Top 50 Edina, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Edina, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 56 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $537,500 in Edina.

Top 50 home sales in Edina for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
DC09 Real Estate LLC4634 Edgebrook Place$2,400,000
Sheri Brinker5520 Glengarry Parkway$2,042,500
Hiram Hamilton and Medora Mrachek5308 Dundee Road$1,815,000
2020 Eric Allin Kahrl and Keely Rowan Kahrl as Trustees of the Mbp Family Trust Under Agreement Dated June 34406 Sunnyside Road$1,745,000
Scott and Amy Lippert4622 Drexel Ave.$1,725,000
Ananya Banerjee and Saurabh Kumar6425 Indian Hills Road$1,640,000
John and Madeline McElhenny4352 Oakdale Ave.$1,460,000
Linda B Sherman5209 Wooddale Ave.$1,445,000
Kushal Chottepanda and Sarah Bakken4249 Crocker Ave.$1,380,934
Asif Maknojia and Farah Momin6241 Crescent Drive$1,375,000
Andrew James and Elizabeth Kristine Berg5608 Grove St.$1,333,000
Chad M. Halbur and Shareen R. Luze5920 70th St.$1,317,500
Bridget Hayden and Richard Shannon5101 Ridge Road$1,250,000
Brenda Lee and Harlan Jon Accola7424 Shannon Circle$1,000,000
Mark Alfred Steven Marostica and Zhenxian LI4505 Bruce Ave.$899,900
Marc T. Priscal and Megan L. Ryan7712 Stonewood Court$775,000
Douglas and Jacqueline Nelson6112 Saxony Road$725,000
Ty Sowle and Natolie Hochhausen7029 Valley View Road$665,500
Morgan E. Thomas4389 MacKey Ave.$660,000
Michael Patrick and Carlene Eryn Bray5913 Concord Ave.$650,000
Keith Beveridge and Jamie L. Schultz6533 McCauley Trail$649,750
Laura Christine and Alexander Lyle Ringeisen4101 Morningside Road$626,500
Value Homes LLC4400 58th St.$625,000
Paul and Lisa Coffman1115 Coventry Place$601,000
James Cutler and Erika Lynn Bennett4501 Brookside Terrace$582,500
Robert C. and Jenner A. Moretto6301 Colonial Court$578,000
Jack Walsh Bennett and Steven Michael Nicholas5332 Interlachen Blvd.$560,000
Second Story Build LLC5928 Abbott Ave.$550,000
Jon Scott and Joann Marie Tollefson503 Coventry Lane$525,000
Katrina Billington and Dana Mueller6720 Hillside Lane$520,000
Jacob Kujala6764 Valley View Road$503,000
Vishal Srivastav6528 Ridgeview Drive$490,000
Nasir Abbas Balouch and Angela Bruer-Balouch7659 Woodview Court$490,000
Blue Point Holdings LLC6233 Belmore Lane$485,000
Benedict R. and Eliana N. Woit6501 Aspen Road$475,000
MacLean and Melissa Milan6519 Ridgeview Circle$456,000
Julie M Thiel5837 Fairfax Ave.$445,000
Christopher J. Tupuola and Jacob Hoku Teruo Himoto6209 Tracy Ave.$441,000
Kim Cline and Nathan Otremba4548 France Ave.$435,000
NR Properties Inc.4245 Alden Drive$425,000
Kaitlin Lindberg5116 Millpond Place$424,900
Daniel J. and Patricia A. Roach6308 Chowen Ave.$418,500
Christopher Kennedy5025 Valley View Road$416,000
Jennifer Chapman and Benjamin Johnson6028 Hansen Road$400,000
Derrick Lovan and Michelle Pho5344 64th St.$380,000
Trevor and Meagan Abel400 Madison Ave.$380,000
Stephen and Connie Larson5125 Duggan Plaza$370,129
Colin and Brianna Jones6720 Sioux Trail$351,000
Cindy Gao and Liam Chen6336 Pheasant Court$325,000
Dennis Anderson and Tatiana Soukhanova5809 France Ave.$322,500

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