Top 50 Moline, Illinois home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Moline, Illinois in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 99 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $100,000 in Moline.

Top 50 home sales in Moline for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jennifer Culter Trust Hull23 Thornwood Court$282,500
Mary McLaughlin3410 28 Ave. Court$282,000
Danny Barham3431 50th St.$222,000
Nicholas Osborne1104 36 St. Court$212,000
Jacob Anderson Kenlee McConaghy1114 33 St. Court$207,000
Thomas Haskins Margaret Haskins2404 First St. Court$195,000
Brittany K. and Raymond T. Stogsdill1829 23rd St.$195,000
Brent Harper2529 31 Ave. Court$195,000
Daniel and Terri Hoyt3101 46th St.$183,000
Craig and Sherri Devrieze2516 31 Ave. Court$182,000
Tyler Fisher Kathryn Paez6108 34th Ave. A Court$177,000
Sara Wildermuth5337 19th Ave.$174,000
Joseph Taber4114 Seventh Ave.$172,500
Karen A. and William E. Martin IV2435 29th St.$172,000
Susan and Carl Odendahl2655 35th St.$170,000
Ryan Rangel2817 53rd St.$165,900
Jeremy and Rebecca Barr4733 19th Ave.$162,000
Stephanie Polak2911 13th Ave.$160,500
Ismail Ibrahim5005 44 Ave. Court$160,000
James and Nicole Tripp810 42nd St.$156,900
Sheryl Hiatt1913 47th St. Court$155,500
Greuel Holdings LLC2824 44th St.$148,000
Ruth M. Scott (revocable trust)2604 38th St.$142,000
Chan Thang Khin Lin3625 14th Ave.$140,000
Chad Whitehall2913 13th Ave.$138,000
Jose and Kerri Torres2744 11th Ave.$136,500
Susan Bailey Chad Cooney820 20th Ave.$136,000
Richard Baker1516 32nd St.$135,000
Jayme Westlund438 18th Ave.$133,000
Brandon Knorrek903 37th St.$133,000
Javier Carlos847 32nd Ave.$132,900
Giovanna Davila Daniel Davila410 30th Ave.$132,500
Jese Avery Carolina Gutierrez Avery344 15th Ave.$128,500
Josiane Adja Fiagan3034 Seventh St.$128,000
Delores McCoy2999 Third St., Suite 105$127,500
Rachel Verbeke2337 32nd St.$125,000
Marcus Anderson Savana Jacks3444 19th Ave.$125,000
Jeanpaul X. and Katie P. Ganger1936 12th Ave.$120,000
Brittany Espinal2037 15th St. A$120,000
David Brandt2503 18th St. A$114,900
David Amlong Jenelle Black1844 24 Ave. Court$110,550
Christopher B. and Rebecca Aragon3510 19th Ave.$110,000
Jamie Ramirez Brave Sheehan2021 15th St. A$109,000
Bryan McCombs501 29th Ave.$106,000
Jordyn Cogdil2336 27th St.$106,000
Ty Beuseling2205 36th St.$103,600
Todd Baumann2337 33rd St.$102,900
Cristina Arduser1630 27th Ave.$101,000
Daisy and Tara Gonzalez3831 10 Ave. Place$100,900
Tristan Hodshire Tara Hodshire3624 15 Ave. Court$100,000

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