Top 50 Galesburg, Illinois home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Galesburg, Illinois in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 73 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $66,500 in Galesburg.

Top 50 home sales in Galesburg for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Nicole Sopko1939 Lake Storey Road$238,000
Jonas J Etzel and Kelly D Adams2079 Knox Road$220,000
Nancy J. Hall and S. Hall and Nancy J. Hall Steven (declaration of trust)1032 West Shore Drive$215,000
Luz A. Esquivel and Esquivel Felicia Ann Freedom171 Potawatomi Road$215,000
Mark S. and Taylor J. Cratty3104 Whitehaven Circle$195,000
Andrew M. Bauer and Valerie A. Deisinger486 Prairie St.$162,500
Maria E. Banderas and Martha I. Santoyo650 Kenwick Drive$160,000
Dylan H. and Demi L. Johnson34 Knox Highway$160,000
Seth E. and Natalie J. Clark1137 Windcrest Acres$150,000
Steve J. and Tammy L. Hoenig755 Oak St.$150,000
Robert C. and Cynthia A. Hanning1264 Pine Tree Lane$146,000
David G. Kisler1285 Prairie St.$144,000
Robert W. and Stephanie R. Nixon458 Knollcrest Drive$135,000
Susan L. and John M. Crock1019 Northwood Drive$125,000
Eric J Benson and Benson Cynthia D Hartman1602 Oriole Drive$121,500
Ashley N. Connour1152 Klein Ave.$120,000
Caleb J. and Sarah E. Haffner529 Cherry St.$115,000
Joel and Silvia Chavez405 Knox Highway$115,000
Nancy N. Danner and Carly M Goodman860 Lane Ave.$109,000
Courtney N Inness452 Pleasant Ave.$103,000
Anthony J. and Linda J. Pavis443 Dudley St.$95,000
Patricia A. Johnson1509 Clay St.$90,000
Daniel L. Temple Jr.1304 Cherry St.$89,500
Travis L. and Carole L. Corson1029 Island Lane$86,000
Dale Stackhouse535 Arnold St.$82,500
Bradley S Tenhaaf1686 Florence Ave.$78,500
Alyssa L. Main and Adam J. Pacheco1388 Broad St.$78,000
Christy Joy Dunn1621 McMasters Ave.$77,000
Miya L Wright1106 West St.$76,000
Matthew Daniel Paul1429 Kellogg St.$76,000
Jason M. and Amy N. Lefebvre1561 Meadow Drive$75,000
Rodney R. and Dottie I. White1167 Pearl St.$75,000
Susan Fleischman1053 Florence Ave.$69,500
Evan D. Anderson177 Bandy Ave.$68,000
Eric M Spindler927 Farnham St.$68,000
Jeanette C. Allen1785 Clay Drive$67,000
Alejandra Nunez and Meagan Neal100 Whitesboro St.$66,500
Lawrence J. Miller IV1440 Beecher Ave.$65,000
Tammy L. and Robert A. Myers606 Grove St.$62,000
Aaron M. and Tanya J. Skinner1721 Baird Ave.$61,500
Andrew C. and Dalanee A. Wilkins264 Walnut Ave.$60,000
Harrel W Timmons III1394 Arcadia Drive$59,000
Donald E. and Carol D. Nelson833 Pearl St.$58,500
Jeremy E Bohrer849 Mulberry St.$58,500
Philis A. Bramlett874 Frank St.$58,000
Michael E. Kemp947 Frank St.$58,000
Douglas B. Alderman816 Knox St.$53,000
Sandra K. Darrell E. and Ashleigh M. Corbin Darrell E.794 Pine St.$53,000
Mary E. Lydic and Joshua M. Kilpatrick1215 Florence Ave.$52,000
Amanda Abrams and Benjamin E. Johnson1098 West St.$51,000

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