Top 50 Lakewood, Colorado home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Lakewood, Colorado in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 92 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $435,500 in Lakewood.

Top 50 home sales in Lakewood for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
1628 Eaton St. LLC1628 Eaton St.$973,000
Christopher J. Williams and Jasmine T. Bourban2020 Applewood Drive$872,000
Graham Geiselman and Andrea Cunningham2644 Taft Court$805,000
Mark C. and Melissa Wood14590 Dartmouth Drive$788,500
Deborah Rochelle and Damien Thomas Demic2398 Ward Drive$780,000
Donald G. and Stephanie G. Wood576 Saulsbury St.$739,000
Francesca Annette and Craig Steven Reuter5401 Lakeridge Road$730,000
Hal J. and Margaret W. Meyers12735 15th Place$699,000
Detolve Eva J McMickle and Peter G. and McMickle Eva J. Detolve1111 Pierce St.$680,000
Sarah Alston Gumm10110 21st Ave.$645,000
Megan and Jason Altekruse2645 Ammons Way$640,000
Erik P. and Melissa A. Ahlstrand2667 Kline Circle$639,500
Jason K. and Ipson Allison K. Haney14173 Bates Ave.$635,000
J. Scott Carolyn (revocable trust)12666 Iowa Drive$621,274
Granillo Jesus Elias Jaquez and Graciela Granillo820 Everett St.$600,000
James and Kimberly Carveth625 Reed St.$585,000
Dietmar R. and Karen S. Fritsch7176 Belmont Drive$579,000
Brandon S. Miller1556 Welch Circle$570,000
Nicholas Scott and Erin Rhea Daubenmire1618 Van Gordon Court$567,000
Tarah and Matthew Brasch2380 Brentwood St.$565,000
Reed Harper12662 Dakota Drive$562,500
Gregory L. and Johnette M. Dunlap12750 16th Place$550,000
Michael Joseph Wellner12274 Maryland Drive$545,000
Scott Matthew and Nila J. Boettcher2528 Eldridge St.$541,000
Colin J Kiesel and Natasha K Tieman135 Carr St.$540,000
Kira Marie Kalkus6997 Virginia Ave.$538,000
Jennifer J Moss and Christian A. Pedersen995 Field St.$535,000
Ronald L. and Janet K. Weingardt7700 13th Ave.$535,000
Sierra Juan Bonilla1211 Upham St.$530,000
Kyle Gaylord and Torie Leach43 Balsam St.$515,000
Lorena Elizabeth Montoya1748 Van Gordon Court$514,999
Brennan Frank6575 Nevada Place$512,500
Mary K. and Jon E. Owen2577 Coors St.$500,000
Paul Leichtle12432 Seventh Place$495,000
Jesse J. and Tracy M. Ellis1527 Ingalls St.$480,000
Logan and Elizabeth and Heather Robertson545 Dudley St.$476,000
Perry Kirk and Charles Warden7939 Ninth Ave.$470,000
Cliff Smith1316 Jay St.$469,850
Evan and Linda R. Brown1799 Flower St.$459,000
Brian J Pearce and Julianna J Derby8373 Iliff Lane$459,000
Christopher Michael Vincent1641 Allison St.$455,000
Jose Oscar Vences13777 Asbury Circle$450,000
Kay Cowell260 Youngfield Drive$449,999
Brittany Dowell and Mark Bosky8801 Mississippi Ave.$445,000
Matthew and Robert Blahnik2235 Nelson Court$441,000
Lucas R. and Jessica M. Gregory12822 Asbury Place$436,000
Borna Sabbagh1500 Harlan St.$435,000
Eylse Kirkhoff1120 Gray St.$431,000
Miguel and Heather Otero715 Briarwood Drive$430,000
Amy C. Hay45 Yank Way$430,000

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