Top 100 Coral Springs, Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Coral Springs, Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 286 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $457,944 in Coral Springs.

Top 100 home sales in Coral Springs for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Jeffrey Saks and Gina Johnson7513 47th Drive$1,050,000
Muli S Noy and Jessica Ann Ramirez4750 Leitner Drive$985,800
Melyboo Investment LLC4103 Riverside Drive 1$920,000
Juan Alejandro Amaris and Teresa Ceballos12105 Ninth Place$900,000
David Spindel12455 63rd St.$885,000
Dooly Cardoso11500 42nd St.$880,000
Ezequiel Ramirez and Carla Ferrer11807 Ninth St.$850,000
Anthony Paul and Lacy Danielson1731 127th Way$820,000
Christina Lazarova and Rossen Nedeltchev4255 64th Ave.$755,000
Kristopher and Stefanie Zinchiak12224 48th Drive$755,000
Kyle and Laura Kietzmann5056 113th Ave.$755,000
Wendy S Helm10256 Vestal Manor$749,900
Jeffrey L Chambers and Susana Malinowski1786 Eagle Trace Blvd.$715,000
Jerson Paz12160 10th St.$715,000
Olesia Mikhail and Daria Rik Mikhail11160 26th Drive$705,000
Kenton Michael and Hershey L. Grogan9259 15th St.$705,000
Jeffrey and Jamie Smith11950 Third Drive$689,900
Teri Noriega and Robin Mohan10242 54th Place$688,000
Derrick John Makins Sr.5080 125th Ave.$684,999
Bradley Aaron and Laura Meagan Mednick166 104th Terrace$680,000
Miguel Guerrero and Shineid Finale Hernandez9621 51st St.$679,500
Carl and Kimberly Scheid11707 Greenbrier Lane$675,000
Fred O. and Jacquelyn D. Rutledge12711 16th Court$675,000
Yevgeniy Mendelevich and Yana Tarnavskaya9881 49th Place$675,000
Igor and Yuliya Nemov8649 57th Court$675,000
Jared and Stacie Weiss4840 95th Drive$665,000
Carlos Eduardo and Claudia Indacochea1701 127th Way$660,000
Giuseppe M. and Giovana L. Depalo9912 49th Place$654,500
Raymond W. and Leanne Pankuch2107 Cherry Hills Way$652,000
Uniconsult Group LLC11151 Fourth Court$650,000
Marc W Examon4111 66th Terrace$650,000
Samir Albert Raby8314 51st Court$645,000
Venus Damian V. and June Diedrick Damian V.5345 120th Ave.$640,000
Jonathan and Zejun Abrantes10562 Third Place$640,000
Newton Campbell and Carol Sewell4959 115th Way$635,000
Hurlington Jamaine Burrows2631 115th Terrace$630,000
Christina Danielle McKoy10311 Sixth St.$630,000
Matthew J. Kirsner and Sandra J Mayer9509 38th St.$630,000
Jody Alan and Heather Leigh-Day Block5116 106th Terrace$630,000
Jacqueline Holland and Ramon Govea6513 43rd Court$625,300
Jacob and Tanya Brett4222 83rd Lane$625,000
Sirach and Brenda V. Valdez5466 85th Ave.$615,000
Jared K. and Rebecca A. Nielson4933 103rd Ave.$615,000
Yineth V Escobar10984 Third St.$610,000
Juan D. Cedres5617 88th Terrace$608,000
Robert A. and Judith Rafanelli370 105th Terrace$601,000
Danny D Figueroa and Amy Christine Lorenzo8627 50th Drive$600,000
David Anthony Fonanarosa and Meredith Fondanarosa5338 108th Way$600,000
Arthur and Iren Royter4743 121st Ave.$599,000
Mehrdad Sadegh Shirvani and Bita Ghassemlou1045 123rd Drive$593,000
Brandon Osterlund and Mary O'Brien4099 81st Terrace$591,000
Magda Barini Garcia339 105th Terrace$590,500
Xunyan Jia110 120th Way$590,000
Paul E. Brewer664 99th Terrace$580,000
Shauna Harris10730 56th Court$580,000
Rene Jose Torres Parraga11880 Third Drive$580,000
Carlos Segundo Zapata and Ana Herrera10425 48th Manor$579,000
Amy Gorman and Jared Wolf5333 58th Terrace$575,000
Joanna Bucad and Sean Anthony Riley9138 20th Manor$575,000
Michael Perez208 91st Ave.$573,000
Avitum Ramkissoon Maharajh and Anushka Narine225 118th Terrace$570,000
Juan M. Acosta and Carolina Echeverry12328 48th Drive$570,000
Rafael M. and Lina M. Castillo5824 122nd Drive$569,000
John R. Dale Jr (revocable living trust)11241 First Court$566,000
Norman David and Giulianna Fajardo5224 98th Lane$560,000
Robintz and Geraldine Jean5168 Chardonnay Drive$555,000
Cesar Avila and Tereza Nejmanova2133 108th Ave.$550,000
Duy Vu Viet Nguyen5066 65th Terrace$550,000
James Wayne Wheeler II10256 53rd Court$550,000
Werner Ottenheimer Vilaragut6780 41st St.$550,000
Karolyn Whittingham11884 Second Court$545,000
Daniel S. and Farrah Tetteh906 110th Ave.$541,000
Sunshine Springfield LLC5313 118th Ave.$540,000
Guillermo Granados and Vanessa Santos8849 57th Court$540,000
Thomas and Mariela Mann8864 Third Court$539,000
Abel Bonilla and Ingrid Del Pilar Aguilar Gutierrez10370 52nd St.$535,000
Joseph A. Duarte Herrera and Pamela E Barrera Villafuerte8651 21st Court$530,000
Carrie Zbierski8125 Fifth St.$530,000
Andres F Mendez and Maria Isabel Garcia8716 25th Court$525,000
Supharat Sribunpheng and Eric Smith-Norman5650 122nd Terrace$521,000
Kerrie A. and Keith E. Harper5258 112th Terrace$520,000
Danny and Aileem Rubio10714 19th St.$520,000
Aashika Pooja Patel10011 52nd St.$519,000
Johnson & Johnson Construction Co. Corp.2701 105th Terrace$518,000
Terrence McEnroe and Jennifer Collins9048 20th Manor$515,000
Thomas G. and Susan M. Lolis5856 54th Circle$515,000
Henry and Lois M. Greene11817 55th St.$515,000
Pupus Saah and Esther Freeman12380 54th Court$513,000
Fitzgerald and Joanne Fields10143 48th Drive$511,000
Daniel Alfonso and Danielle Nicole Giguere10135 43rd St.$510,000
Virgilio and Cindya Namnum4777 120th Way$510,000
Luis Grullon and Veronica Mejia Barney1889 83rd Drive$510,000
Pro-Fit Natural & Nutritional Supplements Inc.1220 85th Terrace$510,000
Edwin Reniery Centeno Jr. and Aimee Belarmino Da Silva11099 Fifth Manor$510,000
Misleidys Lemus291 90th Ave.$510,000
James Peter Greenberg and Hoan Kim Ma8622 27th Court$510,000
James McLetchie and Lily Kim-McLetchie117 98th Lane$510,000
Juan Camilo Ramirez and Chana Ben-Zacharia4200 76th Ave.$505,000
Hamin A. and Yolanda Purdy6115 41st Drive$505,000
Devon Hallie and Joshua Yanez2633 83rd Way$505,000

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