Top 50 Plant City, Florida home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 50 home sales for Plant City, Florida in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 60 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $211,950 in Plant City.

Top 50 home sales in Plant City for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Nancy Case and Nevin Maga3324 Brians Pond Drive$664,000
Charles H. Deaver and Carol S. Robinson3223 Baroness Court$541,000
Joseph M. Bridges and Tara R. Pitts2224 Davies Country Trail$495,000
Thurston Linda F Hjort and Elmer N. Thurston3735 Alafia Creek St.$369,900
Jenna Leigh and Johnathan Andrew Weaver2715 Clubhouse Drive$365,000
Osvaldo Sandoval and Covarrubias Dora A. Zepeda3650 Turkey Creek Road$360,000
Yanay Perez Torres1608 Knights Griffin Road$350,000
Mateo Luis Ricardo Velez3744 Ralston Road$341,185
Elliot N. and Victoria R. Mintzer719 Tower Grove Drive$337,000
Bonnie Clark and Nicholas Ryan Hile5108 Moll Acres Drive$319,000
Hiroshi Yoshimoto5739 Connell Road$294,900
Chris A. Shelton8802 Stanmoore Road$291,000
Aurelio Milian Capote and Barbara Adielis Lopez5716 Tindale Road$290,000
Darlene Michelle and Randall Thomas Moore3605 Newsome Drive$290,000
Patricia F Faust and David E. and Diana E. Jacobs4115 Barret Ave.$287,500
Brandon Christopher Diaz and Taylor Yvonne Simler1103 Sandalwood Drive$286,900
Michael Rogalsky4517 Edwards Road$285,000
Donna L. and Ricky D. Schwisow7402 Knights Griffin Road$280,000
Larry Allen and Patricia Gail Crisp2714 Kala Lane$265,500
Alecia Rene Lawson and David James Scales7707 Franklin Road 1$249,000
Charles E. Rehm Jr. and Nudjaree Rehm4809 Cooper Road, Lot 1$249,000
Jeilyn Hernandez and Hector Cabrera Marrero1702 Alabama St.$247,000
Amanda Gobble and Cory McFaddin1406 Spencer St.$242,000
Jorge and Maria Camargo5101 Horton Road$240,000
Shannon Cotter and Calvin Rabney5301 Glen Harwell Road$232,000
Anny Diaz2806 Lampp Road$225,000
Javier Mendoza Diosdado and Esther E. Vidal502 Devane St.$220,000
Silva Mariza Da3304 Lake Drive$219,000
Amber L Apple4730 Bloom Drive$217,500
Charles Allen and Charles Clayton and Debra Hollenkamp1113 Gordon St.$214,900
Soraisha Sankitts2005 Willow Drive$208,999
Clifton M. Brown and L. Brown Janice2709 Wilder Trace Court$204,000
Samuel D. Burud4715 Hunts Court$201,500
Hialeah Pool Services Inc.2204 Moonstone Lane$200,000
Bryce Gainer3020 Northview Road$199,900
Alexandria B Garcia and Anthony R Rook6212 Bob Head Road 1$193,000
Haylie Elise Mitchell4134 Barret Ave.$186,500
Maria Delcarmen and Ruben M. Rodriguez2202 Merrin St.$186,000
Flor De Maria and Rhonal Manuel Beato509 Lindsay Anne Court$185,000
Louis W. McGrath1446 Walden Oaks Place$185,000
Kelcie A. and Tommy D. Corbin1903 Bargo St.$184,000
Karen Abbott3611 Maxwell Road$183,000
Megen Olivo4607 Copper Lane$174,000
Rosales Maria F Cornelio and Jaime Segundo Trujillo1402 Palm Drive$171,000
Aapril and Jose F. Reyna1009 Park Road$165,000
Letisha Logan1323 Laura St.$163,000
Lauren A. Gonzalez2509 Waver St.$161,500
Jacob Gainer3010 Laurel Lane$159,900
Betty and Troy Wilson1503 Sparkman Road$155,000
Troy D Martin406 Morrell Drive$154,500

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