Recent Dania Beach home sales, May 9-15, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 9-15, 2021. The median sale price was $308,000.

5001 S.W. 29th Terrace
Dania Beach Central$360,000
Buyer: Deborah B Kelly
Seller: Robert Levy and Daniel and Regina Sheridan

16 S.W. Fifth St.
Dania Beach Central$242,000
Buyer: Royal Investment Fund LLC
Seller: Nick and Aldridge Nicholas McCall and Patricia Moore

4450 S.W. 34th Drive
Dania Beach Central$50,112
Buyer: Broward County
Seller: Creative Management Systems Inc.

415 S.E. 11th Terrace
Dania Beach East$165,000
Buyer: George B. and Janet Marshall
Seller: Brenda Cote and Brenda J. Hillyard and Muriel Cote

5343 S.W. 40th Ave.
Buyer: Gerardo Sanchez-Aponte and Ruth Camacho-Mejia
Seller: R & B Florida Services LLC

5891 S.W. 37th Terrace
Dania Beach West$1,100,000
Buyer: Jacob and Tehilla Hamerman
Seller: Noam Y Koenigsberg and Sarit Shaina Rothschild

4599 S.W. 29th Terrace
Dania Beach Central$475,000
Buyer: Vp Goon Inc.
Seller: All South Florida Development Inc.

4915 Tradewinds Terrace
Dania Beach Central$308,000
Buyer: Constantine and Mariana Chirculescu
Seller: Hamid R Mirza

109 S.E. Second St.
Buyer: Arash Farsi
Seller: Vicki Saunders, Vicki and James Gerald Klee, Vicki P Kiwi and Amanda Scrivani

604 N.E. Second St.
Dania Beach East$180,000
Buyer: Terisa Faye Brainard
Seller: Ellen Villeneuve

5140 S.W. 40th Ave.
Dania Beach West$155,000
Buyer: Michel and Zarina Itzhakov
Seller: Maria C. and Maria E. Keller

4935 Leeward Lane
Dania Beach Central$305,000
Buyer: Lidiia Zvizdenko and Vladyslav Gasan
Seller: Genevieve Bouchard

223 S.W. 12th Ave.
Dania Beach Central$325,000
Buyer: Joleme and Josiane Merisier
Seller: Dora D. Leslie

505 E. Dania Beach Blvd.
Dania Beach East$133,500
Buyer: Nicole M Kocher
Seller: David and Barbara Mary Tomkinson

601 N.W. Eighth St.
Dania Beach Central$445,000
Buyer: Raphael C Johnson
Seller: Antony Thackhan

711 S.E. Third Lane
Dania Beach East$425,100
Buyer: Elizabeth Noll
Seller: Edward A. and Jacqueline R. Bourgeois

2218 Anchor Court
Dania Beach Central$281,000
Buyer: Henry Alberto Hernandez and Marie Alice Carazas
Seller: Renee Coxey-Stavisky

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