Weekly recap of Cooper City home sales during May 16-22, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 16-22, 2021. The median sale price was $537,500.

8700 S.W. 55th St.
Cooper City North$520,000
Buyer: Israel and Nancy Perez
Seller: Eric St. and Nathalie St. Pierre

5049 Waters Edge Way
Cooper City North$815,000
Buyer: Ernesto J Fernandez
Seller: Martin J. and Laura A. Mosley

9670 N.W. 39th Court
Cooper City South$600,000
Buyer: Mohammad B. and Sayema S. Hossain
Seller: Edith Robin (revocable trust)

8966 S.W. 53rd St.
Cooper City North$362,000
Buyer: Christian Toro
Seller: Georgia A. Serdenes

9410 S.W. 49th St.
Cooper City North$435,000
Buyer: Alberto Santana and Dayana Marquez
Seller: James Harden

5120 S.W. 93rd Ave.
Cooper City North$495,000
Buyer: Michael Adam Wheeler and Allyn Ann Franklin
Seller: John M. and Barbara L. Sickler and Sickler Family Trust

11704 S Island Road
Cooper City South$625,000
Buyer: Diana A. Jimenez
Seller: Omar A. Zambrano

11110 Minneapolis Drive
Cooper City South$695,000
Buyer: Hugo Luis and Lauren Brittany Apellaniz
Seller: Nina Beth & Kids Realty LLC

11225 Quiet Water Way
Cooper City South$420,000
Buyer: David Judah Einsohn and Katheryn Elizabeth Kerr
Seller: Claudio Fazio and Yanella R Fazio-Huaman

11140 Springfield Place
Cooper City South$555,000
Buyer: Edgar A. and Aida A. Cerda
Seller: Michael D. Sands, Natalie B. Sands and Sands (revocable trust)

5220 S.W. 90th Way
Buyer: H & L Dev Group LLC
Seller: Jerry B. Gemma (revocable trust)

4991 S.W. 94th Ave.
Cooper City North$415,000
Buyer: Eva Denise and Anthony Sergio Torres
Seller: Victor and Yvonne Torres

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