Top 100 Frisco, Texas home valuations for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home valuations for Frisco, Texas in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 260 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $462,232 in Frisco.

Top 100 home valuations in Frisco for July 2020
Chad R. and Kristina G. Bettis3674 Shady Creek Court$1,103,514
Davis Ron Custom Homes, Ronald S Davis and Premier Renovations Inc.3674 Shady Creek Court$1,103,514
Jon Le Culpepper (trustee), Justin Reid Culpepper (trustee) and Culpepper Living Trust Dated May 9 20206329 Culverdale Lane$228,628
Barbara A. and Glen R. Beyer7636 Pacific Dunes Drive$232,701
Bradford and Erinne Hess2143 Lilac Lane$2,414,500
John David and Leona Louise Fink1618 Troon Drive$241,571
Sandy Walton1280 Troon Drive$251,318
Angelina V White and William D. White Jr.2588 Honeybee Lane$253,872
Angelina V. White (trustee), White Family Wealth Trust Dated September 2 2015 and William D. White Jr. (trustee)2588 Honeybee Lane$253,872
Kathy Longenecker2865 Shore Shadows Lane$258,046
Barbara E. and David Christopher and David L. Haley and Amber Christine Ode625 Rockledge Court$261,818
Opendoor Property Trust I.4166 Parterre Drive$261,834
Danny J. and Diana L. Curlee2944 Shore Shadows Lane$263,121
Carala H. and William M. Doll7550 Wiley Lane$264,534
Faye Perdew7577 Gulf Breeze Lane$265,155
Minquan Chen and Bin He13751 Mill Town Drive$269,235
Karen Leslie Gordon Bartholic and Laura Denise Gordon Moorer2106 Valhalla Drive$269,785
Summer West4020 Cherryridge Drive$274,721
Kathryn O. Ferrell and Chad J Wiener2934 Hancock Drive$277,000
Kim Ellen Hansen8047 Cool River Drive$278,804
Kenneth W. and Mary Koshatka11529 Las Polamas Drive$278,915
George and Rosa Zenteno11319 Las Polamas Drive$281,846
Neal A. III and Susan D. Chastain4665 Chandler Drive$282,992
James Semple (living trust) and James Sutherland Semple Jr. (trustee)6743 Trout Lane$285,086
Charles Frederick and Geree Vallie Streun7788 Gulf Breeze Lane$288,000
Streun Charles & Geree Family Trust, Charles F. Streun (trustee) and Geree V. Streun (trustee)7788 Gulf Breeze Lane$288,000
Catherine Greer1017 Southampton Drive$290,512
Van Tuong, D.O. and Steven to1568 Kingfisher Lane$291,207
Janet M. and Richard L. Bass1815 Windy Hill Drive$293,000
Janet M. Bass (trustee), Bass Dated November 10 2010 (living trust) and Richard L. Bass (trustee)1815 Windy Hill Drive$293,000
Eric M Schell2745 Spanish Moss Trail$294,122
Hossein Ahmadi and Azin Farzan1073 Sahallee Drive$295,000
James A. Derksen and Berry Jane Hutton385 Oakland Hills Lane$295,536
Rosemary Couvdos and Ritchie Williams4280 Armistice Drive$301,049
Kenneth and Victoria Goldberg3553 Navarro Way$305,831
Kimberly Lynn and Mark Andrew Hayes2862 Del. Largo Way$307,568
Zang Family Trust Dated 09031996, Karen M. Zang (trustee) and William A. Zang (trustee)939 Burnswick Isles Way$308,803
Thomas P. and Thomas Poovathumkel Augustine and Sherin Mary Thomas4205 Chantilly Lane$30,964
Nebahat and Ralph Briggs11313 La Cantera Trail$310,000
Shelly Carter9118 Bastille Way$311,232
Malcolm F Shalet7414 Reflection Bay Drive$313,240
Margaret Ann Sallee7414 Reflection Bay Drive$313,240
Bryan Chempanal4529 Shamrock Drive$314,501
Pamela Lee Gruber (trustee), Ronald, Pamela Gruber (living trust) and Ronald Howard Gruber (trustee)7762 Cascata Drive$316,346
Kopenhaver Family Trust Dated September 5 1989, Marcia S. Kopenhaver (trustee) and William L. Kopenhaver (trustee)1808 Windy Hill Drive$320,158
Rabia and Sayed W. Hashemi and Abdul Zahir Sahiby2926 Sparks Drive$322,046
Norma L. and Robert E. Bailey1179 Burnswick Isles Way$323,820
Lise Pollard Muellner (revocable trust) and Lise Pollard Muellner (trustee)8483 Canal St.$326,175
Amanda Wilkerson2734 Spanish Moss Trail$328,000
Rebecca Jenkins Melton320 Burnswick Isles Way$329,662
Barbara Gold3278 Castaway Lane$332,908
Kelly Guevara8646 Robertson Drive$335,000
Marvin Lee Brown IV and Kelly Gillit8683 Marion Drive$335,849
Alok Max Saldanha1494 Royal Oaks Drive$336,497
Lisa Michelle Sebastian12438 Bruschetta Drive$338,778
Daniel Dubree7137 Reflection Bay Drive$340,000
Offerpad SPVBORROWER1 LLC5485 Moonlight Lane$341,419
Joo Park8431 Firewheel Lane$343,382
Levi C. and Rachel B. Strang3749 Neptune Circle$345,000
Brian J. and Caitlin C. Kirst13107 Bugatti Drive$349,266
James K. Hansen (living trust), James K. Hansen (trustee) and James Kenneth Hansen (trustee)3886 Cherryridge Drive$350,385
Picou Family Dated April 14 2020 (revocable trust), J. Daniel Picou (trustee) and Margaret H. Picou (trustee)382 Burnswick Isles Way$354,000
Mark Steven Bearden and Hailey Anne Logan4866 Jadi Lane$355,000
Amanda Ventura Santiago and Timothy Woolridge8878 Beartooth Drive$355,010
Brent and Nikki Brickman Fitzpatrick9417 Canondale Drive$356,000
Jaslyn Elders and Conrad Christian Sarreal5849 Brookhill Lane$356,000
Jingbiao Cui and Xu Jun1347 Aubrey Lane$356,542
Cynthia L. Koomey (trustee) and Koomey Uta Dated July 2 2020 (living trust)2485 Windgate Drive$357,000
Sybil Wansbrough8402 Kingston Lane$358,000
Barbara A. and Edward R. Poux2150 Cane Hill Drive$358,559
Maschino Family Trust Dated April 27 1990, Gerald L. Maschino (trustee), Shirley Wynne Maschino (trustee) and Steven J. Maschino (trustee)6306 Loudoun Springs Drive$358,739
Mark W. Hugley and Maria Guadalupe Pouliot1141 Breakwater Drive$359,612
Arumugam Manju Family Trust, Manju Mohanadas (trustee) and Arumugam Srinivasan (trustee)3249 Country Glen Trail$362,000
Lori and Terrance A. Stern2561 Bandolier Lane$365,000
Carol A. Cummings and Charles E. Cummings Jr.3255 Stormy Sea Drive$365,000
Dejan and Mirela Jokanovic Savic1254 Patch Grove Drive$370,000
Swarna Kasthuri Podila and Sreeram Kumar Ravinoothala833 Crystal Lake Drive$370,677
Swarna Kasthuri Podila (trustee), Sreeram Kumar Ravinoothala (trustee) and Ravinuthala Family Dated 9/15/15 (revocable trust)833 Crystal Lake Drive$370,677
Chintan Amin and Binny Shah11051 Saguaro St.$370,979
Abigail Suzanne and Hunter Blake Dagnel8 Bear Run$373,350
Amy F. and Jonathan T. Ellis11804 Blackhawk Drive$374,100
Estevan P. and Kristen M. Kiernan2829 Spanish Moss Trail$374,430
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc.3454 Somerset Lane$374,768
Heather M. and James A. Lundy3454 Somerset Lane$374,768
Tian & LI Yu Shen (revocable trust), Tian Shen (trustee) and LI Yu (trustee)13314 Roadster Drive$377,357
Syed Alikhan and Mariam Fatima1169 Seymour Drive$378,274
Franklin A. and Zulma Maldonado3433 Barkwood Lane$378,296
Amber Cavelti and Nicholas Love2168 Stuttgart Drive$379,500
Jessica L. and Timothy J. Burke2850 Ridge View Road$380,000
Kelly King and Mark Taylor Warren II1294 Alamo Court$381,604
Jennifer and Stephen Joseph Daniel Koeppen10082 La Mesa Drive$383,511
Sebastian Kunnathettu Mani and Anitha Thomas2096 Hideaway Lane$385,183
Jeanette C. Beverage6978 Deacon Drive$387,978
Gary and Norma Watson2840 Hollowbrook Lane$389,607
Johair K Akins and De Methra L Taylor-Akins3703 Capitol Lane$390,000
Kanya Thomas and Steven Thomas Jr.2753 Ridge View Road$391,986
Jessica and Tristan Vick1704 Sagebrush Drive$396,000
Elena and Jake Thompson12432 Hollister Drive$399,000
Brent and Rachel Santos4643 San Marcos Way$399,705
Maheswari Anand (trustee), Srivaikutam G. & Maheswari Anand Anand (revocable trust) and Srivaikutam G. Anand (trustee)3433 Nation Drive$400,000

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