Top 100 Cincinnati, Ohio home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Cincinnati, Ohio in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 446 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $147,450 in Cincinnati.

Top 100 home sales in Cincinnati for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Eric and Keren Rambow1333 Park Ridge Place$959,900
David E. and Esther Ah Tak Cheng Long1 Cypress Garden Ave.$730,000
Emily and Christopher Chen Bowers3519 Brookwood Meadow$685,000
Katherine S. and John R. Fogarty1330 Park Ridge Place$680,000
Patricia A. Zesch (trustee)1366 Custer St.$660,000
James M. and Aris Taylor3448 Aultwoods Lane$648,000
Joe and Timothy Aultom Miller2300 Bedford Ave.$640,000
Curtis and Karen Jackson1482 Riverside Drive$635,000
Yuka Rabb2229 Bedford Terrace$612,500
Thomas and Jennifer Allman2558 Erie Ave.$590,000
Linda L Berthy3593 Linwood Ave.$590,000
Xinsen Zheng (trustee)923 Riverview Place$575,000
Aaron D. and Christina M Richardson1085 Tuscany Place$570,000
Michael Meister3300 Hardisty Ave.$570,000
Phillip Alexander Johns (trustee)2950 Grandin Road$557,000
Michael and Liza Bronner Murrison2706 Cleinview Ave.$555,000
Houman and Mona Mirheydari Varghai650 Reisling Knoll$555,000
Tad and Holly B Krafft1125 Inglenook Place$548,400
Tad and Holly B Krafft1125 Inglenook Place$548,400
Jean F. Dreas185 Lafayette Circle$548,000
Colin and Emily Waxler Fogel3552 Paxton Ave.$544,000
Raquel M Ulma4120 Allendale Drive$529,000
Sotiris Pagdadis3565 Burch Ave.$510,000
Geoffrey and Lauren Turgeon Parker3261 Lambert Place$492,000
Christopher and Meredith Baer Lucke3163 Niles St.$489,000
Ethan and Courtney Grob1210 Halpin Ave.$488,000
Martin Wilhelmy1812 Keys Crescent Lane$472,500
Andrew B. Fitzpatrick488 Missouri Ave.$470,300
Benjamin and Jessica Sattler Sattler3616 Kendall Ave.$470,000
Jan Peter Schreiber404 Reading Road$462,500
Sarah E. and David Whelan Smith3433 Pape Ave.$460,757
Theodore J. Stazak Jr.920 Ellison Ave.$460,000
Megan E. Buck3447 Ault View Ave.$457,000
Wayne and Lisa Stocks1214 Vine St.$450,000
Chelsey Joan Harshman621 Main St.$440,000
Dillon Parian Broderick and Brittany Kaye Skibowski417 Tusculum Ave.$440,000
Trevor and Adrienne Bahner1119 Wareham Drive$438,000
Derek Niederhelman1956 Honeysuckle Lane$437,500
Srividya Srinivasan3564 Edwards Road$435,000
Erin and Alex Barengo3431 Wellston Place$427,000
Thomas and Rosemary Hayes2874 Pineridge Ave.$420,000
Timothy Bowers and Stephanie Franxman Kessler1586 Springlawn Ave.$412,000
Donald and Kay Brown3512 Forestoak Court$405,000
Matthew J. Bedell543 Slack St.$400,000
Hollie Michelle and Eric L Miller1430 North Bend Road$390,000
Elizabeth and Robert Lanphier124 Glenmary Ave.$389,000
Isabella Partners LLC3704 Isabella Ave.$379,000
Nicholas and Maria Leonardi Buehler3811 Isabella Ave.$376,000
Justin R. Defillippi2720 Hyde Park Ave.$375,000
Joseph M. and Katherine E. Schroeder3252 Berwyn Place$373,000
Melissa L. and Lucas Dunlap Jacquart848 Dunore Road$370,000
Tremayne G. and Jorell W Koonce Bethel4120 Witler St.$366,900
Alexander D Smith1522 Lingo St.$365,000
Lindsey Nicole and Brian Vincent Sawma Hasis3640 Stettinius Ave.$350,000
Peter V. Kurjanowicz3616 Woodbridge Place$350,000
Andrea Minnillo3848 Country Club Place$350,000
Kimberly A. Russell3843 Springhouse Lane$349,900
Kathleen Elizabeth and Michael Arthur Kornhau Singer1421 Pullan Ave.$340,000
Katherine and Michael Tepper3134 Schubert Ave.$333,000
Lindsay Mongenas955 Volterra Lane$325,000
Lindsay L Spurgeon267 Gilman Ave.$325,000
Marcie F Taylor406 Heatherhill Lane$325,000
Diana T. Riel (trustee)710 Mount Hope Ave.$322,500
John R. and Mary K. Manhard Martin5716 Arnsby Place$320,000
Della F. Wilz4257 Paxton Ave.$320,000
Joseph L. and Elizabeth F. Hughes Germano3313 Sterling Way$319,000
Sherri A. Chevalier3362 Everson Ave.$318,265
Joseph Grant Slovin3991 Ballard Ave.$316,500
Alan John and Linda Sue Marshall2225 Kemper Lane$315,000
Mark Pierce4114 Pillars Drive$313,511
Gabriel Cardarella4125 Muchmore Road$313,000
John P. Mellott3410 Oakview Place$313,000
Todd A. and Natalie L. Koch6472 Copperleaf Lane$312,500
Tamara N Naser1617 McMillan St.$312,000
Ruby M Wilz4117 Sherel Lane$310,000
Erica and Christopher Kuhn Morrison2339 Grigg Ave.$310,000
Robert Didonato2444 Madison Road$310,000
Robert Didonato2444 Madison Road$310,000
Anthony Puccini2560 Moorman Ave.$309,000
Rosa I. Cama3581 Kroger Ave.$307,000
Mary Jeanne Clark2200 Victory Parkway$305,000
Madison M. Bueter3653 Columbus Ave.$305,000
Kyle and Emma Griffith Fant7008 Bramble Ave.$305,000
Caleb J. and Gina M Flanagan6304 Iris Ave.$303,500
Caleb J. and Gina M Flanagan6304 Iris Ave.$303,500
Trent C. and Alexandra N Willauer Edwards3674 Brotherton Road$300,000
Emily and Nicholas Jansing Russell5570 Breezewood Drive$295,000
Susan Hines2200 Victory Parkway$290,000
Jay and Katya Lambo Kleinhenz1203 Cutter St.$289,900
Meghan Hayden4325 Homer Ave.$289,500
Kim Schloemer2091 Trailwood Drive$285,000
Jennifer Emigh951 Auburnview Drive$282,500
Kathleen E. Larkin3535 Larkspur Ave.$282,000
Tara Murdock4173 Dane Ave.$280,000
Zachary E. Balsinger469 Stanley Ave.$280,000
Tyler Edward Wilson4301 Verne Ave.$276,000
Brian R. and Terri Hughes1719 Bella Vista Ave.$275,000
Nicole Caruso421 Oregon St.$275,000
Laura L. Humphrey5775 Euclid Road$274,000
Britt and Madison Collins Prescott1324 Pullan Ave.$270,000

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