Top 100 Chicago, Illinois home sales for July 2020

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These are the top 100 home sales for Chicago, Illinois in July 2020, according to

In July 2020, there were 1,342 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $300,000 in Chicago.

Top 100 home sales in Chicago for July 2020
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jefferson Inv Partners LLC and Bishop Inv Partners LLC15 Bishop St.$9,150,000
Ann Connolly and Liam Oconnor4322 Leavitt St.$7,250,000
2018 N Kenmore LLC2014 Kenmore Ave.$6,500,000
Jennifer L. and Stephen A. Sullivan1901 Howe St.$4,175,000
Mitchell Charles Ji4008 Clarendon Ave. 3B$3,430,008
Ronald James Grason (trustee) and James Grason Ronald (trust)2136 Kenmore Ave.$3,415,500
Middle Path Contracting LLC2708 Lawndale Ave.$3,101,000
11 E Walton 4502 LLC11 Walton St. 4502$2,400,000
CA Resid 450 W Belmont Prop Owner LLC454 Belmont Ave.$2,310,000
2020 Wells St. LLC1645 Wells St.$2,300,000
CA Resid 450 W Belmont Owner LLC454 Belmont Ave.$2,272,000
Adam E. Rothman1906 Bradley Place 1$2,075,000
Bradley Kessler and Hayley Silver1850 Orchard St.$1,855,000
Katie G. and Evan S. Schaffer1416 Berteau Ave.$1,750,000
Sierra Smith and Brian Burke2225 Wayne Ave. Rear$1,720,000
6700 S Clyde Resid LLC6700 Clyde Ave. 1W$1,700,000
Traci Anne and David Ian Kraus3309 Seeley Ave. Hse$1,670,000
George and Jennifer Wilson1932 Sedgwick St.$1,655,000
Lauren and Frank Karl3305 Hamilton Ave.$1,625,000
Chicago Title Land Trust Co. (trustee)3305 Hamilton Ave.$1,619,000
Rodrigo Descoto and Stefanie Lynn Brice Decoto2042 Cortez St.$1,600,000
William A. Johnson IV1938 Waveland Ave.$1,600,000
Alpa Patel1333 George St.$1,580,000
Michelle and James Cassady515 May St.$1,575,000
Daniel Jay Brat and Shellie Anne Sherrod530 Lake Shore Drive 2305$1,520,000
Meredith and Connor Doherty910 Webster Ave.$1,512,000
Gaetano F Grimaldi and Jenny-Mai Nguyen2141 Bell Ave. 1$1,499,000
Tammi and Jeff Adkins910 Webster Ave.$1,487,500
Bleu Goose LLC1037 Wolcott Ave.$1,450,000
Cristina Romero and Ramanujachary Kumanduri634 Surf St.$1,440,000
Cajz Holdings LLC1940 Potomac Ave.$1,400,000
Richard Elliot Logan and Angela Theresa Spinazze6106 Kenmore Ave. Hse$1,375,000
Ledroit (trust) and Will Rigby (trustee)60 Monroe St. 6-52$1,350,000
Brendan Edward and Erica Watkins Ryan3623 Leavitt St.$1,325,000
Adam J. Diederich and Colleen J Harvey2033 Churchill St.$1,260,000
Rhopus Ltd.180 Pearson St. 5701$1,235,000
Kirkland St. Dev LLC1507 North Park Ave.$1,225,000
Gerchco 2 Prop LLC25 Superior St. 3704 (No Ss$1,200,000
Shane Borkowsky and Matt Landler2137 Fletcher St.$1,180,000
Urbane Home LLC1505 North Park Ave.$1,150,000
Louis Sauer and Jessica Ring345 Superior St. 8-D$1,135,000
Matthew Steven Patton (trustee), John M. Goetter (trustee), John M. Goetter (trust) and Matthew Steven Patton (trust)4440 California Ave.$1,125,000
John Norman and Sara Daino2045 Bradley Place$1,110,000
Benjamin Huffman and Molly Robinson4526 Dover St.$1,100,000
Kathleen M. Rockwell and Peter Rumpf1833 Sedgwick St.$1,100,000
JPMorgan Chase Bank2720 Bosworth Ave.$1,096,500
Emille Weinheimer and Adam C. Green1850 Maud Ave.$1,090,000
Whip 2128 LLC2128 Whipple St.$1,085,000
Katharine Brianna and Davin Dean Leung930 Fletcher St.$1,072,000
Barbara Ruth and Sophie Teresa Huckabay and James Gale Baumgartner2050 Humboldt Blvd.$1,050,000
Timothy and Sharleen Eby1920 Potomac Ave.$1,020,000
2220 N Lincoln Ave LLC, John Van Houten, Fountainhead Dev LLC - 1248 N Wood St. Series and Jane Possell2220 Lincoln Ave.$1,000,000
Kathryn and Phillip Wilson1947 Race Ave.$1,000,000
Anne-Marie Oswald and Brent Doiron1228 56th St.$1,000,000
Paula and Mark Berezin210 Walton Place B$1,000,000
Patrick O'Connor and Connor Michele L. McKay-O2320 Medill Ave.$983,000
Stephen and Allie Murrow3259 Racine Ave.$970,000
Robert D. Obrien (trust) and Robert D. Obrien (trustee)401 Wabash Ave. 42F$965,000
Penny E. and David J. Strauss1212 Lake Shore Drive 11A-N.$960,000
Benjamin S. Hess321 Webster Ave. 321U$959,000
Jung S Lee and Esther D. Shin3319 Leavitt St.$951,000
Michael J. McDermott55 Goethe St. 1253$950,000
Ryan Bates and Michael Hand1731 Melrose St.$950,000
Anna Marie Proni and Matthew J. Blitz7107 Oriole Ave. Hse$942,500
Richard R. and Maria L. Cameron1834 Patterson Ave.$942,500
Talla Shabtay and Simion Filip5517 Blackstone Ave.$920,000
Brent and Krista Kreider2636 Carmen Ave.$915,000
Dana and Craig Sanders119 Chestnut St. 1W$900,000
Jfk Prop Holdings LLC600 Fairbanks Court 2211$900,000
Benjamin F. Aquino and Noelle McWard1660 Carmen Ave.$900,000
Ryan and Kristin McClintock2315 Roscoe St.$898,000
Keri and Connor Roth2144 Sheffield Ave. 1$885,000
Stephanie and Todd Weinstein5517 Ravenswood Ave.$880,000
Structures Ent LLC923 Carpenter St.$875,000
Kathleen M. Richgels (trustee) and Kathleen M. Richgels (trust)2244 Lawrence Ave.$865,000
Bppo Prop 2020-1 LLC8347 Loomis St.$862,500
Bppo Prop 2020-1 LLC8841 Hermitage Ave.$862,500
Bppo Prop 202-1 LLC7232 Winchester Ave.$862,500
Bppo Prop 2020-1 LLC7619 Merrill Ave.$862,500
Bppo Prop 2020-1 LLC10032 Eggleston Ave.$862,500
William D. and Megan Manderscheid2421 Racine Ave. 1N$855,000
Mark Flame and Heather Flamme1230 Newport Ave. First$850,000
Grant and Claiere C. Van Horn2224 Orchard St. 1N$850,000
Shreshtha Madaan and Neehar Garg340 Evergreen Ave. Psu-7$842,500
Stacy Karel2043 St. Paul Ave.$840,000
Daliah Saper and Nicholas Stanfill1702 Larrabee St. 1702$829,500
Buckingham 825 LLC825 Buckingham Place$825,000
Timothy and Sarah McCrary2848 Burling St. 3$820,000
Jamila, Jamal, Jabari and John Earl Jelks120 State St. 6$815,000
Tsw Kilbourn LLC3923 Kilbourn Ave.$815,000
Francis J. Harmon Jr. and Meighan A. Harmon1418 Lake Shore Drive 2$810,000
Fleisch Judith (trust) and Judith Fleisch (trustee)25 Superior St. 4004$805,000
Nicole and Taylor Somach846 Aldine Ave. 1$805,000
Holly S. and Alan P. Dorantes1906 Hudson Ave. C$800,000
Eduardo Tobon4132 Francisco Ave.$791,500
Joseph and Haley Foldenauer2057 Leavitt St.$790,000
Anthony and Guadalupe Flores5135 Claremont Ave.$790,000
Lindsay Schick3352 Carpenter St. 2$790,000
Mark Kaufman (trust) and Mark Kaufman (trustee)55 Delaware Place 301$785,000
Krishman Mamtora and Anita D Mulye1518 Cortez St. 3E$785,000

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