May 9-15, 2021: Coconut Creek home sales

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There were 35 reported residential sales in Coconut Creek for the week of May 9-15, 2021. The median sale price was $250,000.

5460 N.W. 49th Ave.
Coconut Creek Central$462,000
Buyer: Fernanda Rodrigues Carneiro and Klever Moreira
Seller: Mauricio Antunes and Mayara Hilal De Oliveira Lingordo

1210 Bahama Bend
Coconut Creek South$75,000
Buyer: Luis G Bermudez
Seller: Pgs Equities Inc.

526 N.W. 47th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$370,000
Buyer: Wissam and Layal Saade
Seller: Bryan Lamar Bryan L. and Meredith Salkey Bryan L.

5244 N.W. 51st Court
Coconut Creek Central$275,000
Buyer: Rachelle Regueiro
Seller: Carol Velletri

3787 N.W. 35th St.
Coconut Creek South$185,000
Buyer: Joseph R Lenoci
Seller: Ryan Lenoci and Sariah Medina

4450 N.W. 30th St.
Coconut Creek South$180,000
Buyer: Carlos and Lissie Hercilla
Seller: William Carroll

2200 N.W. 39th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$250,000
Buyer: Vincenzo Pestrichella
Seller: Gmma Consulting Services Inc.

3213 Cocoplum Circle
Coconut Creek South$255,000
Buyer: Elian Rodriguez
Seller: Alain and Cheryl L. Mathurin

5895 N.W. 48th Lane
Coconut Creek North$530,000
Buyer: Tyrone and Naima Jihad Anderson
Seller: Michael Rowan

2403 Antigua Circle
Coconut Creek South$100,000
Buyer: Rosa Perez
Seller: May Glantz (revocable trust)

1902 Bermuda Circle
Coconut Creek South$80,000
Buyer: Adrienne Cosner
Seller: Elliot Glen Fread

3202 Portofino Point
Coconut Creek South$133,000
Buyer: Denis and Lisa Labbe
Seller: Doris and Robin Mazen

4320 Banyan Trails Drive
Coconut Creek Central$442,000
Buyer: Steven J Lamay
Seller: Abby Michl

6504 Pelican Ave.
Coconut Creek North$365,000
Buyer: Katherine Lasher and Brandon Schielke
Seller: Lance A. and Susan M. Smith

3545 N.W. 35th St.
Coconut Creek South$189,000
Buyer: David Boris
Seller: Karine Fatmi

2301 Lucaya Lane
Coconut Creek South$55,300
Buyer: Deyci Ardila
Seller: Ryan Edward Cukierman and Hannah and Samuel Gelernter

4853 N.W. 54th Ave.
Coconut Creek Central$450,000
Buyer: Ricot and Yolene Exantus
Seller: Michele L. and Edwin Diaz

1503 Cayman Way
Coconut Creek South$170,000
Buyer: Silvia B Levy
Seller: Patricia L Lawton and Patricia Lawton (revocable trust)

5550 N.W. 61st St.
Coconut Creek North$160,000
Buyer: Meljen LLC
Seller: Michael Luciani

1950 N.W. 35th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$350,000
Buyer: Rogerio Neves
Seller: Watson Guerrier

6917 Julia Gardens Drive
Buyer: Nicola Francesca Matos
Seller: Brigita M Pinto and Moises Souza

2844 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$165,000
Buyer: Byrson M Connell
Seller: Antoinette Ponenti

6986 Julia Gardens Drive
Buyer: Manuel M. and Nadege Meyrat
Seller: Brian A. and Lara Diskin and Lara Feit

4514 Carambola Circle
Coconut Creek South$230,000
Buyer: Megan Redenski and Joshua Bodine
Seller: Adam Eduard and Adam Edward and Talia Anne Max

5838 Eagle Cay Circle
Coconut Creek North$380,000
Buyer: David P. and Caroline G. Almeida
Seller: Luis Alberto Moyano and Crystal Silvano Goodwin

5351 N.W. 41st Way
Coconut Creek Central$409,750
Buyer: Salia and Jinalise V. Ouattara
Seller: Richard A. Lyew

1904 Bermuda Circle
Coconut Creek South$105,000
Buyer: Vladimir Kasykin and Tatiana Gorobetz
Seller: Edward and Tetyana Bogoff

4766 N.W. 59th Manor
Coconut Creek North$292,000
Buyer: Antonio MacIo Burrowes and Emma A. Knight
Seller: Nina Loganzo

5341 Flamingo Place
Coconut Creek North$465,000
Buyer: David Andrew Fry Jr. and Nancy Gayle Fry
Seller: Elie and Seurette Rolillard and Elie and Seurette Robillard

4300 N.W. 30th St.
Coconut Creek South$170,000
Buyer: Leonardo and Vedlata John
Seller: Janet and Blair Morse, Lori Wolvovsky and Amy Levine

3703 Coral Tree Circle
Coconut Creek Central$213,500
Buyer: Marcus Vinicius Batista
Seller: Ilhan Unsal

1702 Andros Isle
Coconut Creek South$167,500
Buyer: Merlinda E. and Buensuceso R. Santos
Seller: Carol and Carole Whitehead

4101 Coral Tree Circle
Coconut Creek Central$187,000
Buyer: Nicholas Aaron Cohen and Vanessa Jane Hoyek
Seller: Maria Elena Cardona Rojo and Oscar Cardenas Villarreal

2303 N.W. 37th Ave.
Coconut Creek South$267,000
Buyer: Peter Palmer and Jasmine Laurenti
Seller: Melissa Marie Grimaldi

5540 N.W. 50th Way
Coconut Creek Central$510,000
Buyer: Alan S Teran and Elena Noureddine
Seller: Leigh Ann White

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