Top 100 St Petersburg, Florida home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St Petersburg, Florida in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 132 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $232,900 in St Petersburg.

Top 100 home sales in St Petersburg for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Deborah and Timothy Van Solkema331 Bayview Drive$1,575,000
Alabama 1031 Property Exchange Inc.306 Eighth Ave.$1,075,000
Stephen E. and Pamela K. Kruchten998 Lake Placido Court$1,037,000
309 7TH Street S LLC309 Seventh St.$875,000
Timothy R Parris2599 Bay Isle Drive$750,000
Jonathan Edward Myers Keebler7929 Ninth Ave.$737,000
Kris Helenek and Rebecca Chambers795 26th Ave.$725,000
Jessica Marie Rodriguez2501 Seventh St.$667,000
Richard A. Goulet and Richard S. Tinkham2495 13th Ave.$598,000
Yuwadee Senamontree and Brandon Casten940 Locust St.$506,300
Jessica Knapp and Nicole Howard8235 32nd Ave.$490,000
Justin Malcolm and Oksana Alexandrovna Fore150 Commonwealth Court$474,000
Sharon E Mancuso175 Second St. 916$455,000
Ava Jill Dobin1401 Royal Palm Drive$427,000
Not Available1008 19th Ave.$425,000
Thomas and Julia Fraher3940 42nd St.$424,900
Matthew Alan and Jennifer McAllister Hunt4260 First Ave.$412,500
Steven and Alona Arsht4852 99th Way$408,000
Bruno and Carol Falkenstein3154 61st St.$400,000
Chris Miller and Hayley Watson White4201 Overlook Drive$389,900
Alexander Jandick and Madison Gaffney1951 Norfolk St.$385,000
Clark M Gairing2135 Montana Ave.$376,000
Jesse Andrew Crispino4319 16th Ave.$375,000
Luca M Santiago4168 13th Ave.$374,000
Lisa Reid and Denise Martin5210 17th St.$365,000
Bradley Timmington and Alison Dye5711 Pierce Drive$365,000
Henry O. Edeogu2445 First Ave.$360,000
Patrick Harrell Neal6358 17th Ave.$350,000
Michael A. and Meghan W. Wilson830 40th Ave.$350,000
Duke Kanemoto and Ann Miki Thornburgh6280 25th Way$347,500
Lisa M Forsyth4126 26th Ave.$345,000
Austin and Stacy Holmes6501 13th Ave.$344,000
James Trapanese2442 69th Ave.$342,000
Jeremy Alan Baer and Albert Junior Lopez2828 Pinellas Point Drive$340,000
James A. and Arlene Reising5220 Brittany Drive 1002$337,000
Eric M. and Savannah D. Huss3139 25th St.$335,000
Bruce and Tina Cartwright7790 16th Ave.$335,000
John S. Miller737 Almeda St.$325,000
Hector Isidro and Randi Sue Gonzalez6730 11th Ave.$325,000
Jordan Tyler Newman and Kyle Wayne Harrell3737 26th Ave.$307,400
Daniel G. and Sheri K. Ihm6085 Bahia Del. Mar Blvd. 201$289,000
Raymond Wayne Ramos and Leslie Julia Manchester3045 Melton St.$287,000
Eric Oley128 36th Ave.$286,500
Simon Banfield (trustee) and Moat Broad (trust)121 69th Ave.$285,000
Robert Copenhaver310 94th Ave.$285,000
Alysia Siegel1753 31st Ave.$285,000
Spiros Theodore Kyritsis2280 40th St.$275,000
Afshein Ghezelbash and Samantha Postlewaite2724 Ninth Ave.$275,000
Sara MacArchick5521 Dartmouth Ave.$275,000
Mark and Susan Flint4775 Cove Circle 909$275,000
James P. and Sandra A. Brady3637 Iris St.$275,000
William John Thomas6781 12th Ave.$275,000
Julie Ann Mecca1882 Mississippi Ave.$270,000
Ginger S Lovgren926 48th Ave.$265,000
Sunny Palms Property Management LLC7058 20th St.$260,000
Judy L Allen6400 18th Ave.$260,000
Nathan Conley4118 24th Ave.$256,000
De Tolly Wanda G Barclay6418 Fourth Ave.$250,000
Jennifer Michelle Lindsey715 68th Ave.$249,900
Michael Gerard Crowley Jr.4043 Benson Ave.$244,900
Igor and Olga Melnichuk5228 23rd Ave.$240,000
Joan P Conn5262 46th Ave.$240,000
Yanev Bozhidar and Gabriela Siderova450 Dawson Ave.$240,000
Brian J Moscovitz100 Fourth Ave. 319$238,000
Adam Brockway7961 Third St.$237,000
Acc Homes LLC4827 Alcazar Way$235,000
Kenneth A. Beers Jr. and Kristen Elizabeth Beers2008 26th Ave.$230,800
Sounthone and Khaiphone Sengchanh4580 55th Ave.$230,000
Heath and Shannan Panganiban7401 Cedar St.$229,900
Jere J Lepley Jr. and Allen J. Bouchier3268 39th St. C$229,000
Dylon Louis Whiddon3600 Alabama Ave.$227,000
Pinellas Equities LLC4827 Alcazar Way$227,000
Wanda Lynne Godfrey6147 Fourth St.$222,500
Valerie Michele Brinkley6739 Criswell Ave.$215,000
Adeev Getzel6121 Palma Del. Mar Blvd. 126$215,000
Frank Lopez Jr. and Susan Maples7550 Sunshine Skyway Lane 124$215,000
Mason James and Taylor Maria Bell5043 10th Ave.$210,000
Sarah E. McDonough4220 10th Ave.$207,500
Gregory J. and Erin D. Osburn2822 54th St.$200,000
Rebekah Knighton5845 34th Ave.$200,000
Troy Michael Lozano5120 Fourth Ave.$199,000
Bradley Mark and Mark Christopher Smith5004 Starfish Drive C$190,000
Lissette Algarin5870 42nd Way$190,000
Denise E Hurtado4147 35th Ave.$180,000
William I. and Sheila D. Jones508 61st Ave.$180,000
Amber Jean Abeid1586 77th Ave.$175,000
Maricela Gonzalez Murillo3871 Ninth Ave.$174,900
Rams Real Estate Holdings LLC2910 15th Ave.$170,000
Patricia A. Unger and Diane Catanzaro130 Fourth Ave. 509$170,000
Halsey Construction LLC3626 Burlington Ave.$167,000
Kati Trese5821 42nd St.$165,900
Christopher and Cassandra C. Wong3089 19th Ave.$165,000
Andrew L. Cabot543 53rd St.$164,000
Flogert Cobanka5633 Drive Martin Luther King Jr St.$162,000
Linda M Finn727 28th Ave.$161,500
Peter and John Alston2001 44th St.$161,000
Jeremy Simmons554 81st Ave.$155,000
Thomas John and Natalie Kay Kochen4138 Carson St.$144,700
Charles Motejzik111 Seahorse Drive D$134,000
William Robert and Monica Amelia Nethercott8186 Terrace Garden Drive 101$133,000

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