Top 100 Wheaton, Illinois home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Wheaton, Illinois in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 102 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $340,750 in Wheaton.

Top 100 home sales in Wheaton for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Matthew Dyer0 Penny Lane$812,500
Jonathan and Brianna Sesso120 Forest Ave.$796,000
Mary F. Nussbaum808 Cross St.$698,000
Mark Diorio and Mary Dresmal20 Landon Circle$682,000
Shawn and Colleen Anderson1323 Irving Ave.$680,000
Peter J. and Susan Rutili77 Hawkins Circle$636,500
Jude S. and Natalie M. Larose615 Wesley St.$625,000
William P. and Elizabeth M. Sullivan433 Prairie Ave.$616,500
Rafal H Kuczmanski1504 Hill Ave.$605,000
Kyle S. and Amy Schoeder2058 Burnham Place$585,000
Matthew R. and Amanda Petry110 George St.$567,000
Bgrs Relocation Inc.110 George St.$567,000
Kathleen and Kevin Johnson225 Dorchester Ave.$530,000
Said Awad and Manar Elmashni1300 St. Francis Court$530,000
Diamond Dill LLC400 Knoll St.$515,000
Luke S. and Keri Widmer2089 Wexford Circle$515,000
Richard F. Daubert1932 Somerset Lane$512,000
Salvatore J. and Diane Buonomo1779 Challenger Court$495,000
Christopher and Megan Meyer2050 Greensboro Drive$494,000
Daniel J. and Erin M. Armbrust1587 Whitman Lane$482,500
Brian and Grace Schmidt814 Dorset Drive$459,000
Benjamin Edward and Jenelle Amber Colling423 Wesley St.$458,500
Jonathan and Rachel L. Soto163 Christina Circle$457,000
Brian Patrick Panek Jr. and Diana Panek1955 Briarcliffe Blvd.$445,000
Robert A. and Norma L. Lyon102 Fairway Lane$435,000
John and Clitlin E. Bonato1076 Dorset Drive$435,000
Neil and Elizabeth Beaty1421 Belleau Woods Court$432,000
Sets Over and Albert Gjeluci1333 Campbell Ave.$430,000
Jacqueline E. and Aaron Tatro328 Indiana St.$418,000
Brent E. and Michelle L. Combs1005 Santa Rosa Ave.$407,000
Emilee Anne Flaugher714 Illinois St.$405,000
James and Colleen Burke1007 Main St.$405,000
Kelly and John Carbonaro206 Hamilton Lane$400,000
Michele and Kevin Pedersen1011 Washington St.$399,000
Bradley D Mincke1106 Wheaton Oaks Drive$391,000
Elizabeth N. and Patrick Ivansek417 Naperville Road$380,000
Derek J. and Brianna M. Henley1704 Glencoe St.$380,000
Christopher M. and Megan Deroo511 Liberty Drive$380,000
Andrew and Angelica Frias1003 Brighton Drive$379,000
Joshua and Rebekah Henderson1516 Wakeman Ave.$373,000
Desmond L Russ and Alice H. Nita1228 Greenwood Road$371,000
Kovach (trust)920 Dartmouth Drive$367,500
William J. and Leann M. Stanke129 Summit St.$365,000
Thomas and Sharon Pierce2229 Appleby Drive$365,000
Larry Mandel1109 Wheaton Oaks Drive$360,000
Eric W Jones and Allison T. Maher1735 Jasper Court$345,000
Aaron and Sara Burgess609 Indiana St.$345,000
Eric and Terri Alexander1690 Ivy Court$345,000
Erik and Sally Wolf118 Beverly St.$343,000
Mitchell and Sue J. Striedl680 Queenswood Lane$342,000
Brian T. and Andrea J. Lucas410 Harrison Ave.$342,000
Chad T. and Allison M. Woldman628 Pershing Ave.$339,500
Neil and Erin J. White1406 Avery Ave.$338,000
Anthony J. and Claire R. Morano206 Park Ave.$336,000
Thomas R. and Allison J. Labelle823 Wheaton Ave.$335,000
Alyssa Sprovieri930 Webster Ave.$330,000
James and Sarah Feiner1008 Wakeman Ave.$326,000
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee)104 Gables Blvd.$323,000
Zachary J. and Alexandria R. Eastman2019 Paddock Court$319,000
Matthew T. Rice2003 Scottdale Circle$315,000
Youngdahl (trust)100 Gary Ave.$310,000
Carolyn M Middleton1134 Oak View Drive$310,000
Timothy R Kelly and Colleen T Antas421 Turf Lane$310,000
Megan and Logan Janda1258 Hull Drive$310,000
Edilvergel Chua and Jessica Ruth Quetua803 Webster Ave.$300,000
Frank Sutphin and Madison Haski1308 Wilson Ave.$300,000
Meagan Lettenberger419 Beverly St.$300,000
Christine E. Lustro433 Turf Lane$292,500
Peter and Lauren Rizzo427 Turf Lane$290,000
CC Affordable Housing LLC805 Lyford Lane$282,000
Stephanie Coll908 Bridle Lane$280,000
Greg and Kathy Pergal1580 Raven Hill$280,000
Second City Equity LLC805 Lyford Lane$275,000
Adem and Samija Sahinovic1007 Wilson Ave.$273,500
Peter Myers0$272,000
Ronald S. and Kimberly A. Hands1318 Coolidge Ave.$270,000
Surmac Builders LLC175 Washington St.$260,000
Nt Homes LLC0 Wiesbrook Road$260,000
Langh T Mang and Sran T Cing419 Lorraine Road$255,000
Chris and Kori Pitaro318 Prospect Ave.$254,000
Blake W Vankerkhoff and Kiersten E Laansma426 Aurora Way$247,500
Pavlo Terpak1585 Coloma Court$246,000
Carl Prairie LLC805 Main St.$240,000
Korin T Heinz1151 Loughborough Court$239,000
Eric D Sadowski1053 Sunderland Court$237,500
Lisa Lynette and Craig Doherty205 Chase St.$236,500
Lexie and Brian E. Kerr117 Lorraine Road$230,000
David J. Komperda1095 Sunderland Court$215,000
Eftali Plaku1736 Warwick Court$210,000
Grandview Capital LLC2114 Driving Park Road$205,000
Kevin D. and Andra C. Boudreau501 Stoddard Ave.$200,000
Nicholas R. Cacic1735 Harrow Court$191,000
Ian A. Brady1633 Sawyer Ave.$190,000
Susan Breinling1641 Timber Trail$190,000
Wilbur and Jean Ellsworth865 Sheldon Court$177,000
Synder (trust)1827 Briarcliffe Blvd.$175,000
Samantha Kerwin1120 Mount Vernon Court$170,000
Michael C. and Richand M. Loehrke1725 Lakecliffe Drive$166,000
Ferrari (trust)1671 Grosvenor Circle$149,000
Frank M. and Tamela L. Woodruff1545 Woodcutter Lane$127,000

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