Riverside home sales, May 2-8, 2021

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There were four reported residential sales in Riverside for the week of May 2-8, 2021. The median sale price and twelve-months property tax bill were $552,500 and $12,114, respectively.

33 Northgate Road
Long Common Park/Northeast Riverside$665,000
Property Tax (2019): $12,926.13
Effective Property Tax Rate: 1.94%
Buyer: Lisa and Matthew C. Marzillo
Seller: Rflf 3 LLC

130 Southcote Road
Long Common Park/Northeast Riverside$480,000
Property Tax (2019): $11,301.74
Effective Property Tax Rate: 2.35%
Buyer: Laura and Michael Gabel
Seller: Elizabeth M. and Patrick J. McGarry

418 Repton Road
Long Common Park/Northeast Riverside$625,000
Property Tax (2019): $14,399.99
Effective Property Tax Rate: 2.30%
Buyer: William Leo III and Diane Kuhn
Seller: Melissa C. and John P. Rocco

251 Lawton Road
Robinson Park/Southeast Riverside$470,000
Effective Property Tax Rate: 0.00%
Buyer: Kathleen G. and Anthony J. Iwersen
Seller: Daniel R. and Ann M. Mega and Ann M. Main

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