Recent Coral Springs home sales, May 9-15, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 9-15, 2021. The median sale price was $355,000.

520 N.W. 115th Way
Coral Springs Southwest$450,000
Buyer: Natasha and Greg Strokin
Seller: Allison Andrea Martinez

2610 N.W. 123rd Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$104,000
Buyer: John J. and Danielle Lee
Seller: John J. Lee (life estate)

9222 W. Atlantic Blvd.
Coral Springs Southeast$230,000
Buyer: Safegreens Investments LLC
Seller: Bruce Bendell

12348 N.W. 26th Court
Coral Springs Southwest$486,500
Buyer: Christina Lockett
Seller: James P. and Katey J. Shartzer

3229 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$149,900
Buyer: Fbr 21 LLC
Seller: Ebhc LLC and 3229 Coral Ridge Drive Land Trust

9658 N.W. 28th Court
Coral Springs Southwest$286,700
Buyer: Wiro Group LLC
Seller: Secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

2501 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$98,000
Buyer: Hanan Abramson
Seller: Joseph J. and Janet Sebest

1086 N.W. 113th Way
Coral Springs Southwest$670,000
Buyer: Oj Freedom Realty LLC
Seller: Saulo and Regina H. Simoes

3635 N.W. 113th Ave.
Coral Springs Northwest$475,000
Buyer: Marilu Medina
Seller: Steven P. and Christina M. Sanabria

4477 N.W. 88th Terrace
Coral Springs Northeast$465,000
Buyer: Ritz Gelin
Seller: Kenneth and Leeanne Schlichting

6174 N.W. 123rd Lane
Coral Springs Northwest$705,100
Buyer: Lubai Consulting LLC
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court, Patrick C. and Beverly Shanahan and Albert J. Petrello

6344 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$245,000
Buyer: Ronald B., Renee K., Ronald W. and Holly J. Pieslak
Seller: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association

2771 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$125,000
Buyer: Ausnorth LLC
Seller: Elizabeth Splendor

3943 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$130,000
Buyer: Raul Martinez
Seller: Mohammed Abduljabbar Allaw

2576 N.W. 99th Ave.
Coral Springs Southwest$251,000
Buyer: David Paul Pettis and Karina Andrea Alvarez
Seller: Carlos Andres Martinez and Gehidy Yuly Calle

3361 N.W. 85th Ave.
Coral Springs Southeast$135,000
Buyer: Cartia Louis Jeune
Seller: Horacio Saenz

680 N.W. 111th Way
Coral Springs Southwest$503,000
Buyer: Jonathan Christopher Momplaisir and Angie C Campbell
Seller: Jose F. Valest and Deeann Dezeray

8694 N.W. 40th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$275,000
Buyer: Tiffany Shana Hinds
Seller: Pamela J Lafferty

735 N.W. 124th Ave.
Coral Springs Southwest$662,000
Buyer: Donovan Sampson
Seller: Peter M. and Kathleen McCarthy Carlson and Kathleen McCarthy

8901 N.W. 38th Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$150,000
Buyer: Five Star Residences LLC
Seller: LG8901 LLC

11758 N.W. First Court
Coral Springs Southwest$374,000
Buyer: Jean A. Aurelien and Guerdine Philippe
Seller: Jo Ann Manzo and Martin Vitelli

4277 N.W. 89th Ave.
Coral Springs Northeast$78,000
Buyer: Carolina Hernandez
Seller: Mark Cooper

5605 N.W. 122nd Terrace
Coral Springs Northwest$465,000
Buyer: Luis Felipe Diaz Barrios and Yudenia Velazco Socarras
Seller: Marlene Maria and Gyorgy Marton and Marlene Grunstein

8964 N.W. Second St.
Coral Springs Southeast$457,000
Buyer: Josephine E. Ebanks
Seller: Linda R Benjamin

2648 N.W. 99th Ave.
Coral Springs Southwest$215,000
Buyer: Tatiana Tikhonova
Seller: Hi-Land Properties LLC

5218 N.W. 117th Ave.
Coral Springs Northwest$603,000
Buyer: Patricia I Ristic
Seller: Diane S Gillan

1670 Riverwood Lane
Coral Springs Southeast$328,000
Buyer: Troy Legrand Waugh
Seller: David Paul and Wendy Sue Horvath

157 N.W. 117th Terrace
Coral Springs Southwest$396,000
Buyer: Britney Patricia Pierre
Seller: Shawn Brown

8557 N.W. First St.
Coral Springs Southeast$349,900
Buyer: Maria Eugenia Torres
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB1

6304 W. Sample Road
Coral Springs Northeast$167,481.88
Buyer: 6304 W Sample LLC
Seller: Laurreta Arugu

8605 N.W. 35th Court
Coral Springs Northeast$70,000
Buyer: Jhc Ventures LLC
Seller: Senetta Wilson

4880 Kensington Circle
Coral Springs Northwest$630,000
Buyer: Avneesh Singh Arora and Vanessa Maria Mallon
Seller: Alvaro and Christina Vanderlaat

8901 N.W. 38th Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$92,500
Buyer: Avalon Land Trust and Giving Tree Investment Management LLC
Seller: Smoot & Smoot 8901 LLC

7601 N.W. 41st St.
Coral Springs Northeast$440,000
Buyer: Christopher Land and Carolann Land
Seller: Adam Silva and Vanessa Mariano

8548 N.W. 45th St.
Coral Springs Northeast$535,731
Buyer: Anna Snitkovskaia
Seller: Carlos E Correa

11258 N.W. 46th Drive
Coral Springs Northwest$400,000
Buyer: David Michael and Maria Sabater Gazze
Seller: Charles N. Orlando & Grace Orlando (revocable trust)

11140 N.W. First Court
Coral Springs Southwest$580,000
Buyer: Edgardo Rodriguez and Yoidy and Ana Sanchez
Seller: Phillip and Amanda Lord

2871 N.W. 84th Ave.
Coral Springs Southeast$355,000
Buyer: Tom and Tracy Bentley
Seller: Richard David Prekaiski and Jeanine Catherine Shackoor

687 N.W. 107th Lane
Coral Springs Southwest$500,000
Buyer: Darren and Annesia McCray
Seller: Gary L. and Karen M. Unger and Unger (living trust)

11241 W. Atlantic Blvd.
Coral Springs Southwest$168,500
Buyer: Rosamonte LLC
Seller: Rio Amazonas Investments LLC

8854 N.W. 21st St.
Coral Springs Southeast$550,000
Buyer: Jon-Philip Kenneth and Jackeline Paulin Davey
Seller: Tania Michelotti

3750 N.W. 115th Way
Coral Springs Northwest$150,000
Buyer: Kevin Cohen
Seller: Ggh 53 LLC

5761 Riverside Drive
Coral Springs Northeast$175,000
Buyer: Ester Fhima
Seller: Sherril Thomas

11320 N.W. 45th St.
Coral Springs Northwest$457,000
Buyer: Raymond Gretzinger
Seller: Jose E. Gonzalez and Noemi Santana

1097 N.W. 83rd Drive
Coral Springs Southeast$500,000
Buyer: Leeyen Sieza and Leonard Gradwell III
Seller: Antonella Aldana

6437 N.W. 53rd St.
Coral Springs Northeast$500,000
Buyer: Maria Molina
Seller: Amanda Lee Hollmann

10155 Twin Lakes Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$132,000
Buyer: Paxprops LLC
Seller: Ramesh B Pitti

8851 Wiles Road
Coral Springs Northeast$149,900
Buyer: Fawaz M. and Yola B. Alfarra
Seller: Mhr Group LLC

2566 N.W. 121st Drive
Coral Springs Southwest$460,777
Buyer: Dennis Olmezer and Alexander Nahar
Seller: Michael L. Werner

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