Home sales in Tamarac, May 2-8, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 2-8, 2021. The median sale price was $208,650.

7970 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$230,000
Buyer: Marcelo Hector Cragnolini and Constanza Alejandra Arguello
Seller: Mei Tal Group LLC

4803 N.W. 49th Court
Tamarac East$112,500
Buyer: Edwin Stanley
Seller: Rafael Alberto Sanchez

4803 N.W. 49th Court
Tamarac East$112,500
Buyer: Edwin Stanley
Seller: Erez Michaeli and Nora T. Krankowsky (estate)

9909 Westwood Drive
Tamarac West$145,000
Buyer: Juan Ignacio Costello Grinberg and Lucia Costello Bermudez
Seller: Jebel Florida Holdings 2 LLC

9587 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$152,000
Buyer: Robert E. Woodward Sr.
Seller: Lauren Berger Rehr and Pearl Berger Melnick (trust)

5890 N.W. 64th Ave.
Tamarac East$83,000
Buyer: Anna and Margarita Rosario, Alejandro Rosario Jr. and Alejandro Rossario Sr.
Seller: Je Soon Kim

4201 N.W. 49th Drive
Tamarac East$225,000
Buyer: Kevin Buck
Seller: Daniel Dumulong

4451 Treehouse Lane
Tamarac East$90,000
Buyer: Treehouse Arbor Keys LLC
Seller: Happy Housing LLC

7554 Black Olive Ave.
Tamarac West$550,000
Buyer: Marina Manashirova
Seller: Suzette and George Monteiro

7913 N.W. 73rd Terrace
Tamarac Central$370,000
Buyer: Victor M Valverde Jr.
Seller: Ralph R. Reynolds

6010 Red Plum Court
Tamarac West$321,500
Buyer: Simone Alecia Beason
Seller: Lance Sublett

6307 Silk Oak Circle
Tamarac East$405,000
Buyer: Lance Sublett
Seller: Robert C. Giglio and Lori Ellen Rosen-Giglio

6716 N.W. 70th Court
Tamarac Central$250,000
Buyer: Ronald Mahon
Seller: Joseph A. Santangelo III, Mark Santangelo (trust) and Ethel Santangelo (trust)

7903 N.W. 72nd Ave.
Tamarac Central$275,000
Buyer: Claudio Alejandro Meraz Diaz and Yeimy Castro
Seller: Percy Henry and Laura Annette Chue

7025 N.W. 103rd Ave.
Tamarac West$379,000
Buyer: Annette Williams Tomlinson
Seller: Elsa Helena Salamanca

9530 Bradshaw Lane
Tamarac West$323,000
Buyer: Sharlene Bedassie
Seller: Horace S. Love

5601 White Cedar Lane
Tamarac East$295,000
Buyer: 70.3 LLC
Seller: 2018-2 Ih Borrower LP

4600 N.W. 45th Court
Tamarac East$265,000
Buyer: Haelyn T. and Harieett A. Shields
Seller: Jean and Sterling Gareave

4608 Norfolk Island Pine Drive
Tamarac East$311,000
Buyer: Hi-Land Properties LLC
Seller: Joel and Pamira Davidson

4710 N.W. 49th Place
Tamarac East$229,900
Buyer: Osagie Igbinosun
Seller: Donald Cameron

9024 N.W. 60th St.
Tamarac West$252,500
Buyer: Kevin Brian Gleason II and Suzanna Danielle D'Aleo
Seller: Alina Marcilla

7202 N.W. 70th Ave.
Tamarac Central$205,000
Buyer: Pf Development LLC
Seller: Donald Lewis

7715 Southampton Terrace
Tamarac West$250,000
Buyer: Jules J. and Gina Duvalsaint and Gisele B. Duvalsaint (revocable trust)
Seller: Jay and Cynthia Jenkins Hassan

7271 S. Devon Drive
Tamarac West$130,000
Buyer: Florence Colon and Erve Malebranche
Seller: Brian S. Weinberger (trust)

8208 Waterford Lane
Tamarac West$357,000
Buyer: Alvin Sylvester McMillian
Seller: Wayne M. Lee and Nicole C Govia-Lee

9230 Wedgewood Lane
Tamarac West$215,000
Buyer: Francisco L Perea and Lucero Mejia Alvarez
Seller: Michele D'Introno

5309 Bayberry Lane
Tamarac East$415,000
Buyer: Daniel Lowery
Seller: JA-Dez Properties LLC

8020 Fairview Drive
Tamarac West$112,000
Buyer: Hongmei Qin
Seller: Versailles Properties LLC

7881 Granville Drive
Tamarac West$185,000
Buyer: Bruno Gouveia, Summer Yanxia, Ana Jacyra and Evaldo Mendes
Seller: Harold O. and Cynthia A. Behling

7635 Southampton Terrace
Tamarac West$199,900
Buyer: Cesar A. Vasquez and Esnedy Lopez Florez
Seller: Richard A. and Carmen O. Hudson

9300 Wedgewood Lane
Tamarac West$221,000
Buyer: Camille Edwards
Seller: Janis Lewe Fleischman (revocable trust), Jan Fleischman (revocable trust) and Jan Frank (revocable trust)

11031 Sea Hibiscus Lane
Tamarac West$265,000
Buyer: Humberto Miguel Lucena Sanchez and Marlela Irene Aponte De Lucena
Seller: Amy and Robert Samuel Seplin

8000 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$179,000
Buyer: Carissa Estates LLC
Seller: Diana C Andrade Revocable

8020 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$180,000
Buyer: Lemus Investment Group LLC
Seller: Sabrina Sembiante

8405 N.W. 61st St.
Tamarac West$65,000
Buyer: Orlando McClymont
Seller: Capitol Homes Group Inc.

9575 Weldon Circle
Tamarac West$180,000
Buyer: Amarjit S Manocha
Seller: Michael H. Greenfield and Jodi Nikitiadis

4950 E. Sabal Palm Blvd.
Tamarac East$139,000
Buyer: Lester Meyer
Seller: Wilson and Rosa Cardenas

4702 N.W. 43rd Terrace
Tamarac East$241,000
Buyer: Jean and Shirley Alce
Seller: Serge Roy

8105 N.W. 61st St.
Tamarac West$80,000
Buyer: Glen Jakob and Joyce Nightingale
Seller: Wendy Hodges, Samantha Quagliano and Rachael and Rachel Desimone

5860 N.W. 64th Ave.
Tamarac East$97,000
Buyer: Daniel and Micheline Etienne
Seller: Toby Nelson and Anthony Proietti

7903 N.W. 71st Ave.
Tamarac Central$320,000
Buyer: Paul Andre Jeune and Mireille St. Louis
Seller: Daniel and Micheline Etienne

7785 Granville Drive
Tamarac West$165,000
Buyer: Mvr Ventures LLC
Seller: Cindy Pollack, Leslie Windman and Claire Weinstein (living trust)

7803 N.W. 66th Terrace
Tamarac Central$310,000
Buyer: Dulce Maria Garcia
Seller: Ashley Garcia

9070 Lime Bay Blvd.
Tamarac West$53,000
Buyer: Patricia Gutierrez
Seller: Eugene & Marta Falcon Joint (revocable trust)

8040 N. Nob Hill Road
Tamarac West$180,000
Buyer: Lion Investor International Corp.
Seller: 3AC Investments LLC

9316 N.W. 60th St.
Tamarac West$255,000
Buyer: Andre Pecuel Calixte
Seller: Sf-DD LLC

4177 Lakeside Drive
Tamarac East$110,000
Buyer: Orange Society LLC
Seller: J J H International Corp.

7673 N.W. 88th Lane
Tamarac West$360,000
Buyer: Kayleen Angelica and Javier Lopez
Seller: Eileen Gregory

5968 Abbey Road
Tamarac West$325,000
Buyer: Racquel S Tucker
Seller: Bing Bing Cao and Yanmin Chen

4922 N.W. 48th Ave.
Tamarac East$264,900
Buyer: Valerie Price
Seller: Carlos Alberto Maldonado and Migdalia Rodriguez

6195 Rock Island Road
Tamarac East$121,000
Buyer: Ashley Nicole Harris
Seller: Juan Carlos Gaviria and Diana Sanchez

9920 N.W. 68th Place
Tamarac West$165,000
Buyer: Moncell Latrice Kemp
Seller: Carolyn Whittingham

6609 N.W. 76th St.
Tamarac Central$51,048.24
Buyer: Eneida Atila
Seller: Marie Ginette Louissaint

6608 N.W. 70th St.
Tamarac Central$211,300
Buyer: Realty Wholesalers Inc.
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Vernon and Verlin Leon Moore and Kevin and Stanley Edwards

5764 S. Plum Bay Parkway
Tamarac West$506,000
Buyer: Lynnette San Miguel
Seller: Michael and Alina Brown

7783 Trent Drive
Tamarac West$108,000
Buyer: Donna Kowalsky and Christopher Romig
Seller: Joshua Eric Chesner

9532 N. Belfort Circle
Tamarac West$95,000
Buyer: Yeny Fanning, Francisco De La Fuente and Francisco La Fuente
Seller: Joseph Guglielmo Jr. and William Guglielmo

8207 N.W. 100th Lane
Tamarac West$242,000
Buyer: Carlos E. and Odrix Rivera
Seller: Abigail Aiken and Stevyn K McCaw

4804 N.W. 26th Terrace
Tamarac East$200,000
Buyer: Anika Sabeva
Seller: David and Colleen Pierson

4463 Treehouse Lane
Tamarac East$135,000
Buyer: Ducky's Corp. Inc.
Seller: Gawemi Holdings LLC

7109 N.W. 70th Court
Tamarac Central$206,000
Buyer: Clarica Dennisser
Seller: Margaret A., Margaret B., Mark Andrew and Tryce A. Cabaj

6507 N.W. 58th St.
Tamarac Central$200,000
Buyer: Cesar Augusto Aristizabal
Seller: Robert and Linda and Betty Klopatek

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