King County had a median home valuation of $372,000 of 2,864 homes in June 2021

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These are the top 100 home valuations for King County in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 2,864 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $372,000 in King County.

Top 100 home valuations in King County for June 2021
The Carter Dated February 11 2009 (living trust)Snoqualmie6510 Fairway Ave.$1,000,000
George and Nisha ThomasSammamish815 197th Ave.$1,003,000
Jaime Kiehn and Paul J. SpringerSeattle2003 Fourth Ave.$1,004,000
Stefan and Julie MaiKirkland9412 112th Ave.$1,008,000
Breckenridge Property Fund 2016 LLCVashon (unincorporated)8700 216th St.$10,100
Harvey A. RiesBellevue13501 38th Place$1,011,000
Harvey A. Ries and Ries (qualified personal residence trust)Bellevue13501 38th Place$1,011,000
Richard E. III and Kaitlyn A. BangertSeattle2645 42nd Ave.$1,011,000
Eric and Tricia JaffeMercer Island8455 83rd St.$1,011,000
Gijo Varghese and Anupa GijoBellevue1428 Lake Sammamish Parkway$1,012,000
Angelica R PepkaKirkland (unincorporated)12956 Holmes Point Drive$1,019,000
Victoria M. WilliamsEast Renton Highlands (unincorporated)18015 128th St.$102,700
Huberman Family (revocable trust), Lee Michal Huberman and ...Seattle1933 48th Ave.$1,027,000
Howard V. Raff and Marcia M NayWoodinville (unincorporated)18210 218th Ave.$1,027,000
Bonebright Family Trust Rodney & Anne, Rodney Kevin Bonebright and ...Bellevue6871 166th Place$1,029,000
Yang Sun and Jihui LISammamish2446 279th Drive$1,032,000
Eitan and Dahlia SharonSeattle638 32nd Ave.$1,032,000
Mark A. BuckleySeattle5207 35th Ave.$103,400
Gabriel Samson Levin and Evgenia PolyakovaSeattle2836 10th Ave.$1,038,000
Weimin ChenBellevue13933 47th St.$1,042,000
Weimin Chen and Helen V. LamBellevue13933 47th St.$1,042,000
Justin and Annette BayhaSeattle346 Kinnear Place$1,043,000
Long and Megan TranKirkland (unincorporated)12917 63rd Ave.$1,047,000
Lisa W. and Gordon W. LamEast Renton Highlands (unincorporated)20126 142nd Ave.$1,047,000
Martin Geoffrey RichardMaple Valley29032 226th St.$1,047,000
Cornelle Christiaan Pretorius Janse Van Rensburg and Jill MosdellSeattle1714 Roy St.$1,049,000
Staci and Benjamin ScottSammamish2448 277th Ave.$1,050,000
Malcolm Russell Ah Kun and Pei Jun ZhaiKirkland11150 97th St.$1,067,000
Martha Ramirez Roman and Rafael Davila RubioAlgona426 Fourth Ave.$107,000
Sarah Ann WeiserBellevue3310 142nd Place$1,071,000
Abhishek Sharma and Soma MandalMercer Island9270 36th Place$1,073,000
Matthew T. and Megan H. SutherlinKirkland (unincorporated)9100 128th Lane$1,075,000
Omar Al-Shorafa and Kelsey L VossSeattle19 Prospect St.$1,077,000
Toll Bros. Inc.Sammamish (unincorporated)24637 18th St.$1,081,000
Kristin and Brian RobbinsSeattle10315 Valmay Ave.$1,084,000
Chenyang WangSeattle1025 Woodland Park Ave.$1,087,445
Holly C AllenSeattle1602 Bigelow Ave.$1,095,000
Pierre K. and Greta AnamanSeattle1703 41st Ave.$1,100,000
Cheryl M Scott and Hannah M. LindenSeattle3230 Hunter Blvd.$1,107,000
April RosasWhite Center (unincorporated)12438 Third Ave.$111,000
Alexander T. and Katie D. StefanskyLea Hill (unincorporated)36607 91st Way$1,116,656
Jason Robert Richard Sanio and Courtney Lynn HampsonMercer Island4609 89th Ave.$1,120,000
Michael Felice and David SelanderSeattle1107 Lakeside Ave.$1,127,000
7613 Overlake Drive West LLCMedina7613 Overlake Drive$11,322,000
Ya Wan Wei and Alex Chia Hung LinBellevue3306 142nd Place$1,133,000
Rainier Peak LLCMedina2247 Evergreen Point Road$11,376,000
John BronskyNorth Bend (unincorporated)16100 Uplands Way$1,139,000
Michael Thomas Chilton and Brigitte Josephine LongVashon (unincorporated)12210 253rd St.$114,000
Vincent MaiTukwila2855 133rd St.$114,000
Karen Archer and Daniel A. Perry and ...Seattle3425 Florence Court$1,140,000
Thomas Merritt Jr. and Sarah K. MerrittKirkland (unincorporated)8507 Juanita Drive$1,146,000
Reinier De Jongvancorvorden and Rosita Van CoevordenBellevue17203 Cougar Mountain Drive$1,147,000
Chuka OkoyeEast Renton Highlands (unincorporated)13902 159th Place$1,147,000
Michael J. and Cheryl M. Snell and ...Mercer Island8370 Avalon Drive$1,148,000
William Mele and Yukiu ChanNorth Bend (unincorporated)42805 164th St.$1,154,000
Ilisapesi and Sione T. KamotoWhite Center (unincorporated)1011 119th St.$116,000
James D. Bruckner and Stefanie JohnsonNorth Bend (unincorporated)15800 Uplands Way$1,161,000
New Horizons Developments LLCAuburn330 V St.$117,000
Leonifel SilvaSeattle5709 Wallace St.$117,000
Flyhomes Investments Wa LLCSammamish1907 205th Place$1,170,000
Rajesh Sueramanian and Jayalakshmi SubramanianShoreline17720 15th Ave.$1,171,000
Margaret Ann FeigeSeattle1000 134th St.$1,177,000
Jason and Emily GraefeSammamish3133 East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane$1,179,000
Lisa PrefumeSeattle9429 Carkeek Drive$118,000
Joseph William Hebb and Christina MacIelFederal Way3907 328th St.$118,000
Alexandra Schagrin and Jason RubinMercer Island7011 92nd Ave.$1,182,000
Eagle Firth LLCNormandy Park18505 Normandy Terrace$1,184,000
Kelly S McClurgBurien14010 Eighth Ave.$119,000
Randall D Card and Haven Charitable Remainder Unitrust WildBurien14010 Eighth Ave.$119,000
Roger N. Gibbons and Maria PieridesSammamish21115 27th St.$1,191,000
Tan Ying and Jiang WangBothell (unincorporated)10411 142nd Place$119,800
Puget Real Estate LLCRenton1127 Aberdeen Ave.$120,000
Desmond R. and Audrey Leeka DugganMercer Island9565 61st Place$1,202,000
Virtaj Singh and Sarah Jansky Sullivan-SinghSeattle1146 18th Ave.$1,206,000
Aaron Christopher and Melissa Anne Beck Hoff and ...Kirkland733 17th Ave.$1,206,000
Christian H. Detlefsen, Ainsley S Tegrotenhuis and ...Redmond (unincorporated)26133 34th St.$1,208,000
George and Lata VargheseBellevue5510 143rd Ave.$1,232,000
Aronica Robertson Properties LLCLea Hill (unincorporated)10702 Carnation-Duvall Road$123,319
Boaz J. and Lucy ChaiBellevue1524 108th Ave.$1,234,000
Timothy S. and Cameron C. PsiakiRedmond (unincorporated)6821 240th Way$1,235,000
Ruili Gao and Ziqi DaiYarrow Point9030 33rd St.$1,235,000
Dharmesh and Nisha GodhaRedmond17303 39th Court$1,236,000
My Thien T MaiSeattle7920 16th Ave.$124,000
U.S. Bank National AssociationRedmond (unincorporated)7308 204th Drive$1,246,000
Johnny V Khy and Siyat OumSeattle (unincorporated)857 112th St.$125,000
Jose Martin Marquez Quicahua and Karla Yadira Gomez LeonPacific201 Pacific Ave.$126,000
Rushabh Rambhia and Amee ParekhBellevue2800 122nd Place$1,264,000
Rohit Babbar and Neha AllanghSammamish856 Windsor Drive$1,265,000
Chelsea L Gardner and Mathew S MarshallAuburn119 C St.$127,000
Parisa Sadrzadeh and Daniel Clee BrosseauKirkland (unincorporated)12002 85th Place$1,277,000
Weizheng LI and Yiwei HuangKirkland334 Ninth Ave.$1,280,000
Allan Velzy and Megan LoringMercer Island3075 68th Ave.$1,281,000
Paula E Boggs and Randee S FoxBellevue77 Skagit, Ky.$1,284,000
Michael and Elisabeth TarulloSeattle4300 Donovan St.$1,285,000
Douglas A. Raymond and Elizabeth Ananda MartinSeattle1211 21st Ave.$1,285,000
Rosemarie R Taylor and Kimberly A. GiffordAuburn1509 H St.$129,000
Sandra Lynn BeaufrereMercer Island7351 Mercer Way$1,295,000
Yavor AngelovKirkland910 Fourth St.$1,297,000
Yavor AngelovKirkland910 Fourth St.$1,297,000
Josue FloresPacific107 Fourth Ave.$130,000

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