Top 50 Minnetonka, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Minnetonka, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 62 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $411,000 in Minnetonka.

Top 50 home sales in Minnetonka for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
William P. and Sheila R. Marver11480 Telluride Trail$925,000
Kacy Kleinhans2397 Cherrywood Road$845,000
Yuepeng LI and Kang Xu15313 Oric Ave.$830,000
Patrick and Cindy Clint2967 Tonka Trail$780,000
Charles and Quy Kuharski12440 Hilloway Road$675,000
Meena Elangovan and Ambrose Xavier4616 Mounthall Terrace$651,000
Lindsay St. and Connor St. Clair18037 Tamarack Drive$600,000
Heather Leigh and Mark William Ostlie14303 Mount Terrace$600,000
Sirva Relocation Properties LLC9801 Oak Ridge Trail$600,000
Jamie S. and Michael Lipshutz9801 Oak Ridge Trail$600,000
Aldo Handojo and Julia Ardie5920 Lone Lake Loop$584,000
Paul M. and Emily Reilly13006 June Terrace$575,000
Daniela Kerekretyova and Jonathan Bogott4837 Hamilton Lane$575,000
Aaron and Rebecca Scholl13706 Wood Lane$565,000
Kari Snaza11730 Vista Drive$560,000
Edwin Alexander and Loren Rae Cherry Avalos5010 Diane Drive$550,000
Lucas Alan Johnson and Tonya Lynn Ward1820 Fairfield Road$545,000
Josephine M. and Jose L. Ramirez4817 Lamplighters Lane$535,000
Eco Real Estate Holdings LLC11677 Ridgemount Ave.$530,000
Galloway Holdings LLC3932 Auburn Drive$525,000
Adam Joseph and Laura Ann Vanderpoel3509 Therese St.$515,000
Andrea and Ryan Engebretson3422 Laura Lane$505,000
1070 Deadwood LLC6115 Eden Prairie Road$505,000
Kimberly Potter and Kyle Henning4240 Fairview Ave.$499,900
Michelle A. Powers and Seth Kanne2240 Ford Road$489,000
Bernadette M. Powers and Michael W. Gaffney5835 Salisbury Ave.$480,000
Jeffrey and Dayna Lifson4830 Royal Oaks Drive$454,000
Siri Noelle Swedeen-Halvorson and Nathan Duane Lloyd6117 Whited Ave.$435,000
Axel Properties LLC4101 Thomas Ave.$431,800
Kelly and Kyle Vantatenhove5144 Clear Spring Drive$431,000
William Buelow5509 Holiday Road$412,000
Steven A. Row Jr. and Amanda Jo Auerbach3938 Vandan Road$410,000
Hannah F. MacDougall and Jacob L. Koch11421 Oakvale Road$407,000
Steven and Jennifer Howe3887 Vandan Road$405,000
Brian Michael Mixdorf and Sebrina Cheri Jeffreys5140 Glenview Drive$400,000
Paula Nachtigall Quirarte2312 Oakland Road$400,000
Anthony Luciano and Elizabeth Swensen5416 Rowland Road$387,000
Hunter David Lange and Megan Nicole Mejia16015 Excelsior Blvd.$375,000
Justin Sullivan and Elizabeth Wendt11711 Bradford Road$372,000
Zachary Mahan4136 Windridge Circle$365,000
Christopher Gibbons14410 Woodruff Road$364,900
Colin J. Fischer and Hannah M. Salen3968 Hunters Hill Way$353,000
Kevin and Anna Hughes2302 Cedarwood Ridge$345,000
Martin L. Leppert14485 Stewart Lane$344,900
Marc and Mallory Arnason5425 Woodland Road$340,000
Jessica Meier5534 Rowland Road$327,000
Konstantin and Pavlinka Bratanov16317 Excelsior Blvd.$325,000
Wenceslau Caetano De Freitas Neto14623 Orchard Road$305,000
Scott M. Endres16409 Hilltop Terrace$300,650
Michelle Kuber4400 Crawford Road$300,000

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