Top 50 Burnsville, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Burnsville, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 84 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $289,900 in Burnsville.

Top 50 home sales in Burnsville for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Trent D. and Karissa D. Zimmer15513 Loop Road$735,000
Sergio Amezcua Pineda13208 Longview Drive$600,000
Melanie A. Beasley1021 Bluebill Bay Road$445,000
Andrew and April Lembcke13509 James Ave.$429,900
Abbey Hammell and Austin James Esser407 Oakland Lane$401,000
Jason and Kari Maloney1209 Emerson Court$400,000
Jessalyn Weaver1914 Sioux Court$399,000
Zachary Kim and Cecilia Jenny Laffey15504 Bryant Ave.$385,000
Elizabeth Lee Woxland12704 Apple View Lane$378,500
Jennifer and Ricky Schwab1001 155th St.$372,400
Emily K. Kratochwill13808 W. Preserve Blvd.$370,000
Micheal Fowlkes Jr. and Veronica Nicole Fowlkes801 Garrison Court$369,000
David Randall Horning12828 Apple View Lane$358,000
Ivan and Petr Yeliseyev2509 115th St.$355,000
Dana Sommer13507 Oakland Drive$355,000
Jermaine and Jennifer Flowers2808 Highland Drive$350,000
Devin and Amber Gorter401 153rd St.$345,000
Kirstin Ann Buck and Jarred John Lienke624 Thoreau Drive$340,000
Katie Lynn Byrnes3416 Clark St.$337,000
Shalana and Joseph Suker2605 Hayes Drive$335,000
Jonathan R. and Amy K. Frank1724 140th St.$331,400
William H. and Shannon M. Butler13401 Bryant Ave.$330,000
Shannon Mulloy15712 Chalet Court$330,000
Justin O. and Rachel A. Hames1800 140th St.$330,000
Ching Man Chan3114 Red Oak Circle$329,900
Alexia and Nathan Garrett13924 York Ave.$325,000
Preston and Kisha Nichole Foster2749 Sunset Lane$325,000
Zachary D. and Megan R. Stencel1808 Rio Loma Lane$320,000
Crystal Miller2604 Brookview Drive$320,000
Andres Gomez Guitierrez201 Valley High Road$320,000
Amanda Jo and Daniel Bronson2613 River Hills Drive$319,900
The Trustees of the Chernin (living trust)12962 Black Hills Drive$315,000
2015 Sheila M. Heath Trust Dated January 2912501 Nicollet Ave. 28$314,000
Brandon and Kashira Booth12264 River Valley Drive$310,300
Mariano A. Rodas-Chajon13240 Humboldt Ave.$310,000
Jon and Leticia Borgen901 Aspen Drive$309,900
Oscar G. Cabrera Mendieta13402 Washburn Ave.$308,700
Kenneth Patrick and Shannon Lee Chute2605 Brookview Drive$300,000
Nicole Rae and David Lee Rogers13209 Court Place$298,000
Elizabeth E. Kange12224 River Valley Drive$292,900
Robert M. Widuch and Joy Ann Stark431 Stonewood Lane$292,000
Michael B. and Tania M. Hultengren469 Whitewood Drive$289,900
Reilly Scully and Bailey Luce3405 West Park Drive$289,900
Nicholas G. Plantz13017 Upton Ave.$284,500
Sang Kim Pham and Thi Thu Huong Nguyen2305 140th St.$283,000
Cherrise Maria and Amir Malongo Williams12924 James Ave.$280,000
Tara Paul and Juliana Wilson13108 Thomas Ave.$275,000
Angel De Los Santos De Vite and Fatima Del Pilar Vite De Los Santos513 Unique Drive$266,000
Erin Monroe and Kevin Murphy-Pollock2501 River Hills Drive$265,000
Brandon Valencour14901 Wildwood Road$262,650

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