Top 50 Palatine, Illinois home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Palatine, Illinois in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 74 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $250,000 in Palatine.

Top 50 home sales in Palatine for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
James and Hannah Garriga302 Whitehall Drive$659,500
Mykel and Martha Diggins296 Melanie Court$628,000
Dipal Shailesh and Shailesh Bhailal Ganatra1316 Windhill Drive$600,000
Gyunel and Dan Levin735 Meryls Court$552,000
Chris Jack Brabianski385 Chalary Court$521,500
Barbara E. Ricken (trust)1129 Whytecliff Road$515,000
Erik W. Lund (trust)2101 Meacham Road$475,000
Ishani Gooptu and Sidharth Prakash1360 Home Court$459,500
Dei Series LLC1542 Norway Lane$432,500
Katelin and Jose A. Maldonado433 Elm St.$415,000
David Geitner730 Middleton Ave.$395,000
Todd and Jeanna A. Lacaeyse39 Forest Ave.$385,000
Shannon and Martin Sobanski510 Stuart Lane$380,000
Matthew James Turinsky and Sara Marie Turnisky1161 Illinois Ave.$365,000
Abigail Lileng Choong and Evan R. Reynolds332 Smith St.$360,000
Brett and Erin Nugent934 Arrowhead Drive$350,000
Marina Pappa1522 Lake Louise Drive$347,500
Deanna M. and Mark T. Lood1110 Old Mill Drive$335,000
Margaret and Eric Martindale546 Stuart Lane$333,000
Michael and Kera Sanchez961 Spencer Court$332,000
Prabha Desai146 Rose St. 33$329,000
Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc.757 Kimball Ave.$327,000
Amanda L. Sedoris and Thomas Pimentel864 Baldwin Road$325,000
Sarah and Daniel Burdeen200 Helen Road$324,000
Keith A. and Sharon Mattea342 Rosalie Road$315,000
Anne V. Palubicki124 Rose St. 44E$310,000
Castell U Cargill128 Patricia Court$305,000
Oscar Duran50 Wilke Road$300,000
Craig M Walsh54 Daniels Road$291,000
Alyssa M. and Luke Larson Miller1696 Arbor Court$288,000
Kajal S Patel120 Rohlwing Road$282,500
John and Wendy Sitenga26 Forest Ave.$275,000
Gina Marie Alioisio823 Rohlwing Road$275,000
Jorge Espinoza Jr.10 Walnut St.$265,000
Miguel Angel Aguilar-Munoz11 Heron Drive$262,500
Paulette Doloquin435 Hart St.$251,500
Marcus and Kathleen Pfirrman843 Patten Drive$250,000
Rebecca Tarango and Jorge U Romero Gomez2355 Barrington Woods Road$250,000
Matthew Jenoski, Joung S Kwon and Matthew Todd and Jeungson Kwon Janoski83 Country Club Court$250,000
Elizabeth Lewytskyj133 Palatine Road 103A$249,500
Charles R. Risinger20 Ashland Ave.$246,000
Michelle Elizabeth Krupa911 Slayton Drive$240,000
Melissa M Vance1099 Claremont Drive 13-5-714$232,000
Scott Jobe and Theresa and Jennifer Watson1542 Baronet Lane 12-030-022$228,000
Ryan D. Kemper and Clair Felde254 Hamilton Drive 14-3$215,500
Austin S. Little242 Dresden Ave.$210,000
Samantha Marie Grear239 Golfview Terrace$205,000
Kirby Luczak and Alexander Meza1566 Dartmoor Ave.$202,000
Dariusz Charczuk1530 Elm St.$190,000
Sharon A. Casey (trustee) and Sharon A. Crandall Casey (trust)125 Winston Drive$187,500

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