Top 50 Massillon, Ohio home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Massillon, Ohio in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 92 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $130,200 in Massillon.

Top 50 home sales in Massillon for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Lindsay and Alex J. Ragon8349 Grayson Green St.$685,000
Donald E. and Stephanie Ilg6213 Old Bridge Ave.$509,900
Paul O. and Shelley K. Mallue8431 Sandbridge St.$431,000
William S. Beese Jr. and Bridget M Beese8242 Keswick Court Circle$398,000
Aaron R. and Megan L. Brownsowrd4480 Red Fox Drive$382,500
Daniel III and Emily Nordick9164 Hocking St.$320,000
Robert P. and Shawnee Henderhan8800 Appleknoll St.$313,000
Terrance Wray8308 Bricker Road$299,000
Nathan J. and Jenna M. Kalsek1250 Kenyon Road$297,000
Holly and Collin Boring8839 Candleberry St.$292,000
Jamie Capuzza3018 Wildridge Drive$269,900
James H. and Martha M. Steen2325 Fallen Oak Circle$250,000
Victor and Emily Weyant1825 John Carroll Drive$249,900
Karrie Ann Myers8071 Laura Ave.$245,000
James and Melissa May9641 Crimson St.$240,000
William J. Yohn Jr. and Symmntha M Page9611 Pondera St.$239,900
Mark A. and Christine L. Jukich7496 Dale Hollow$235,000
Thomas W. and Erica N. Barnes1360 Lanedale St.$231,000
Jeffery S Warwick and Cassidy M Nickels2409 Dogwood Drive$224,900
Frankie Walker9430 Hocking St.$219,900
Christopher B. and Jacqueline A. Aegerter9855 Hocking St.$212,500
Cody N. and Lauren N. Karstetter4691 Suzette Ave.$200,000
Joseph A. Rocca Jr. and Destinee M Rocca426 Sandy Ave.$199,900
Anthony C. and Mary P. Ferrante1132 Louisa Marie Ave.$195,000
Sadie Myers289 Shaw Ave.$185,000
Christopher L. and Meghan E. Abner7602 Rob St.$185,000
William and Lyra Jones5261 Revere Ave.$184,400
Christopher J. and Leah A. Rinder12424 Garnel St.$180,000
Ronald Dean Lindower1647 Cedar Knoll St.$177,000
Joshua E. and Shannon M. Skelly2573 List St.$175,000
Emily K. Schneider2315 Helena Ave.$175,000
John P. Sikaro and Sarah Lee5024 High Mill Ave.$173,750
Kyle Andrew and Gabrille Cottrill2011 Stoner Ave.$173,000
Christopher O. and Donna W. Vollmers1209 Providence Road$172,000
David Metts II and Nicole Alexandria1865 Bloominghills Place$169,900
Amie S Craver2332 Longlynn Ave.$168,000
Kaeli Dragomire1746 Warrington Road$165,000
Corey E Krupa and Katherine E. Logsdon7196 Bretz St.$165,000
Pamela Ttee Crecco1112 Stratford Ave.$162,000
Douglas D. Ingram and Danielle Hickman510 Sheri Ave.$160,000
Gerald L. and Shirley L. Barnhart1769 Clearbrook Road$159,900
Gary L Parker3636 Amherst Ave.$159,900
Mikayla Shea and Lucas Schreffler1824 Amherst Road$157,000
Kenneth and Kelly Steiner411 Fourth St.$145,000
Mack E. Thompson6016 Longview St.$139,200
Rachel Marie Cowley and Jacob Maxwell J.2402 Harsh Ave.$134,900
Lacey Booth718 17th St.$125,500
John and Shannon Carpenter437 17th St.$125,000
Erin Eisenbrown227 15th St.$119,900
Jeffrey Powell212 Wales Road$118,500

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