Top 50 Dade City, Florida home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Dade City, Florida in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 50 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $209,750 in Dade City.

Top 50 home sales in Dade City for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
KMD Hospitality Investments LLC11745 Fort King Road$1,200,000
Joseph Peter and Winter Jo Aduddell16224 Iola Woods Trail$565,000
Jeffery B. and Stacee L. Ehman37942 Palm Ave.$565,000
Karen Lee and Roderick P. Morrow12710 Grand Traverse Drive$545,000
Judy B. and Lawrence J. Hollister12852 Grand Traverse Drive$540,000
Jennifer L Lee and Mark R. Sammis13137 Thoroughbred Drive$486,000
Christopher C. and Stephanie F. Holland30708 Reed Road$485,000
Spoerndle Family Trust and Patrick O. Spoerndle (trustee)13220 Legends Trail$461,000
Joy Botelho27016 Fields Farm Lane$450,000
Allan B. and Karen K. Stridiron12440 Lake Jovita Blvd.$435,000
Herbert Christina and Herbert David Randolph35045 Easterling Road$420,000
Catherine Kazmin (living trust) and Catherine Kazmin (trustee)34650 Mission Bell Lane$415,000
Arilla Jean Zell and JR Raymond Charles Zell37436 Sky Ridge Circle$400,000
James L. and Selena A. Freymiller13245 Legends Trail$399,000
Lois E. and Richard A. Marasco14410 Hale Road$380,000
Thomas O. McMeekin13340 Thoroughbred Drive$378,900
Joseph A. Bossio Jr. and Lisa K Bossio13408 Trailing Moss Drive$355,000
Reyes III and Toni D. Perez19310 Argus Drive$350,000
Casey Leann Gibson (trustee), Casey Lee Gibson (revocable trust), Michael Lee Gibson (revocable trust) and Michael Lee Gibson (trustee)14009 Paradise Lane$330,000
Burton B. and Kristie E. Reese0$270,000
Jennifer and Paul Saunders36750 Jefferson Ave.$265,000
Corey P. and Vanessa C. Tesar13417 Waterford Castle Drive$260,000
Carole A. and Kenneth Wayne Littlefield12811 Lehman Drive$233,000
Kaitlyn Christie10106 Dusty Hill LP$230,000
Heidi Kelly and Scott M. Ferrara13941 13th St.$220,000
Cody L Watkins36410 Lanson Ave.$199,500
Candice and Willie Harris III36830 Virginia Ave.$182,500
Taylor Marie Adams and Aaron Christopher Denton13420 Ky. Bradley St.$174,000
Central Florida Tree and Debris LLC34425 Blanton Road$165,000
Kaitlyn Moistner and Eric Patrick37241 Warren Ave.$155,000
Andrea Marie Scheller14818 College View Drive$153,000
Kim Robin Noll II13947 19th St.$152,000
Heather Leighann Ferguson and Bradley Hall36821 Indian Lake Cemetery$149,900
Patricia Boils Wetherell (trust) and Patricia Boils Wetherell (trustee)34926 Baxter Ave.$139,900
Sean and Tabitha Whalen13411 Curley Road$120,000
Maritza Colon Correa and Jose Pagan14352 Graham St.$110,000
Lenka Redrova Halkias36436 Lanigan Road$110,000
Wesle Chapel Investments LLC37215 Grassy Hill Lane$107,500
Maria G. Araias and Jose Luis Osorio Sanchez37529 Trilby Road$100,000
Claude Tanner Family Trust and Wayne Tanner (trustee)37536 FL Ave.$100,000
Brian Newman and Tamra Saam10020 Collingwood Ave.$96,600
Juan Miguel Dominguez Calles and Olga M. Dominguez14719 Futch St.$95,000
Truedreams Properties & Investment Corp.36924 Blanton Road$85,000
Pro Smart Investments LLC10415 U.S. Highway$80,000
Freedom Investments USA LLC37438 Main Ave.$77,500
Carla M. and Robert C. Alston12116 Patrick St.$75,000
Jennifer Y Chavez Pileno21111 Old Trilby Road$47,500
Adriana Martinez Alvarez and Abimael Alvarez Deleon18350 Bruce Road$42,500
Betha Eilise Hennessy13735 19th St.$18,500
Ashley Cooper20930 Hunter Hill Drive$13,000

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