Top 100 Margate, Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Margate, Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 149 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $215,000 in Margate.

Top 100 home sales in Margate for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Alfred and Irlenis Celcis6984 19th Court$490,000
Justin Capaldi and Courtney Colon3391 Greenview Terrace$479,400
Morel Schirold and Noula A. Doucet2643 68th Terrace$475,000
William Andrew Thomas Jr. and Julia Patricia Peace7611 Sunflower Drive$460,000
Claudia V Baez and Gustavo D Ventre6878 33rd St.$450,000
Stefan Marston and Natasha F Lee3350 Greenview Terrace$445,000
Edwin and Jaurica Kerilus605 65th Ave.$440,000
Edurado and Olga Camara2608 79th Ave.$430,000
Shannon Thomas6276 Harbor Bend$430,000
Stephanie Holder and Mark Minott1887 70th Lane$425,000
Randal G Viggiani375 Kathy Lane$412,000
Esther Amy and Luckner Elidor7466 25th St.$410,000
Edward Fernandez and Serafine Torregiano6815 28th St.$410,000
Claudia Marcia Lopes2851 78th Ave.$410,000
Christian and Laura Lizarazu5351 29th Court$407,000
Paulo Jose Araujo and Vanessa Ferreira7960 Ninth St.$407,000
Marc A. Diamonte811 66th Ave.$400,000
Cornelius and Dalton Pereira3010 Sunset Lane$390,000
Emmanuel Jean Claude and Claire Marcy Marshall Chery2910 53rd Terrace$390,000
Glen H. Morris and Leonor E Frank5350 31st St.$380,000
Violette Wright (life estate), Marco Junior Franky, Kristian Beverly Wilson, Loobens Voshawn Joanem, Lavihjia Unique Beaubrun and Jabari Shaquille Moltimer225 77th Ave.$375,000
Natasha Gaitri Narine6900 Sixth Court$375,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)6222 Navajo Terrace$371,200
James Thomas III and Tonya Davis6184 Mohawk Terrace$370,000
Silvia E. Clemente and Kevin Santiago Clemente6841 Sixth St.$365,000
Herold Cadet6401 Seventh St.$365,000
Joseph and Rosenie Exavier3309 Orinoco Lane$362,500
Frainy Alfrena6595 Skipper Terrace$362,000
Vena Beaudet5574 Seventh Place$360,000
Timothy John Lacasse and Timarie J Smit6230 18th St.$360,000
Clement R Munisar and Naresa Vidya Ramawtar-Munisar6282 Island Way$350,000
Larry Harris and Shanita Trinelle Freeman-Harris6540 Fifth St.$345,000
Jean Octave and Moissillia Sezar-Octave6230 Fourth St.$342,000
Yailit Abreu Martinez and Nahuel H Corti2050 69th Terrace$340,000
Freddy Palacio and Flor Adriana Rubio5160 Seventh St.$340,000
Voltaire Toussaint and Chemene Luma6700 Eighth Court$330,000
Jorge Fabian Arioso and Luisa Gaviria6712 27th St.$330,000
Renel Julmeus and Adline Direny1513 58th Ave.$325,900
Wikly Jean and Lorvenie Jean Compere6302 Southgate Blvd.$310,000
Better Family Trust Inc.6563 Fourth St.$310,000
Pavel and Svitlana Lerman3515 Merrick Lane 1302$310,000
Ramon Pizarro and Lady Diana Calvo7498 Pinewalk Drive 98-21$305,000
House of Brookins Ecclesiastic Business (trust) and Juan Jose Brookins6278 Lakeshore Drive$300,000
Michelle Angelica and Peter John Galang Bautista370 Lakewood Circle D$300,000
Anthony Godfrey Gumbs and Dawn Allison Nandkishore1220 69th Terrace$295,000
Alisha N Hinds7500 Pinewalk Drive 99-21$295,000
Ray and Patricia Mendez1095 73rd Terrace$292,000
Wilmarie Vazquez Grillasca2671 63rd Terrace$290,000
Maurice and Joylyn Williams5585 Monte Carlo Place$285,000
Jose A. Bautista Pollantis and Melania A. Natal1635 67th Ave.$280,000
Romulo and Maria Diana Arrarte705 73rd Terrace$280,000
Brian Schoepe5708 Seton Drive$280,000
Simone A. Gomes3190 Merrick Terrace 1608$278,000
David and Cruz and Connie Pinedo3323 Chickee Lane$277,000
Stephanie Jean-Philippe1105 80th Terrace A$272,000
Raquel Valdivieso585 Banks Road 27-527$272,000
Marcio Ribeiro and Nathali Barbosa6440 Rock Beauty Terrace$270,000
John and Jennie Kurtz1075 72nd Terrace$265,000
Matthew R. and Brittany Depriest4764 Hemingway Circle 76-740$262,000
Davidson Jean and Michaela Alicia Jean Baptiste1371 66th Ave.$262,000
Maria Raquel Ochoa Villanueva and Yomar Eliseo Lopez1363 66th Ave.$260,000
Saraj S Ramnanan3665 Cocoplum Circle$256,250
Charles Douglas Jones Sr. and Alice B. Jones745 74th Way$250,000
Patrick and Stephanie Villiers3178 Merrick Terrace 1602$250,000
Engelberth Jose Cruz1759 80th Ave. I$250,000
Fabio Souza4746 Hemingway Circle 28-734$250,000
Nicholas Panariello Jr.2628 58th Ave.$240,000
Jose Manuel Borbolla and Adriana Calderon250 Hemingway Circle 135-749$240,000
Gloria Eugenia Molina3181 Holiday Springs Blvd. 42-7$235,000
Jv Properties & Investments LLC2546 61st Ave.$233,000
Vernerva Mosley705 75th Terrace$233,000
Christopher Baird and Valentina Arce679 Banks Road 74-538$232,000
Francis Gregoire940 69th Ave.$230,000
Richard T. Curley (living trust)6820 16th St.$220,000
Austin and Janice Snellgrove7240 Seventh Court$215,000
Monique Miami Fleuraime6609 Winfield Blvd. A-110$213,000
Jade International Realty LLC6140 20th Court$205,000
Federal National Mortgage Association6975 17th St.$202,574
Iliana Doreus7708 Margate Blvd. C8-1$200,000
Luis E Jimenez Jr.3120 51st Terrace$197,000
Navarro Bros. Investments LLC3460 Pinewalk Drive 312$170,000
Maca Properties Investment LLC6675 15th St.$168,000
Lauren Jones5530 Lakeside Drive 105-13$162,500
Moses Anderson Jr. and Viola B. Anderson3031 Holiday Springs Blvd. 105-7$159,000
Jeruch Investments LLC3400 Pinewalk Drive 914$157,000
Asab Properties LLC3420 Pinewalk Drive 712$150,000
Faisan LLC3360 Pinewalk Drive 1334$149,800
Luc Gagne462 Laurel Drive 2005-20$147,700
Frances Victoria Wong5531 Lakeside Drive 205-10$145,000
Tyrone Thomas Sr. and Connie Thomas7340 Lake Circle Drive 201$142,000
Indira Mahabir1050 80th Ave. 202$133,500
Roselina Nivar and Ashley Reyes3051 Holiday Springs Blvd. 201-4$130,000
Ann Marie Fisher1550 80th Ave. 101$130,000
Carlos F. and Xiomara J. Senges7340 18th St. 203$129,900
Domonique Sasha Maughn380 Laurel Drive 4D$125,000
Valerie Kostyukovsky and Bozhena Basmanov6503 Winfield Blvd. 121-D$125,000
Courtney E Bewley3251 Holiday Springs Blvd. 26-104$120,000
Eugene A. Papapietro6700 Royal Palm Blvd. 101D$120,000
Gold LLC400 65th Ave. 114$120,000
Kenneth and Suzette R. Siviter1470 80th Ave. 103$119,000

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