Davie home sales during May 2-8, 2021

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There were 39 reported residential sales in Davie for the week of May 2-8, 2021. The median sale price was $280,000.

1528 Whitehall Drive
Davie Central$197,500
Buyer: Donna Waters and Jacqueline Romero
Seller: Maria Eugenia Moreno

12940 S.W. 15th St.
Buyer: Maggie W. Cheung and Xian Wei
Seller: Harold Raymond and Jacqueline D. Hart

6161 S.W. 58th Court
Davie East$770,000
Buyer: Edward and Csilla Gerecs
Seller: Nadia Naumann LLC

991 S.W. 111th Way
Davie Central$320,000
Buyer: Alexis K. and Daniel Cartagena
Seller: Robert A. and Davita R. Janer

9192 Southern Orchard Road
Davie Central$525,000
Buyer: Luke Thomas Amoresano
Seller: Pablo Latasa Vassallo and Cristina Perez

2901 S.W. 87th Ave.
Davie Central$250,000
Buyer: Shirit Winberg and Yoram Shaked
Seller: Daniel and Lisa Santilli and Lisa Robin Silver

4382 S.W. 138th Ave.
Davie West$855,000
Buyer: Tasnia Avinoa
Seller: Michael Rama and Brandi Piacente

6500 S.W. 48th St.
Buyer: Hank Yan
Seller: Eugene Freeman and Dorsey R. Lee

12000 Ashford Lane
Davie Central$1,125,000
Buyer: Mickey and Suellen Dubberly
Seller: Claudette Emerson Beblis, Amanda Achong and Ishoona I. Beblis M.D. (living trust)

13966 S. Cypress Cove Circle
Davie West$466,000
Buyer: Sean and Holly Ibey
Seller: Damion S. and Desiree Daly

2640 S. University Drive
Davie East$208,500
Buyer: Liset Gonzalez
Seller: Patrick and Joanna Cotter

2201 S.W. 87th Terrace
Buyer: Peter Gutierrez
Seller: Mary Lambriola

9441 Live Oak Place
Davie Central$43,500
Buyer: Kappa Homes LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Janet Marie Endsley

9140 Lake Park Circle
Davie Central$364,000
Buyer: Youssef Benhmada and Asmaa Boukhari
Seller: James E. Ball Jr (revocable trust)

10101 Orange Drive
Davie Central$618,860
Buyer: Rene and Jennifer Mejia
Seller: Steve Troy and Grettel Golson

2881 S.W. 86th Way
Davie Central$530,000
Buyer: Ciro Sciortino and Stephanie Theresa Moran
Seller: Peter Christian and Shannon Dawn Skumanich

7720 N.W. 35th St.
Davie East$265,000
Buyer: Tribute 2019 LLC
Seller: Laura L. and Ann E. Dodson

7554 Stirling Road
Davie East$125,000
Buyer: Yamilet and Arielle Chanel Diaz
Seller: Thomas J. and Suzanne Mary Mannetta

4375 S.W. 53rd Ave.
Davie East$300,000
Buyer: Angela Mattos
Seller: Rose Carreto

5024 S. University Drive
Davie East$14,000
Buyer: Theresa L. and Trinity Nicole White
Seller: Teresa L White and Ulynn C Generette

9430 Live Oak Place
Davie Central$110,000
Buyer: Chaitanya A. Punthambaker
Seller: Parviz Marvasti

4262 S.W. 70th Terrace
Davie East$252,000
Buyer: Fawzi Abukhalil
Seller: Alvaro Uribe

42 Matador Lane
Davie Central$227,000
Buyer: Joshua Taylor Dodge and Steven T Meredith
Seller: Craig Torres

2471 S.W. 82nd Ave.
Davie Central$164,000
Buyer: LOLI4 LLC
Seller: Emsn Investing LLC

5800 Surrey Circle
Davie West$565,000
Buyer: Juan Carlos and Marcela Parra
Seller: John and Joel Faubert and Charlotte A. McWilliams (trust)

8026 S.W. 20th Court
Davie Central$249,900
Buyer: Dat Van Nguyen and Kieu Diem Thi Tra
Seller: Jesus Martin Rodriguez Alfaro

2926 S. University Drive
Davie East$136,000
Buyer: Saabhi Holdings Inc.
Seller: Sharon Levi

2070 S.W. 90th Ave.
Davie Central$282,000
Buyer: Adam T. Bombalski
Seller: Randall and Rena Hafer

9431 Live Oak Place
Davie Central$62,500
Buyer: Investments 276 Corp.
Seller: Cindi Brustein

9470 Poinciana Place
Davie Central$120,000
Buyer: Jaqueline Rivera and Diego Sanchez
Seller: Lynda Bourque and Lynda, Bourque-Lynda A. and Richard N. Sheffield

2311 S.W. 81st Ave.
Davie Central$140,000
Buyer: Michael E. Hampton
Seller: James D. and Sharon L. Hampton

2160 S.W. 93rd Way
Davie Central$260,000
Buyer: Richard C. and Stacey A. Farmer
Seller: Belen Alonso Daniel

4241 S Pine Island Road
Davie Central$285,000
Buyer: David Rivera
Seller: R & T Development Inc.

2600 S.W. 139th Ave.
Davie West$640,000
Buyer: Deb Investments LLC
Seller: William C. and Juanita G. Woodruff

6944 S.W. 39th St.
Davie East$195,000
Buyer: Andre Morno
Seller: Desmond S. and Donna Marie Jones Cover

9217 Magnolia Court
Davie Central$455,000
Buyer: Roberto Daniel Urbina and Andrea Enith Durand
Seller: Junping Sun and Lin Yin

5721 S.W. 55th St.
Davie East$280,000
Buyer: EURO Asia Investment Inc.
Seller: Bonney Marie Vitta

3545 Southwood Court
Davie Central$641,500
Buyer: Darinka Cvetkovic (living trust) and Susan S. Adams (living trust)
Seller: Walter S. Shier and Terri L Gasiorek

8008 S.W. 29th St.
Davie Central$547,000
Buyer: John N. and Elizabeth A. Cross
Seller: Gerard and Siobhan K. Williamson

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