220,000
Hillary M. Pruette6202 Lentz Way$192,000
Jonathan Gabriel Simpson6319 Harrisburg Plaza$190,000
Donna Becker4058 Center Place Drive$179,500
Ana Mayela Dillmann6415 Town Hall Place$170,000
Zhen Vision LLC401 Plaza Drive$170,000
Nita Furr Wilson6413 Town Hall Place$167,000
Misty Hall9008 Robinson Church Road$165,000
Laura Jackson and Riley Warren Heckman6329 Morehead Road$150,000
Wise Buys LLC4201 Nonia Drive$131,500

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