Weekly recap of Miramar home sales during May 16-22, 2021

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There were 45 reported residential sales in Miramar for the week of May 16-22, 2021. The median sale price was $355,000.

3431 Java Plum Ave.
Miramar East$330,000
Buyer: Clara Maritza Crespo
Seller: Raymond R. Engel

8840 S.W. 24th Place
Miramar East$355,500
Buyer: Ramses Soto
Seller: Edwin and Nancy Giovanna Pinedo

7511 Granada Blvd.
Miramar East$365,000
Buyer: Abel Michelena-Delgado
Seller: Jackson Paul and Junie Joseph

2769 S.W. 126th Way
Miramar Central$107,150
Buyer: Teresa M Wells and Cory James Lewis
Seller: Teresa M Wells

7805 Meridian St.
Miramar East$379,000
Buyer: Alrick and Progresha Henry
Seller: Una Veronica Tulloch, Una Veronica Heslop-Kennedy and Rudolph Kennedy

3998 S.W. 157th Ave.
Miramar West$245,000
Buyer: Deymi M Baez and Marcos E Cabrera
Seller: Janet Lopez and Evangelina Cabrera

3112 S.W. 129th Terrace
Miramar Central$255,500
Buyer: Johanna Estrada Paulino
Seller: Corporacion Transmar LLC

7250 Dilido Blvd.
Miramar East$375,000
Buyer: Carlos Cabeza Alvarez and Hanaogui Perello Mayol
Seller: Joan F Clayton

3438 S.W. 175th Ave.
Miramar West$645,000
Buyer: Eric Venerio and Laura Solis
Seller: Efrain Colorado and Ana Garcia

8848 Southampton Drive
Miramar East$377,900
Buyer: Paula Gooden and Hamlin Green
Seller: Donald Goode

9940 River Run Circle
Miramar East$425,000
Buyer: Vanessa and Alexis Camano
Seller: Alejandro Clavijo and Viviana M Hurtado

2457 Centergate Drive
Miramar Central$170,000
Buyer: Jose Luis Diaz
Seller: Alla Ayzen

16381 S.W. 23rd St.
Miramar West$495,000
Buyer: Marie P. Bonhomme
Seller: Taina A. Denis, Taina Antonine Denis (revocable trust) and Steve Pradel

6046 S.W. 40th St.
Buyer: Carlos Cordon Marroquin
Seller: Charles E., Edward A., Kathi and Chad Jacob Moye and Edward Allen Moye Jr.

2470 S.W. 85th Terrace
Miramar East$144,000
Buyer: Maxwell C Permenter and Sidoney Terry-Ann Rodney
Seller: Desmond Forbes

14390 S.W. 35th St.
Miramar Central$500,000
Buyer: Omar Rendon Ibanez and Grecia Huang
Seller: Bibi H Khan and Adam Mustapha

6110 S.W. 26th St.
Miramar East$308,100
Buyer: Mhr Group LLC and Land Trust 41361
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Loudle Jackson

4928 S.W. 195th Terrace
Miramar West$735,000
Buyer: Michael Victor Gazzolo and Kyleigh Jean Fitzgerald
Seller: Hardip Sunny and Monica Jasjeet Parmar

2907 S.W. 67th Way
Miramar East$82,500
Buyer: Jose L. Acosta and Uclevery Jacqueline Medina
Seller: Jose L. Acosta and Uclevery Jacqueline Medina

2914 E. Missionwood Lane
Miramar East$178,000
Buyer: Velma Williams and Simone Martin
Seller: Heslop A. and Marie K. Daley

13555 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar Central$383,500
Buyer: Guillermo A. Hernandez Bauza and Ana Virginia Puig
Seller: Jorge E Romero and Doris M. Hernanadez

3023 S.W. 129th Way
Miramar Central$315,000
Buyer: Richard Augusto Baez and Nicole Navarro Alvarado
Seller: Miramar Re Capital LLC and Melrose Point Land Trust 3023

2121 S.W. 67th Terrace
Miramar East$290,000
Buyer: Ashawnie V Marsh
Seller: Basil Williams

6756 Dogwood Drive
Miramar East$235,000
Buyer: Mns Alpha II LLC
Seller: Janet E Williams

4506 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$195,000
Buyer: Daleinvest LLC
Seller: Sana Mithani

4331 S.W. 160th Ave.
Miramar West$246,000
Buyer: Joyce Ann and Michael and Francesca Lucille Frissora
Seller: Sussel and Marcus Araujo and Sussel MacHado

4608 S.W. 183rd Ave.
Buyer: Taimi Cabrera Hernandez and Ernesto Lorenzo Cuba
Seller: Carlos E Colmenares and Miriam G. Zabala

13475 S.W. 22nd St.
Miramar Central$455,000
Buyer: Antonio Rafael and Teressa Munera Alvarez
Seller: Phuong Huynh and Quyen Cong

18553 S.W. 49th St.
Miramar West$865,000
Buyer: Javier Rivota
Seller: Gianpaolo Benito and Maryleni Riveiro Sarceda Valero

14840 S.W. 42nd Court
Miramar Central$590,000
Buyer: Miguel A. and Gabriela M. Marte
Seller: Osvaldo Pla

8441 Southampton Drive
Miramar East$390,000
Buyer: Miguel Chamah Rodriguez and Dania Maresma Saint-Felix
Seller: Carmen Izquierdo

2320 E. Preserve Way
Miramar East$215,000
Buyer: Natalia Martinez
Seller: Miracoral LLC

7773 Dilido Blvd.
Miramar East$355,000
Buyer: Sandra Patricia Zuluaga
Seller: Gilberto Modesto Soriano

15112 S.W. 54th St.
Miramar Central$40,000
Buyer: Frantz and Dania Cathleen Devilme
Seller: Socrate L. and Frantz Devilme

7656 Plantation Blvd.
Miramar East$265,000
Buyer: Jpm Hedge Equity Fund Inc.
Seller: I Am Angela Kelly LLC

3309 W Lake Place
Miramar East$475,000
Buyer: Valeriia Popova and Artem Dmitriev
Seller: Ronald Alan Revelo and Marieny Guimera-Revelo

4783 S.W. 195th Way
Miramar West$850,000
Buyer: Grettel Coto (living trust) and Nicole Coto
Seller: Maria E. and Maria Prats and Alejandro Cordo

8921 S.W. 18th St.
Miramar East$230,000
Buyer: H-10 Investment Inc.
Seller: Nadene M. and Garnett C. Richards

3111 Tarpon Drive
Miramar East$386,000
Buyer: Guy Lovell and Ernesto Sanchez
Seller: Felicia Ann Emanuel

8033 S.W. 21st Court
Miramar East$152,000
Buyer: Arshad Mahmood
Seller: Matthew Brown

3040 S.W. 87th Terrace
Miramar East$403,100
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: Clifford P. Edouard and Ketty D. and Ricardo Day

2551 S.W. 190th Ave.
Miramar West$575,000
Buyer: Vincent Paul and Jessica Marie Prior Alcivar
Seller: Christine Zoe Rivera and Christine Zoe Rivera-Rogers

12777 S.W. 49th Court
Miramar Central$400,000
Buyer: Leonardo Nieves Pagan and Valeria Maria Negron Fontan
Seller: Robin K Anderson

2934 W. Missionwood Circle
Miramar East$218,000
Buyer: Alfredo A. Esposito and Dahlia Abrahami
Seller: Gifford Stern

4234 S.W. 157th Ave.
Miramar West$310,000
Buyer: Rodney and Nerisa Maitland
Seller: Mario Vasquez

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