Top 10 Lucas, Texas home valuations for July 2020

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These are the top 10 home valuations for Lucas, Texas in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 12 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $591,310 in Lucas.

Top 10 home valuations in Lucas for July 2020
Michael J. and Rachel K. Tortorich3675 Osage Lane$188,096
Deborah L Schirka3 Orchard Road$311,240
Marisa Pacey and Walter Aaron Miller540 Mark Drive$349,538
Brad and Kathy Chasteen180 Alexander Court$399,075
Lagha Group LLC3 Hillcrest Drive$414,238
Robert L. and Theresa Elizabeth Martin1316 Aberdeen Drive$583,075
Christopher and Nora Eyle21 Pecan Grove Circle$599,544
Brittany N. and David J. Spirito811 Amblewood Drive$650,098
Carmen L. and John B. Christiansen2095 Toulouse Court$775,322
Mayron Cesar and Ruth Leon Herrera2685 Hendrix Ave. 400$921,419

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