Top 100 St. Paul, Minnesota home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for St. Paul, Minnesota in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 287 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $232,000 in St. Paul.

Top 100 home sales in St. Paul for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Aop Holdings LLC1776 Maryland Ave. 101$1,800,000
Nj Marshall LLC2127 Marshall Ave.$1,180,000
Daniel B. Karpowitz and Laura E. Kunreuther96 Virginia St.$800,000
Noel and Adam Doiron1988 Lincoln Ave.$734,000
Mohammad Anwar Khasawneh1442 Jefferson Ave.$725,000
Charles Michael Halderman1800 Hampshire Ave.$707,500
Zindziswa McCormick and Timothy Drinan525 Holly Ave.$640,000
Lauri and Bruce Droster80 Western Ave. 101$630,000
Alan M. Davis and Katharine L. Llop1286 Raymond Ave.$575,291
Liesl Koehnen and William Dokken1011 Linwood Ave.$575,000
Edward Alphonse Lebert221 Exeter Place$560,000
Jeffrey OCHS and Tian Wang1900 Bohland Ave.$557,000
Laura Chesnut and Kevin Schwab1910 Pinehurst Ave.$541,000
Amos and Stephanie Briggs1410 Raymond Ave.$528,700
Julia R. Westhoff and James M. Senter2211 Eleanor Ave.$520,000
Matthew Peters and Christine Carragee549 Dayton Ave.$515,000
Mary Ellen and Gerald Allen Dercks1157 Laurel Ave.$510,000
William J. Kuhns and Michelle Kuhls1996 Marshall Ave.$495,500
Ian D. and Kelli H. MacLeod1709 Bohland Ave.$492,500
Amy Elizabeth and John F. Holewa1835 Pinehurst Ave.$483,750
Scott Thoresen1194 Laurel Ave.$475,000
Erik Bjorn Vorhes and Erica Leigh Schemper2165 Scheffer Ave.$474,900
David Pedro John and 2019 the John Family Dated August 21 (living trust)2106 Dayton Ave.$462,600
Joseph and Sarah Oslund449 Selby Ave.$461,250
Charles John Billington Jr. and Jennifer Allen Billington1213 Watson Ave.$460,000
Thomas C. and Christine M. Rooney1670 Jefferson Ave.$455,848
Amy and Aaron Johnson1004 St. Paul Ave.$455,000
John Norusis1992 Grand Ave.$450,000
597 Blair LLC597 Blair Ave.$440,000
Steve Victorey and Jovan Knutson1327 Scheffer Ave.$430,000
Lauren Anne Gaeta1115 Iowa Ave.$422,900
Martha and Michelle Pedina883 Iowa Ave.$420,000
Jacob M. Riley2152 Berkeley Ave.$410,000
Samuel J. Riley and Sara J. Ryan2213 Emerald Lane$400,000
Bryce and Rae Wang2122 Randolph Ave.$399,900
Brandon James Ternes1385 Eustis St. C$390,000
Wendy K.Z. and Matthew Rz Anderson1677 Wellesley Ave.$387,500
Jeffrey Heikes and Jennifer Murphy544 Desnoyer Ave.$385,000
Sarah J. and Michael J. Wotipka1407 Grand Ave.$375,000
Adam Bachmeier and Kellie Siembieda-Bachmeier1966 Iglehart Ave.$374,350
Michael J. and Erina E.A. Edzards1776 Juliet Ave.$371,000
Wade Madden1217 Thomas Ave.$370,000
Elle Roesner and Mitchell Erdman1143 Cleveland Ave.$365,000
424 Smith LLC424 Smith Ave.$362,500
Jose Ernesto Guadarrama Castillo and Alexann Nadine Koecher896 Nevada Ave.$362,000
Neimeyer Real Estate LLC1061 Lombard Ave.$360,000
Sarah Anne and Andrew Robert Gallagher1443 Palace Ave.$358,000
Donald and Shevie Brooks1609 Wellesley Ave.$354,000
Denise Siebert633 Dayton Ave. 3$353,500
Dyo O Gonzalez Baron2411 Youngman Ave.$353,500
Mubina Gausmohammed Qureshi and Bhupinder Singh Juneja1276 Eustis St.$350,000
Michael and Natalie Laurila1586 Lexington Parkway$342,000
Ray and Brittany A. Watson2386 Carter Ave.$341,500
Michael Joseph Koscielny II and Kristina Marie Fosse1336 Scheffer Ave.$340,000
Anna V. Rice and Amon J. O'Connor1438 Charles Ave.$337,500
Kara Nesvig and Sam Fehrenbach1601 Thomas Ave.$330,000
Allen and Kristen Seaquist2095 Palace Ave.$329,900
Danielle Blehm and Nicholas Harvey1833 James Ave.$327,500
Paul David Hallgren793 Ivy Ave.$325,000
William D. and Austin Alex Krech2098 Marshall Ave.$325,000
Joseph Borkowski and Jessica Felgenhauer1975 Selby Ave.$321,200
Justin B. Kolb and Kirsten L Fryer412 Herschel St.$320,000
Ryan and Ashley Fell916 Wheelock Parkway$317,500
Kayjuon E. and Loretha Cager1734 Sims Ave.$313,250
Stephanie J. Kuka1987 Sheridan Ave.$310,000
Michael and Jenna Jacobs1387 Randolph Ave.$310,000
1031 Sunrise Properties LLC1368 Seventh St.$308,000
Cherrish Hollie879 Galtier St.$306,000
Luke Buerkley209 Eighth St. 311$304,150
Travis Vanderbilt1243 Goodrich Ave.$300,000
Brandon Lingen1487 MacKubin St.$300,000
Jon and Elizabeth Hilsendager290 Dayton Ave. 1W$299,900
William Nord and Kristen Stone1177 Idaho Ave.$299,900
Alex R. Halverson and Alexandra Millett814 Carroll Ave.$299,500
Nathan Frees1311 Hague Ave.$297,900
Nathan L. and Rebecca L. Christy and 2013 David K. Prachar and Lisa C. Prachar as Trustees of the Prachar Family Dated the 19th Day of September (revocable living trust)1509 Western Ave.$297,500
Jeffrey A. Lyke1027 Thorn St.$295,000
Ellen Kramer-Higgins and Timothy Higgins1299 Niles Ave.$292,900
Benjamin D. Blair and Megan L. Petrik820 Emerald St. 112$291,000
Marcel Tata1650 McAfee St.$288,400
Christopher Michael Moccia and Dustin Louis Jussola1092 Chatsworth St.$288,000
Dee Wah2246 Larry Ho Drive$287,000
Daniel Okubo9 Annapolis St.$286,000
Joseph Antkowiak1255 Seminary Ave.$285,000
Christine Hanley2164 Powers Ave.$285,000
Lorena Flores1819 York Ave.$283,580
Lewis Campbell2171 Powers Ave.$280,000
Ericka A. Grimm and Dylan C. Cermak603 Marshall Ave.$280,000
Brian Gregory1272 Avon St.$279,000
Elizabeth Baumann758 Parkview Ave.$279,000
Edward G. and Mark L. Hoiland802 Larpenteur Ave.$277,000
Lay Doh Soe and Sember Kpaw1601 Iowa Ave.$272,000
Nicholas William Kreofsky1263 Blair Ave.$271,000
Chelsie M. and Mark A. Zoller316 Erie St.$270,000
Shadrack N. Masaki and Esuvat J. Nyakoe823 Aurora Ave.$268,500
Latasha Sikes435 Lexington Parkway$268,000
Joshua and Sara Sloan1615 Old Hudson Road$267,000
Bailey J. Klingfus2079 Margaret St.$265,000
Zang Thao and Chong Her2028 Ivy Ave.$265,000
Okkoy Tamedo Graham630 Jefferson Ave.$265,000

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