Plantation home sales, May 2-8, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 2-8, 2021. The median sale price was $298,151.

6555 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation East$148,000
Buyer: Joanne Alexandre
Seller: Roy F. and Maritza A. Falo

7336 S.W. Ninth Court
Plantation East$594,000
Buyer: Adrian Manuel Arias and Lissett Arias Torres
Seller: Willis Vince Austin and Anita Cristan-Austin

980 Bayberry Point Drive
Plantation Central$116,000
Buyer: Joey Eric and Eleanor Grampa Eric
Seller: Eleanor Grampa

801 N.W. 120th Ave.
Plantation West$600,000
Buyer: Carlo Toussaint
Seller: Plantation Acres Lot LLC

120 Jacaranda Country Club Drive
Plantation Central$275,000
Buyer: Jesse Thomas Maguire
Seller: Sarit Orlin Shpaizman

570 N. University Drive
Plantation East$310,000
Buyer: Karla Jose and William Tafur
Seller: Carolina Carvajal, Eduardo F Duque and Eduardo Felipe Duque Ramirez

120 Chelsea Lane
Plantation Central$357,000
Buyer: Dawn Janeen and Frank Joseph Kwiatkowski
Seller: Shirley Ann Reeder

9847 N.W. Sixth Court
Plantation Central$258,000
Buyer: Jennifer Doyle
Seller: Josephine M. Andreoni and Dominic and Janice Longo

731 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$205,000
Buyer: Christopher Contreras and Carolina Fernandez
Seller: Mark A. and Alicia M. Clark

9876 N.W. Sixth Place
Plantation Central$280,000
Buyer: Zohar Casden
Seller: Julio Dominguez and Marilyn Elizabeth Coster

510 N.W. 84th Ave.
Plantation Central$275,000
Buyer: Rafael Augusto Villalba Curiel and Artemisa Villalba
Seller: Sedama LLC

5740 S.W. Eighth St.
Plantation East$503,800
Buyer: Nicole A. Guffey and Nicole A. Guffey (revocable trust)
Seller: Christopher C. Johanson and Jami Johanson and Jami B. Bottoms

125 N.W. 108th Way
Plantation Central$799,000
Buyer: Ernest and Maria Papadimitriou Fasulo
Seller: Valentin and Tracie Srbovan

149 N.W. 108th Way
Plantation Central$855,000
Buyer: Ruth Perez Kim (revocable living trust) and Yong S. Kim (revocable living trust)
Seller: Ellison Laney III and Karen Lee Stearns

12345 N.W. 14th St.
Plantation West$1,350,000
Buyer: Carl Ansara
Seller: David M. Wheeler (revocable trust) and Jodie S Wheeler

8006 N.W. 15th Manor
Plantation Central$220,000
Buyer: Ruth Mass Gibbs
Seller: Tommy W Parks

7701 N.W. 11th Court
Plantation East$545,000
Buyer: Samuel Sasson and Luz Canola
Seller: Empire Property Pros LLC

5170 S.W. 17th Court
Plantation East$580,000
Buyer: Kenvins Jean
Seller: 5170 LLC

9927 N.W. Sixth Place
Plantation Central$259,000
Buyer: Fernando Rodriguez and Claudia Navas
Seller: Meir Rahamim and Karen Taylor

9859 N.W. Second St.
Plantation Central$389,000
Buyer: Carlos Hechavarria and Danielle Culbertson
Seller: Johnny and Cristina S. Ruiz and Cristina S Alcazar

157 S.W. 96th Terrace
Plantation Central$281,500
Buyer: Andrew Craig
Seller: Shaun and Noel Hixon

1044 N.W. 83rd Ave.
Plantation Central$150,000
Buyer: Lilian Robinson
Seller: Centaurus Trading LLC

24 Wimbledon Lake Drive
Plantation Central$240,000
Buyer: Olga and Roberto Stefano De Liso
Seller: Juan and Lilianne Zapata

640 N.W. 132nd Terrace
Plantation West$343,500
Buyer: Amit Kuman Singh and Gulay Guzeke
Seller: Timothy Piser

9283 Chelsea Drive
Plantation Central$320,000
Buyer: Jesse L. and Angela R. Demmers
Seller: Rogers Mardini, Carolina Palisa and Teresa Beatriz Ospina Maedini

577 N.W. 97th Ave.
Plantation Central$315,000
Buyer: Alfredo and Nubia Yzquierdo
Seller: Angel E Vidal

10430 Kestrel St.
Plantation Central$1,100,000
Buyer: Keith and Antoinette Blackmon
Seller: Christine V. Petti (revocable living trust)

12140 S.W. Third St.
Plantation West$795,000
Buyer: Darn Investments LLC
Seller: David J. and Valerie Griffiths

1021 Mockingbird Lane
Plantation Central$159,000
Buyer: Sergio Andres Moreno
Seller: Jeremy and Michael Deharde

1781 S.W. 56th Ave.
Plantation East$555,000
Buyer: Arbie J Hickson III
Seller: Teri and Teresita Gonzalez and Teri and Teresita Adcock

9801 N.W. Third Court
Plantation Central$240,000
Buyer: Jay Alan Shorr, Patricia Xavier Andre and Leilla S Blackwell
Seller: Maritza Arteaga Vera (revocable trust)

1681 N.W. 70th Ave.
Plantation East$73,500
Buyer: Malena Hernandez Armas
Seller: George G. Guerra

1350 S.W. 73rd Ave.
Plantation East$510,000
Buyer: Joyce Dubois
Seller: Luis Davila, Leonard Avery and Thomas Avery

4720 N.W. Ninth Court
Plantation East$130,000
Buyer: Alshine Mondesir and Natlie Allen-Mondesir
Seller: Decs Investment LLC

8647 N.W. 10th St.
Plantation Central$145,000
Buyer: Maxine Benjamin
Seller: Ellen Zackowitz and Miriam S. Zeid (revocable trust)

1557 N.W. 114th Ave.
Plantation West$815,000
Buyer: Redland Land Holdings Inc.
Seller: Christopher E. Martin

1500 N.W. 117th Ave.
Plantation West$3,200,000
Buyer: Sunem and Cheong Park
Seller: Craig S. and Deborah Perry

9801 N.W. Third Court
Plantation Central$240,000
Buyer: Jay Alan Shorr, Patricia Xavier Andre and Leilla S Blackwell
Seller: Maritza Arteaga Vera (revocable trust)

10831 N.W. 12th Place
Plantation Central$402,000
Buyer: Jill Thayli Torossi Palumbi
Seller: Alethea Duncan

7913 N.W. Seventh Court
Plantation East$286,302
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: Concepcion Alexandra Santos

483 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$160,000
Buyer: Harald A. Forrest
Seller: Juan and Julio Alvarez and Lina A. Taborda

5290 S.W. Fourth St.
Plantation East$490,000
Buyer: Robert Bruce MacNeal and Ashley Taylor Libernini
Seller: Justin Mangano

7401 N.W. 16th St.
Plantation East$152,500
Buyer: Ruben D. and Rosemary Duque
Seller: David Maristany

10670 N.W. 17th Court
Plantation Central$448,500
Buyer: Troy A. and Ashley M. Tolentino
Seller: Jorge Berrios and Patricia Lebron

10781 Cleary Blvd.
Plantation Central$162,500
Buyer: Verana LLC
Seller: Xander A. Mirzadeh

301 N Pine Island Road
Plantation Central$142,999
Buyer: Kuldip Geer Latchman and Daiya Devi Persaud Latchman
Seller: Poriyerica LLC

1103 N.W. 90th Ave.
Plantation Central$284,500
Buyer: Joan Black
Seller: Sandra and Alan Simkins

6655 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation East$175,000
Buyer: Efrain Bernal and Cruz Elena Zapata
Seller: Ryan and Michelle Hilliker

1411 N.W. 104th Ave.
Plantation Central$485,000
Buyer: Carlos A. Franco
Seller: Luma Holdings Group LLC

283 N.W. 74th Way
Plantation East$375,000
Buyer: Charles Ekanem
Seller: Wilfred II and Lashonda Hornsby Bailey

10501 W. Broward Blvd.
Plantation Central$180,000
Buyer: Sheryl Castor
Seller: Dina Victoria and Nelson Vega and Nancy Morrill

720 E. Coco Plum Circle
Plantation Central$260,000
Buyer: Sagy Grinberg
Seller: Steven L. and Renee S. Schwartz

7221 N.W. Ninth St.
Plantation East$577,500
Buyer: Richard and Sonya Gay
Seller: Michael and Sonya Grant

9877 N.W. Second Court
Plantation Central$369,900
Buyer: Sabeerau Golaub and Shouin Taylor
Seller: Rama and Naga L. Damisetty and Naga Suresh Potti

221 S.W. 57th Ave.
Plantation East$475,000
Buyer: Emilio and Keila Hidalgo
Seller: Jonathan Nicholas and Deborah Laura Cooper

731 Conch Shell Place
Plantation Central$740,000
Buyer: Keesha Cameron and Sheldon Johnson
Seller: Stanley M. and Marsha B. Rous

406 N.W. 68th Ave.
Plantation East$123,000
Buyer: Yudit Lamorena Padron
Seller: A S New Empire LLC

7906 N.W. 10th St.
Plantation East$238,000
Buyer: Matthew Wong and Jessica Castro
Seller: Laurie A. Satanosky Ttee (trust)

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