Fort Lauderdale home sales, May 16-22, 2021

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The following residential sales were reported for the week of May 16-22, 2021. The median sale price was $330,000.

1620 N.W. 11th Place
Fort Lauderdale Central$217,500
Buyer: Gregory Anderson
Seller: Avant-Garde Properties of S FL LLC and Broward R. E. Florida Land Trust #276

3025 N.W. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$162,000
Buyer: Kayla Jones
Seller: Mgn Investments II LLC

1640 N.E. Fifth Court
Buyer: Jack Lombard
Seller: Susan D. Smith Klapp and Joseph W. Klapp (revocable trust)

1400 N.W. 45th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$299,700
Buyer: Zillow Homes Property (trust)
Seller: David Ralph and Deidre Joan Whittemore and Whittemore Family (revocable trust)

2430 Okeechobee Lane
Fort Lauderdale South$576,665
Buyer: Constantinos Felios
Seller: Robert W. Geith

2555 S.W. 30th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$1,538,000
Buyer: Petr Vencovsky
Seller: 1238 Sutter Street LLC

9 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$285,000
Buyer: Jason and Irene Maxwell
Seller: Brenda Lennon, Cynthia Baker, Valerie Garde and Baker (trust)

2012 N.E. 29th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$549,000
Buyer: Carl G. Robie and Alice Mullally-Robie
Seller: Patrick A. Sweeney

1428 Middle River Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$2,900,000
Buyer: Kelly Schram Grayer (revocable trust)
Seller: Bryan and Julie Butzow

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$277,000
Buyer: Christopher Whitelock
Seller: Jeffrey A. Church and David P. Hggerty

516 N.E. 11th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$725,000
Buyer: Patricia and William Waldbueser
Seller: Harvinder and Sundip Saini

3800 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$285,000
Buyer: Robert J. and Dawn E. Passander
Seller: Liza E. Rappaport (revocable trust)

1008 N.W. 11th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$220,000
Buyer: Asmina Investment LLC
Seller: Evelyn Cornelius Law

2200 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$825,000
Buyer: Hubert and Nicole Murray Chen
Seller: Sylvia Seret

2407 Cat Cay Lane
Fort Lauderdale South$450,000
Buyer: Daniela Medina and Angela Maria Cervino and Princess Joanna Martel Gilly
Seller: Alfredo Mario Silva and Kaitlin Michele Connor

814 N. Victoria Park Road
Fort Lauderdale East$915,000
Buyer: Frank and Dawn Coppola
Seller: Robert J. and Bonnie L. Sellari

5111 N.E. 18th Terrace
Buyer: Iren Sedaghatpour and Michael Baharestani
Seller: Santa Barbara Investments USA Inc.

1512 N.W. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$275,000
Buyer: Ericka Lattice Midgett
Seller: Patrice E Wilson

101 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$258,000
Buyer: John and Maryann Melone
Seller: Barbara Rossi

1040 S.E. 14th Place
Fort Lauderdale East$170,000
Buyer: Theordore O Hendrickson
Seller: Clifff Lake Villas Inc.

317 City View Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$330,000
Buyer: Rachel Shiekman
Seller: David Shearer

40 Isle of Venice Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$308,450
Buyer: Tbwabode LLC
Seller: Nathaniel Hammond and Maryellen Powers

447 S.W. 20th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$220,000
Buyer: Sfl Partners LLC
Seller: Juan C. and Juan Carlos Guerrero

1625 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$180,000
Buyer: Carlos A. Sepulveda
Seller: Carol A. Benedict and Carol M. Bradley (revocable trust)

1101 N.E. Sixth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$398,000
Buyer: Lori L Hamlin
Seller: Samuel R. and Therese and Daniel Adams

700 E. Melrose Circle
Fort Lauderdale South$72,449.50
Buyer: Richard Morris
Seller: Richard and A. Arti Amvit Morris

2349 N.W. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale Central$165,000
Buyer: Joseph E Weindorfer
Seller: Philp Investments LLC

5731 N.E. 22nd Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$470,000
Buyer: Antonio Todaro
Seller: Francis Robert McCloy and Rachel White

119 S.W. 21st Way
Fort Lauderdale South$106,305.39
Buyer: Sandra Adriana Rodriguez
Seller: Sandra Adriana and Jennifer Arlette Rodriguez, Ivis Onil Tinoco Buezo and Jennifer A. Rodriguez Hernandez

2100 S. Ocean Lane
Barrier Island$1,300,000
Buyer: Joseph Q. Dimartini & Nicole M. Dimartini Joint I. (revocable trust)
Seller: William N. Hanes Jr. and Darlene L Hanes

814 N.E. 14th Place
Buyer: 1400TI LLC
Seller: Anthony Frederici

1207 S.W. 21st St.
Fort Lauderdale South$780,000
Buyer: 1207 SW 21ST LLC
Seller: Michael and Ilene McMenamin

3574 Riverland Road
Fort Lauderdale South$508,000
Buyer: Ashwini Rane
Seller: John Matthew and Jennifer N. Pakel

319 N.E. Seventh St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$520,000
Buyer: Stephen Tylor Pemberton
Seller: Ckf 319-321 LLC

1742 N.E. Seventh St.
Buyer: Monika M Folker
Seller: James and Roseanne Scanlin

901 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$225,000
Buyer: David Michael Clark
Seller: Charles V. Grier

479 E. Melrose Circle
Fort Lauderdale South$282,000
Buyer: Home Investments With a & P LLC
Seller: Lonnie J. and Juanita Grant

41 Compass Lane
Fort Lauderdale North$3,250,000
Buyer: Theodore Schipani Jr. and Doreen Schipani
Seller: Jbo Holdings LLC

2224 S.E. 20th St.
Barrier Island$950,000
Buyer: Susan L. Chamberlin
Seller: Barbara W. Good, Good Family Trust and Lewis Freeman Good Jr.

2600 N.E. 21st Court
Fort Lauderdale East$849,990
Buyer: ROYKAR2214 LLC
Seller: Teresa G. and Mark Chalkley

2420 S.W. Fifth Place
Fort Lauderdale South$300,000
Buyer: Ubiel E Zuniga and Nora A. Oliva
Seller: Eliecer Barrueta Lopez

2107 S.E. 10th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$230,000
Buyer: Benjamin Timothy Housley
Seller: Laumar LLC

2542 Aqua Vista Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale East$7,050,000
Buyer: Richard Sal and Kimberly Ann Gebbia
Seller: Derek and Veronica Ettinger

2000 N.E. 51st Court
Fort Lauderdale North$97,500
Buyer: Christian Nicolas
Seller: Sabatino Sergio Dell Orefice

2186 N.E. 56th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$143,000
Buyer: Katherine Krask
Seller: Nakul Agrawal and Victoria K. Quintero

100 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale East$245,000
Buyer: Martina and Maria Schwartz
Seller: Michael Blumstein

746 N.E. Seventh Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$635,000
Buyer: Olga Reidy
Seller: Melissa Pileggi Grosvenor

656 W. Melrose Circle
Fort Lauderdale South$100,000
Buyer: Maxie and Marie Ricketts
Seller: Chalman C Davis

2426 S.E. 17 St. Causeway
Barrier Island$125,000
Buyer: Carlos Abella
Seller: Joseph Jb Bensmihen, Donald T. and Barbara B. Chornak, Wendy Parmett and Kurt Limburg

900 River Reach Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$243,000
Buyer: Ardeth Jones
Seller: Gail C. Almeida and Anthony Duggan

1777 S.E. 15th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$215,000
Buyer: John E. Nix Jr. and Diane L Nix
Seller: Ronald H Nix

705 Flamingo Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$2,095,000
Buyer: Wagner Properties LLC
Seller: Virginia Paint Distributing Corp.

1321 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$298,000
Buyer: Deiny Carmona Martinez
Seller: Joseph F Dauray

2421 N.E. 65th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$275,000
Buyer: Neli Pencheva
Seller: Patrick L. Herbst

1700 Poinsettia Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$675,000
Buyer: Alexander Lima
Seller: Michael Girard and Alicia Davis

2548 Whale Harbor Lane
Fort Lauderdale South$699,999
Buyer: Melissa Grosvenor
Seller: SPA10SPA Real Estate Corp. Inc. and Anavika Estates LLC

315 N.E. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$330,000
Buyer: Joseph Cruz
Seller: Michael A. Lewis

3850 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$525,000
Buyer: Joshua Shafran
Seller: Kamil and Havva K. Olcar

5880 N.E. 17th Road
Buyer: Courtnie Vargas-Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez
Seller: Per and Mindy B. Lofgren

725 N.W. Fourth Ave.
Buyer: Hegu LLC
Seller: Jacqueline Rivera

2908 N.W. 67th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$245,000
Buyer: Alex and Jane Rapoport
Seller: Ebhc LLC

608 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Buyer: Gary K Sambol
Seller: K5 Investment Group LLC

1320 N.W. 20th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$294,566
Buyer: Steven Stephenne and Florence Louis XVI
Seller: Jean L. and Fedeline W. Pierrelus

608 N.E. Eighth Ave.
Buyer: Martin Gagne and Lauren Tamburello
Seller: K5 Investment Group LLC

2190 N.E. 68th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$115,000
Buyer: Patricia P Plaza
Seller: Barry E Bredice

1540 S.W. 27th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$255,000
Buyer: Cozee Real Estate Investing & Development LLC
Seller: Vielix Developers LLC

5419 N.E. 31st Ave.
Fort Lauderdale North$3,050,000
Buyer: 5419 Ne LLC
Seller: Michael Knauf and Beth Schaefer

1115 N.W. Third Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$136,156.50
Buyer: Michael James Markle and Juan Fernando Viveros
Seller: Michael James Markle

700 N.W. 15th Ave.
Buyer: Christian Silvestre
Seller: Frecar LLC

2750 N.W. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$245,000
Buyer: Gloria Whited
Seller: Tommie C Johnson

2200 N.E. 33rd Ave.
Barrier Island$319,000
Buyer: Matthew Alexander and Cayla Cahill
Seller: Timothy Donald O'Brien, Linda Anne O'Brien and Timothy & Linda O'Brien (revocable trust)

1008 S.W. 18th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$255,000
Buyer: Goldstone Enterprises Inc.
Seller: Elizabeth M. Hammann

2741 N.E. 57th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$950,000
Buyer: Blake and Eve Stranz
Seller: Paul Michael Bruning

1524 N.W. 15th St.
Fort Lauderdale Central$308,000
Buyer: Christine Vasiliou-Ortiz and Eddie Ortiz
Seller: Rafael Castaneda

1111 N.E. 16th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$580,000
Buyer: Bareld Roelf Joseph Virgo Immaculate Ssempebwa and Ryan Paulus Munting Virgo Immaculate Ssempebwa
Seller: Edward E. Chainey Jr.

4001 N.E. 21st Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$142,000
Buyer: Alejandro M Sierra
Seller: David Alyea

1332 S.W. Second Court
Fort Lauderdale South$372,500
Buyer: Kore NY LLC
Seller: Ronald and Jennifer Lozada

2230 N.E. 56th Place
Fort Lauderdale North$137,000
Buyer: Brian R. and Marsha Joan Ramsey
Seller: Jessica C. Ramos

1004 S.W. Seventh St.
Fort Lauderdale South$465,000
Buyer: Rudy Regis
Seller: David W. Schatz

729 N.E. 16th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale East$925,000
Buyer: Daniel G. Chappell and DGC (revocable trust)
Seller: Manuel and Danibel Hiraldo

2935 N.E. 21st Terrace
Fort Lauderdale East$719,000
Buyer: Ronaldo Maia
Seller: Cem Osma

321 Kentucky Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$27,860.93
Buyer: Louidor Francois
Seller: Jesner Mario and Waidy Francois Mario

2261 N.E. 67th St.
Fort Lauderdale North$92,900
Buyer: Giovanna Grace Ferrer
Seller: Diane P Banks and Linda Trauth

101 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Barrier Island$1,225,000
Buyer: Daniel Silver
Seller: Richard Parrillo

15 N.E. 13th St.
Buyer: Roberto Spinelli
Seller: Nsjr Realty LLC

234 Plaza Las Olas
Fort Lauderdale East$2,100,000
Buyer: Plaza 234 LLC
Seller: William B. Bull (revocable trust)

900 River Reach Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$230,000
Buyer: Tyrel J McQuilkin
Seller: Augustus Bird

3020 N.E. 32nd Ave.
Barrier Island$610,000
Buyer: John and Kathrin Bertakis
Seller: Michael A. and Sandra A. and Amanda L. Schafer and Amanda Myers

3233 N.E. 34th St.
Barrier Island$330,000
Buyer: Lisa Gassman and Salvatore MacAluso
Seller: Terry Fangrad

801 S.E. 11th Court
Fort Lauderdale East$799,000
Buyer: Lima Victor LLC
Seller: David Lionel and Heather Joy Morin

347 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$365,000
Buyer: Thomas A. Cruz
Seller: Isabelle Peloquin Randolph

1600 S.W. 23rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$305,000
Buyer: Jacob Arme
Seller: Nathan O. MacKay and Ashley Elizabeth Bisnow

2100 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$275,000
Buyer: William and Rosanne Raffel
Seller: James R. and Barbara J. Thiele

1819 S.E. 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$400,000
Buyer: Arnold J. and Harriett Robinson
Seller: Brian Whitworth of 2016 (revocable living trust)

1032 N.W. Sixth Ave.
Buyer: Thinkdizzle LLC
Seller: Sherlian U Wilson

3130 N.W. 67th Court
Fort Lauderdale North$50,000
Buyer: Craig Kaitin
Seller: Joaquin MacHado

1508 N.E. Fifth Court
Fort Lauderdale East$601,000
Buyer: James B. Loftin and Susana J Quiroga
Seller: Charles J. MacFarlane and Stuart N Goodman

3200 Port Royale Drive
Fort Lauderdale North$385,000
Buyer: Shirley Ann Reeder
Seller: Felicia Roldan

3333 N.E. 34th St.
Barrier Island$130,000
Buyer: Jay Lechler
Seller: Michelle Draper, Hope White and Robynn Anders

888 Intracoastal Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$215,000
Buyer: Carmen Franzoni
Seller: Consumers Alliance Corp.

841 N.W. Fourth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$295,000
Buyer: Sashene Samantha McLean and Eric Emmerson Roberts Jr.
Seller: Annette Watson

2765 N.E. 14th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,100,000
Buyer: Isabel Oliveira and Joseph Fein
Seller: Anita Blommestyn (revocable trust)

2400 N.E. Ninth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$119,000
Buyer: Georgios Argyratos and Christina Polychroni
Seller: Penelope Joan Fritzer

2440 S.W. Fifth Place
Fort Lauderdale South$11,000
Buyer: Michael Maxwell and Corey Ricard Hall
Seller: Mmt Mobile Detailing LLC

1510 S.W. 13th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$440,000
Buyer: Ryan Matthew and Monica Kristen Crowley
Seller: Istvan G Paulik

197 Royal Palm Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$5,000,000
Buyer: Leonard and Irmtraud Kurten
Seller: Ron I. and Ronnie I. Picou

6801 N.W. 26th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$436,500
Buyer: Juan Rodolfo Ponce De Leon
Seller: Alan H. and Alejandra Calderon Hoover

680 Tennis Club Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$195,000
Buyer: Stephane Lepage
Seller: James and Sandra Simmons

1440 N.E. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$469,000
Buyer: Blake and Carlie Cooksey
Seller: Carlos A. Marrero

1352 S.W. Second Court
Fort Lauderdale South$290,000
Buyer: Georgia M. Compton
Seller: Barbara Farrell

929 N.E. 18th Court
Buyer: U.S. Bank Trust National Association and Firstkey Master Funding 2021-A Collateral (trust)
Seller: Broward County Circuit Court and Terry B Syrcle

3129 S.W. 13th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$316,000
Buyer: Amirul Islam
Seller: Srp Sub LLC

1700 S.W. 12th Court
Fort Lauderdale South$348,000
Buyer: Tyler and Janae Yvonne Davis
Seller: Gfyi Florida Inc.

2708 N.E. 26th St.
Fort Lauderdale East$804,000
Buyer: Jean Francois Herve Muller and Magali Muller Marzanasco
Seller: Kenneth Poon and Shing Wong

610 W. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale South$390,000
Buyer: Steve Zinck
Seller: Sage Darren LLC

1760 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,600,000
Buyer: Alberto and Yamile Avila
Seller: Steven and Randi Rapp

413 S.W. 25th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$150,000
Buyer: 413 Draken Land Trust and David Doverspike
Seller: Way Sing Inc.

4280 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$445,000
Buyer: Giuseppe and Carmela Gogliormella
Seller: Shirley G. Pashalidis (revocable trust)

24 Castle Harbor Isle
Barrier Island$750,000
Buyer: Wisdom Circle Outreach Inc.
Seller: Benjamin Johnson and The 24 Castle Harbor Land Trust

520 S.E. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale South$330,000
Buyer: Shannon Molter
Seller: Ideen A. and Ali A. Kiafar

1900 S. Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$128,700
Buyer: Bradley and Melissa Quickel
Seller: Mark D. Combs

900 River Reach Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$240,000
Buyer: Eligio Acosta Jr. and Nicholas J. Acosta
Seller: James and Claudine Cowan

1512 N.W. Fifth Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$380,000
Buyer: Mark Rodgers and Brett Broad
Seller: Elite Group Properties LLC

40 Isle of Venice Drive
Fort Lauderdale East$395,000
Buyer: Kevin Graham
Seller: Douglas K. and Meghan Fiore Truchan

525 N.E. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,125,000
Buyer: Mary Ellen Leone
Seller: Timothy S. and Deborah L. Greene

2550 S.W. 18th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale South$145,000
Buyer: Aleka International Corp.
Seller: White Mountains LLC

2715 N. Ocean Blvd.
Barrier Island$385,000
Buyer: Sebastiano and Irine Gibilisco
Seller: Dale Lee Henderson and Kenneth Perreault

425 N. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$329,000
Buyer: Daniel and Stephanie Villegas
Seller: Zachary Fishelberg

1348 Holly Heights Drive
Fort Lauderdale Central$167,000
Buyer: Edmundo Pizarro
Seller: Mindy Jayne Levine and Mindy Jayne and Cole T. Meringolo

411 N. New River Drive
Fort Lauderdale South$935,000
Buyer: Gregory Kammerer
Seller: Steven and Susanne Newmark

3200 N.E. 36th St.
Barrier Island$160,000
Buyer: Matthew S. Jordan and Patricia Pettyjohn-Jordan
Seller: Albertine Shemie Crtn (trust)

3601 N.E. 25th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale East$770,000
Buyer: Alexandru and Irina Stamate
Seller: James E. and Virginia Shearer

5300 N.E. 24th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale North$175,000
Buyer: Paul Brian Collard
Seller: Anita E Mokarzel

1321 N.W. Second Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$292,000
Buyer: Ericka Romina Sanchez
Seller: Caribbean View Properties Inc. and Acacia Lane LLC

1753 N.E. 18th St.
Buyer: Alexei Fedorov and Larisa Fedorova
Seller: John F. Carrier (declaration of trust)

6200 N.E. 22nd Way
Fort Lauderdale North$150,000
Buyer: Sara Velasquez
Seller: Dale McInturff

2649 Middle River Drive
Buyer: Pulso Miami LLC
Seller: Richard W. Emmert (revocable living trust)

1200 S.W. 12th St.
Fort Lauderdale South$167,500
Buyer: Anthony Stephen Pasarin
Seller: Emily Claire Hurban

95 N. Birch Road
Barrier Island$310,000
Buyer: Christopher D. and Kellie Maria Poe
Seller: Jack and Annetta H. Dejong

1430 N.E. 15th Ave.
Fort Lauderdale Central$520,000
Buyer: Joshua Werner and Alexis Ciabottoni
Seller: Karl Lawrence Trappe

101 S Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd.
Barrier Island$1,541,000
Buyer: Kohkan and Kashish Shamsi and Ghazala Kohkan
Seller: Michael P. Tamney

1024 S.E. Fourth St.
Fort Lauderdale East$1,950,000
Buyer: CM2 Development LLC
Seller: Peter and Inge Wirstrom

3410 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$475,000
Buyer: Pier and Nadia Pavoni
Seller: Dorothy Jean Ferrara (revocable living trust)

2912 S.W. 19th Ave.
Buyer: Wanda Bryan and Fernando David Bryan
Seller: Samantha A. and Charles A. Shaw

6151 N.W. 33rd Way
Fort Lauderdale North$290,000
Buyer: Genevy Milian
Seller: Marshall Ross Bowles

3400 Galt Ocean Drive
Barrier Island$635,000
Buyer: Ronald E. and Kathryn M. Milazzo
Seller: Redzep Nikezic

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