Top 50 Eden Prairie, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Eden Prairie, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 54 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $405,000 in Eden Prairie.

Top 50 home sales in Eden Prairie for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
James Thomas and Alison Elise Scharber11605 Welters Way$950,000
Jim Kampa Jr. and Amanda Novak18672 Melrose Chase$950,000
Syed Riswan and Humera Hassan and Tarique and Tanveer Mahmood17176 Padons Drive$842,000
Garrett Carlson17627 Bearpath Trail$825,000
Rory Daniel and Shelly Ann Johnson19089 Magenta Bay$825,000
Michael Richard and Tana Shae Vangoethem6997 Howard Lane$799,900
Alain L. and Shawne B. Thiry17882 Bearpath Trail$745,000
Jamel M. Ben and Amy Crawford Ben Ameur10564 Bluff Road$700,000
Katrina Noele Lusty and Daniel James Daly12301 Pepperdine Court$700,000
Amy and Jeffrey Boyle11532 Mount Curve Road$635,000
Mandolynn and Jamie Cox8983 Preserve Blvd.$635,000
John and Susan K. Marshalla17575 Bearpath Trail$617,000
Nicholas Zaffke and Maria Kathleen Hanson13717 Jennifer Court$617,000
2019 William McMonigal Trust Under Agreement Dated March 2517523 Bearpath Trail$605,000
Christopher S. and Jennifer Franke9174 Shetland Road$605,000
And Any Amendments Thereto Leo J. Bulger and Susan Bulger Trustees or Their Successors in Trust Under the Bulger Dated June 11 2010 (living trust)10000 Indigo Drive$604,500
Caitlin and Ryan Michael Berry8939 Victoria Drive$555,000
Prabhu Chiguluri and Priyanka Narla12151 Sunnybrook Road$539,900
Josiah Daniel and Meredith Ann Highmark10359 Franlo Road$512,000
Susan A. De Pazos14773 Langdon Place$499,900
Theodore M. and Emily S. Danger8860 Braxton Drive$471,000
Scott Eugene and Rebecca Dobmeyer Chilman15900 Hillcrest Court$458,000
Max and Laura Harney6721 Boyd Ave.$439,900
Ganesh Kumar Ananda Krishnan and Maya Vijayakumar17117 Rogers Road$429,950
Melissa D. Gendron12255 Oxbow Drive$421,000
John and Nova McNally6357 Chatham Way$418,000
Zachary Graham and Alyssa Tank10156 Ivywood Court$405,000
Diane B Wilder18776 the Pines$405,000
Bonita Louise and Andrew Henry Warner10088 Kiersten Place$400,000
Michael and Laura Haffely10045 Kearny Lane$395,000
Andrew Jacob Grabiel9888 Crestwood Terrace$387,500
Not Available9850 Cromwell Drive$385,000
Sudheer Gumma15439 Junegrass Lane$385,000
Mohamed Elgammal and Tinne Van Loon8958 Darnel Road$380,000
Bhupinder Singh15577 Crabapple Lane$362,000
Nancy Diane Hartman12273 Jack Pine Trail$360,000
James B. and Leah T. Sovick9355 Rath Place$356,900
Amlan K. and Mousumi Maiti10073 Indigo Drive$351,000
Vamsikrishna Thalapulapalli12415 Oxbow Drive$345,000
David Helgerson and Amanda De Los and Gabriel De Los Rios12445 Porcupine Court$344,000
Peter T. Johnson11259 Windrow Drive$338,000
Robert and Emily Orlovsky15701 62nd St.$337,500
Joseph A. Bacus13973 Wellington Drive$317,000
Jegadeesh Ponnusamy and Liviya Prabha Annamalai10111 Indigo Drive$306,200
Adam R. Jandro6795 192nd Ave.$302,000
Paul T. Rengel15460 Sunrise Circle$300,000
Irene Marie Knaus and Clifford William Potter Jr.7235 Stewart Drive$285,000
Sarah V. Gibbons7565 Bittersweet Drive$275,000
Elizabeth A. Plasynski8168 Curtis Lane$260,000
Ben Dreblow11575 Carriage Court$259,900

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