Top 50 North Ridgeville, Ohio home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for North Ridgeville, Ohio in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 75 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $228,400 in North Ridgeville.

Top 50 home sales in North Ridgeville for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Thomas John Snow (trustee), Patricia Jean Snow (trustee) and Snow Family Trust9464 Foxboro Drive$395,000
Joseph E. and Marsha A. Cerny9341 Kenmore Way$347,000
Jayne A. Barr8801 Bauer Circle$340,000
Mohammed Hassan37840 Winson Circle$340,000
Jeremiah C. and Erin M. Desforges9190 Calista Drive$337,500
Belinda and Jason Klein34592 Braemore Drive$330,000
Terrence J. and Erin Urig34693 Hardwood Drive$325,000
Linda M. and John Klingenstein9289 Unionville Drive$315,000
Christopher Chidlaw37599 Tail Feather Drive$311,500
Bhautik K. and Kansa K. Patel38311 Terrell Drive$310,000
Michael R. and Joanne M. Wrobel and Joanne M Allen8601 Gatewood Drive$308,000
Janet Dorenkott8891 Riverwood Drive$304,000
Richard S. Chipka Jr. and Cheryl A. Chipka9097 Nesthaven Way$299,500
Lori M. and Herbert R. Reese9033 Stonegate Circle$294,900
Margaret H. Whitney (trustee) and Margaret H. Whitney (trust)38123 Revere Drive$293,000
Agron and Alba Hoxha5157 Windsor Drive$290,000
Charles J. and Valerie V. Sandru9016 Lydia Circle$280,000
Denette M Hammermeister and James G. Stahl Jr.9096 Calista Drive$275,000
Tyler Levanduski9155 Stonegate Circle$274,500
Mahsa Chitsaz and Reza Harirforoush37603 Stoney Lake Drive$272,000
Mingtao Chi and Qing Wang37571 Tail Feather Drive$267,000
Nicholas J. and Shanna Smalc37297 Pebble Court$266,160
Robert J. Piskura III and Morgan L. Krause5049 Ravenway Drive$265,000
Paul J. Royer4984 Leafy Mill Lane$262,070
Robert and Therese Andrus8772 Timber Edge Drive$255,000
Robert D. and Annette J. Meek9012 Lyman Court$250,000
William John K. and Sarah R. Keating9148 Brian St.$249,900
Rick Russo Sr. and Ronda Russo37888 Ashfield Way$245,000
Ana H. and Santiago Camargo6096 Greenview Trail$244,450
Tiffany N Scott36267 Hedgerow Park Drive$242,000
Lindsay D McCollum5953 Breezeway Drive$240,100
Ernest A. and Beverly B. Kimar32542 Northwood Court$240,000
Judith and Brendan Minogue9139 Vernon Hill$235,000
Eric F Taylor and Marissa A. Vondruska8865 Wheaton Place$233,000
Edward B. and Ellen A. Gillert5030 Meadow Moss Lane$232,000
Stefan A. and Kathy J. Kisel9398 Saybrook Drive$229,900
Engy Wyer38373 Rain Tree Circle$229,000
Jennifer L Colgan7359 Denny Drive$228,400
Joseph Anthony Farago Jr.9400 Avon Belden Road$225,000
Sidney and Beverly McMahon38198 Kingston Drive$225,000
Benjamin Miller38293 Pebble Lake Trail$220,000
Jim and Tammy Kovatch6329 Mills Creek Lane$219,900
Christina M. and Brian Bottini37690 Stoney Lake Drive$215,000
Richard A. Johnson and Mariana L Calin7244 Songbird Lane$205,000
Kevin and Amber Arocho and Amber Campana33075 Fern Tree Lane$200,000
Kali L Franklin5472 Manning St.$199,900
Gina R Lauterio9179 Stonegate Circle$198,000
Patrick J. Huszarik and Stacy Lynn Volker7369 Chennault Drive$195,000
Samara J Yurchak35261 Schoolhouse Lane$193,000
Cody R Tyree34579 Bainbridge Road$185,000

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