Whiteside County had a median home sale price of $87,000 of 109 homes in June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Whiteside County in June 2021, according to BlockShopper.com.

In June 2021, there were 109 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $87,000 in Whiteside County.

Top 100 home sales in Whiteside County for June 2021
BuyerCityAddressSale Price
3 Nails Invested LLCSterling1831 Fourth Ave.$450,000
John H. and Mary L. KurtzSterling1001 35th St.$347,500
Dawn Diane BurkholderMorrison12433 Prairie Center Road$317,500
Tiffany Lyn Mortenson and Daniel P. HugginsMorrison12980 Grandview Drive$315,000
Wade A. and Meredith L. MillerMorrison20810 Mathew Road$310,000
Nathan R. and Caitlin E. MaurenSterling4526 Winn Road$305,000
Bgrs Relocation Inc.Fulton308 Ninth St.$300,500
Shane Brockel and Allison RossFulton308 Ninth St.$300,500
Mark A. PyronWoodland Hills3912 Woodlawn Road$250,000
Korby L PaulSterling19492 Ridge Road$250,000
Scott and Audra DavidsonRock Falls27669 Buena Vista Drive$250,000
Katherine and Shane GallagherAlbany11500 Meredosia Road$240,000
Dylan R. Jones and Ashley M. ReedSterling21210 Lincoln Road$237,500
Dakota A. HueneSterling1411 First Ave.$235,000
Patrick and Jennifer SchwindenhammerRock Falls1207 Shore Acres Road$230,000
Cynthia A. and Brian E. BonneurMorrison20862 White Oaks Road$224,000
Tabatha Lee Justice BehrensSterling1308 Sinnissippi Road$220,000
Chad J ConduffMorrison1017 Hilltop Drive$195,000
Robert L. and Kari J. MyersFulton14741 Vans Road$185,000
Steven D. and Kathy S. EilersRock Falls1901 Dixon Ave.$180,000
Troy J AndersonRock Falls607 12th St.$174,000
Shaun MagillMorrison313 Jackson St.$167,000
Dennis and Laura A. HigdonMorrison307 South St.$165,000
John HicksSterling2010 10th Ave.$165,000
Casey HnatiukSterling208 Miller Road$159,500
Tristen DudleyMorrison18112 Folkers Drive$150,000
John C. and Mary R. YbarraSterling507 14th St.$150,000
John I. and Sara J. SchillingSterling2402 12th Ave.$145,000
Cindy A. SpoonerFulton1110 Ninth Ave.$144,000
Charles and Emily HurstSterling203 14th Ave.$139,000
Flora M. StralowMorrison201 Elm St.$135,500
Colleen K. and Michael L. JohnsonSterling506 23rd St.$135,000
Lisa L. and Nikolas S. TrujilloSterling508 26th St.$133,000
Meghan Joi QuickFulton709 Fowler Road$130,000
Christopher M. and Rachel A. PriceMorrison10850 Garden Plain Road$130,000
January K. and Jason W. ParkerMorrison407 Heaton St.$129,000
Neslund Holdings LLCFulton14819 Vans Road$126,000
Ryan D. and Susan A. MapesValley Vista Estates420 10th Ave.$125,000
Charlene F EarlywineMorrison523 Christopher St.$125,000
Constance J EricksonMorrison310 Wall St.$120,000
Jesse FrenandezMorrison110 Towne St.$118,000
Brett HoyerUnionville16166 Liberty St.$115,000
Adelina CortezRock Falls602 Ave. D$114,000
Bobbie Jo PrinsMorrison2006 Terrace Lane$110,000
Linda A. BakerFulton1408 Fourth Ave.$105,000
Dillan and Justin TannerRock Falls615 14th St.$104,000
Garret G. and Jamie L. Jones and Jamie L. Stumbaugh (also known as)Coleta310 Main St.$103,000
Kari McDuffySterling510 11th Ave.$100,700
Larry and Steven DeneveProphetstown7965 Felton Road$100,000
Amanda Jo Ann RobertsonErie701 Fifth St.$98,000
Andrea Lynn MunroeRock Falls302 11th St.$93,900
Patrick H. and Julie M. MarschangRock Falls3312 B St.$92,500
Shelby S ReavyRound Grove19609 Fellows Road$88,500
Tony and Kathy MurraySterling1710 First St.$87,500
Susan Mildred AlisauskisSterling804 11th St.$87,000
Matthew K. BielemaMorrison502 Clinton St.$87,000
Tanner M JensenGrimes Addition1504 Howard St.$85,500
Bradley AdamsRock Falls206 Seventh St.$85,000
Neal B RasmussenFulton608 15th Ave.$85,000
Claudia G Mejia Carmona and Francisco S Piscil ArmasMorrison507 Orange St.$83,500
Kirsti S RemreyRock Falls1006 21st St.$80,000
Cynthia and Timothy RiesSterling706 Maple Lane$80,000
Ronald K Salvetti and Anna SzakalMorrison113 Maple Ave.$80,000
David OlsenFulton1007 13th Ave.$77,500
Jeremy Nelson and Alison TuckerFulton12302 Diamond Road$76,500
Victor KimberlinFulton1121 Ninth Ave.$75,000
Nikki S L MillerSterling1412 16th St.$75,000
Christina and Jason HowellSterling1005 Second Ave.$72,500
Paulette G DavisSterling1501 Ave. J$71,500
Kenneth and Julia DingmanRock Falls1200 15th St.$70,000
Jacqualyn R ShanerRock Falls1209 20th St.$69,500
Christopher Louis DingleySterling1406 Fifth Ave.$68,000
Allen Lea CulverRock Falls407 10th St.$65,062
Alexandra L Devries and David M. Devries Jr.Sterling1308 Second Ave.$64,000
Natalia L FelicianoSterling404 15th Ave.$63,000
Nicholas ByingtonRock Falls507 Galt Ave.$62,500
Breanne HunterSterling1601 Third Ave.$57,000
Bobby R FleenerSterling2113 14th Ave.$57,000
Devin BeardSterling101 19th Ave.$56,750
John French and Michelle BurnsSterling1712 Fifth St.$52,500
Jason and Rebecca WebbMorrison8250 Hazel Road$50,000
Jessica M. DuncanRock Falls309 Fifth St.$48,000
Richard and Jennie BrauerRock Falls700 Ave. D$48,000
Sharon GertieRock Falls612 Third St.$45,500
Cynthia FullerMorrison308 Grape St.$45,000
Nichols A. and Kim M. BurgeSterling809 Sixth St.$45,000
Mark GuinanAlbany103 Bluff St.$44,000
Patrick B. BrownSterling614 Ninth Ave.$43,000
Nicholas ClaytonTampico317 Second St.$43,000
Tyler V. BakerRock Falls608 Seventh Ave.$40,000
Josephine J. BealRock Falls513 Eighth St.$40,000
Rodriguez Trust 20211, Cindy Rodriguez (trustee) and Hector Rodriguez (trustee)Sterling1503 Fifth Ave.$38,000
Deanna HandelRock Falls704 Lincoln St.$36,500
Welcome Home (trust)Rock Falls302 Fourth Ave.$35,000
James R. HoffmanRock Falls1511 14th Ave.$34,000
Roger AdamsRock Falls503 Galt Ave.$32,000
Jose Martinez GarciaMorrison611 Madison St.$32,000
Jon and Chloe BuyersSterling20140 Luther Road$30,000
Andrew N. AllisonSterling1829 Second Ave.$30,000
Lonny J AndersonRock Falls1508 13th Ave.$30,000

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