Home sales in North Lauderdale during May 23-29, 2021

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There were 24 reported residential sales in North Lauderdale for the week of May 23-29, 2021. The median sale price was $220,100.

6895 S.W. 17th St.
South of McNab Road$290,000
Buyer: Marcos Rafael Maria Arias and Susana Ortiz
Seller: Heart Fully Yours Homes LLC

8260 S.W. 24th St.
South of McNab Road$57,000
Buyer: Adriana Flores Bustamante
Seller: Cherif Boumaza

1820 S.W. 81st Ave.
South of McNab Road$124,000
Buyer: Fana Group LLC
Seller: Big Color LLC

6731 S.W. Seventh Place
North of McNab Road$260,000
Buyer: Building Buyer LLC
Seller: Tomara Graham Mays, Helen Thompson and Helen Scott

6731 S.W. Seventh Place
North of McNab Road$295,000
Buyer: 7554 LLC
Seller: Building Buyer LLC

611 S.W. 78th Terrace
North of McNab Road$225,200
Buyer: Valdimir Campos and Helen Molina
Seller: Lori Flick, Lorraine Ryan, Andrew Matejick and Ellen L. Matejick Joint (living trust)

1725 S.W. 81st Way
South of McNab Road$303,133.50
Buyer: Savana Realty LLC
Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Residential Credit Opportunities Trust V.-D

1830 S.W. 81st Ave.
South of McNab Road$125,000
Buyer: William Rivas and Maritza De Jesus Angelica
Seller: More Supplies LLC

6539 Blvd. of Champions
North of McNab Road$215,000
Buyer: Cayman Invest LLC
Seller: Angeline Michel

6910 S.W. 15th St.
South of McNab Road$180,000
Buyer: Jimmy Noel
Seller: Brenda L Hufstetler

6473 S.W. 19th St.
South of McNab Road$257,500
Buyer: Big Brick LLC
Seller: Alejandro Tomadin and 6473 Re H. Ome Solutions Land Trust

8204 S.W. 12th Court
North of McNab Road$355,000
Buyer: Steven P Yawn and Natasha M Irizarry
Seller: Carlos Vasques and Yessica Chow

5672 Rock Island Road
Buyer: Gran Tulio LLC
Seller: Mario Brown and Cecelia William

1891 S.W. 81st Ave.
South of McNab Road$79,900
Buyer: Melanie Martel
Seller: Angel L. and Norma Diaz

6392 Blvd. of Champions
North of McNab Road$335,000
Buyer: Delva Gamene and Lucia Baptiste
Seller: Charles and Barbara Sauer

6490 S.W. 10th St.
North of McNab Road$342,000
Buyer: Marcdaluse Julien
Seller: Leon Paulette and Frederica Lewis Paulette and Stephen Demetrius

7725 Tam Oshanter Blvd.
North of McNab Road$114,000
Buyer: Derrick Alexander Kerr Jr.
Seller: Richardson and Vera Baboolal

8040 Hampton Blvd.
North of McNab Road$127,400
Buyer: Sagi Varghese and Emilia Maria Nuaez Checo
Seller: Carl M. and Clara W. Honaker

1104 Belmont Lane
South of McNab Road$155,000
Buyer: Our Joy LLC
Seller: William Pantoja

7953 S.W. Seventh St.
North of McNab Road$30,322.66
Buyer: Mimose Meska and Daniel Junior Beliard Laguerre
Seller: Daniel Laguerre and Mimose Meska

6561 S.W. Eighth St.
North of McNab Road$360,000
Buyer: Venel and Kerlande Henry and Archange Aladin
Seller: Caryn J Campbell and Carol C Vendryes

1891 S.W. 81st Ave.
South of McNab Road$118,500
Buyer: Lorraine S Black
Seller: Douglas M. and Denise and Deneize Kelley

7800 S.W. Seventh St.
North of McNab Road$350,000
Buyer: Ervens Fleurjean and Maria Gerty Charles Etienne
Seller: Lori M Skillern and Bethany K Olson-Skillern

1241 Sussex Drive
North of McNab Road$235,000
Buyer: Tiana and Larousse Noel
Seller: Melissa Malcolm

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