Top 50 Apple Valley, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Apple Valley, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 72 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $280,750 in Apple Valley.

Top 50 home sales in Apple Valley for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Johnny and Lauren Nguyen12818 Dover Court$695,000
Barbara and Gordon Dauchy14030 Flintwood Way$475,000
Conrad and Ellen Seibert12042 Gantry Lane$465,000
Farhia Abdulahi15420 Eagle Creek Way$449,900
Nicholas Linde15660 Cobblestone Lake Parkway$440,000
Danielle N Harrington12771 Diamond Court$425,000
Pratik C. and Jennifer Leigh Ray13931 Holyoke Path$414,000
Jeffery S. and Erin E. Rice15247 Dundee Ave.$379,900
Sarah Marie and James Betz7971 Lower 147th St.$360,000
Kimper Lee Copeland and Jennifer Michelle Opdal14764 Hallmark Drive$357,000
Stephen Tcheu Tsing and Kelsey Tcheutsing15714 Hayes Trail$354,900
Steven L. Borgwardt and Julie A. Bergh13318 Huntington Drive$354,500
Angela M. Severson Schaefer8109 129th St.$350,000
Kathryn Cole7836 Upper 145th Court$348,900
Ahmed Elmi Kahin and Nimo Ahmed Hussein8490 135th St.$347,000
Allison E. and Nick D. Michel13536 Fernando Ave.$340,000
Prey Patel and Deepali Gupta981 Oriole Drive$331,128
Josten K. and Shellby Marie Coleman13408 Elkwood Drive$330,000
Nicanor Lucero Decapia Jr. and Glenda Decapia13636 Upper Elkwood Court$330,000
Robert M. and Janet L. Bucklin15935 Gallant Court$325,000
Michael and Amanda Brosam5150 148th Path$319,000
William Anthony Nickens14850 Haven Drive$315,000
Jackie Ann Giefer6658 145th St.$315,000
Kristine N Lee14600 Hallmark Drive$310,000
Antonio and Karla L. Canseco De Oliva272 Elm Drive$310,000
Mattison Anderson and Liliana Molloy233 Pinewood Drive$305,000
William Pomerenke14518 Florissant Path$301,630
Cora Spear and Joseph Calmbacher4518 142nd St.$301,500
Charles Henry Thorud6332 137th St.$299,900
Nathan Jacquelyn and Gail Snyder Jacquelyn15648 Cobblestone Lake Parkway$298,500
Adam and Amber Dawn Gregg14770 Hallmark Drive$295,000
Brandon Scott and Athena Peterson15458 Drexel Way$293,000
Ali and Huda Yusuf, Sudi Nur and Mohamed Farah7210 157th St.$289,900
David and Marsha McGee15633 Fjord Ave.$285,000
Gary A. and Marianne Partlow14461 Emerald Path$285,000
Eva and Peter Johnson903 Cortland Drive$282,000
Catherine M. Dolan6739 Flycatcher Lane$279,500
Khalil and Majda Ennassiry Maataoui15740 Frisian Lane$272,000
Darren Eck and Jenna Soderbeck14455 Emerald Path$270,000
Kristina L Ersfeld5437 Upper 147th St.$262,500
Susan K. Redmer13825 Granada Ave.$246,200
Anderson J Vargas Montes15354 Flower Way$245,000
Jenna Olson15646 Fjord Ave.$245,000
Lindsay Hoffman15460 Frost Path$243,900
Tushuwa Gavin15709 France Way$238,500
Ryan P. McNamara15352 Floret Way$237,000
Vsw Homes LLC831 Fireside Drive$237,000
New Challenges Properties Hawthorne LLC15738 Fremont Way$235,000
Jordan Lee and Shelby Rae Zempel15580 Early Bird Circle$228,660
Diana J. and Cassandra J. MacEdo14706 Embry Path$220,000

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