Top 100 Boynton Beach (unincorporated), Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Boynton Beach (unincorporated), Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 296 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $325,000 in Boynton Beach (unincorporated).

Top 100 home sales in Boynton Beach (unincorporated) for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kgkf LLC38 Perry Ave.$6,300,000
Kamarudeen Usman10317 St. Andrews Road$1,550,000
John Alejandro Osorio9259 Equus Circle$995,000
Alfonso Reda (trustee) and Reda Alfonso (revocable trust)4517 Gleneagles Drive$985,000
Ok S. and Porter Landreth8685 Baystone Cove$964,000
Phelps Mona (trust) and Mona Phelps (trustee)4582 Sanderling Circle$960,000
Lisa D. and Randall G. Rice4910 Lake Drive$879,000
Benjamin and Sandra Matalon10823 Canyon Bay Lane$876,000
Alla L. and James R. Block7387 105th St.$825,000
James T. Patricia A. and Sally E. Parker Patricia A. and Patty Parker Hill4533 Bucida Road$705,000
Kymberly and Marie Siobhan Edwards8819 Morgan Landing Way$695,000
Robert, Jill Adelman (living trust), Robert I. Adelman (trustee) and Jill E. Adelman (trustee)10617 Walnut Valley Drive$650,000
Melissa Erin and Andrew John Heist9680 Cobblestone Creek Drive$640,000
Jose Augusto Veiga Sampaio and Kenneth E. Peters7527 Monticello Way$635,000
Joshua Entner9158 Chianti Court$625,000
Melissa and Leeor Jerushalmy9766 Cobblestone Creek Drive$625,000
Heidy Marcela Martinez Hernandez and Stephen Barish11421 Sandstone Hill Terrace$605,000
Lucio F. and Margaret G. Socias4750 Pepper Bush Lane$605,000
Kelsey Stoveken and Brandon Minton2467 Gertrude Lane$585,000
3801 Chickasha Road LLC9192 Picot Court$575,000
Jonathan J. Bassett7941 Rinehart Drive$570,000
Jane Kosow and Claude A. Watts6929 Antinori Lane$569,000
Teresa Chiuli and Anthony Chiulli6913 Molakai Circle$562,000
Rose and Michael Friedman6703 Catania Drive$560,000
Stephanie and Chai Brand12334 Colony Preserve Drive$555,000
Myrna J. and Stuart A. Rodkin6879 Caviro Lane$549,900
Carmen Diaz and Kapildeo Singh6312 Lansdowne Circle$549,000
Lauren Marcus and Oleg Gozenpud12397 Colony Preserve Drive$545,000
Kerrie and James Johnathan Richardson6900 Bayshore Drive$540,400
Jacqueline B Kaleel11790 Dunes Road$539,000
David Thomas Scalia and Caron Querker6903 Beacon Hollow Turn$535,000
Timothy L. and Kimberly S. Williams6357 Terrace Rosa Circle$525,000
Lesley Moradian and Jeffrey Lewis6812 Montrose Way$520,000
Sweitzer Family Trust, Mary Sweitzer (trustee) and William Sweitzer (trustee)3654 Royal Tern Circle$517,500
Susan Forman and Jeffrey M. Cohen7218 Catania Drive$510,000
Amarilis M. and Jose A. Hernandez6863 Boscanni Drive$507,000
Lisa and Donald D. Redfearn4915 Pine Tree Drive$500,000
Cynthia Silverman7190 Boscanni Drive$499,900
Samuel and Judi Dobner10066 Diamond Lake Road$499,900
Chris L Simonds4447 Sanderling Circle$490,000
Wendy B. and Paul C. Levites10398 Copper Lake Drive$482,500
Robert Arzonetti7116 Old Orchard Way$480,000
Gregory and Diana Sepe5999 Sun Berry Circle$480,000
Laurence and Jane Liebman10229 Isle Wynd Court$478,000
Emily A. and Barry M. Lifshitz10370 Copper Lake Drive$475,000
Lyubov and Eugene Didenko9256 Cove Point Circle$472,000
J. Bosh Inna (living trust) and Inna J. Bosh (trustee)6593 Arno Way$472,000
Dori-Ann Marcus and Alan D Bazer6647 Malta Drive$470,000
Janette Zuckerman6747 Chimere Terrace$470,000
Elizabeth Ann Wanek7109 Old Orchard Way$465,000
Yitzchok Frankel6336 Bengal Circle$465,000
Ronaldo Alves Jr.6917 Sea Daisy Drive$460,000
Kenneth Aaron Coleman and Larry J Chernikoff5411 Piping Rock Drive$459,900
Vincent Andrasko7068 Falls Road$459,900
Barry and Sandra H. Safer10081 Diamond Lake Drive$455,000
Gilbert Dale Scharf and Manuel Revert12366 Colony Preserve Drive$455,000
Catherine R. and John R. Hartman9329 Cove Point Circle$455,000
Dayme Arias Larosa and Daniel Calero Borges6876 19th Ave.$452,000
Max P Similien6367 Lansdowne Circle$450,000
Janice L Short7353 Kea Lani Drive$450,000
Murray Dennis and Laura Gill Pearlman8170 Muirhead Circle$450,000
Michelle and Michael Fazio4391 Sunset Cay Circle$450,000
Janet McKenna6190 Pitch Lane$450,000
Mark Sherman and Mark Betty Barbara11804 Castellon Court$450,000
Taylor Tendrich and Ryan Apt15 Holly Drive$445,000
Isabel C. and Guilherme D. Oliveira5321 Glenville Drive$440,000
Zad Design Corp.11361 Piping Rock Drive$440,000
MASH2 LLC10303 Copper Lake Drive$430,000
Jamie Schwartz and Lewis Fink5114 Palazzo Place$430,000
Robin G. and Russell D. Gutstein7438 Kahana Drive$429,000
Clinton Roman and Clinton Blanca7268 Trentino Way$427,000
Heather A. and Robert J. Fogel5390 Landon Circle$425,000
Barbara Lynn and Robert Martoral6559 Piemonte Drive$425,000
John J. and Sandra P. Montoya10673 Richfield Way$425,000
Klatzkin (living trust), Mindy B. Klatzkin (trustee) and Steven R. Klatzkin (trustee)7074 Falls Road$425,000
Dathiana and Victor Echevarria1970 Herder Parkway$420,000
Charlotte and Jeffrey M. Stone10465 Copper Lake Way$420,000
Kelli Renee Sloey2530 Sunup Lane$420,000
Schinasi (living trust), Phyllis Schinasi (trustee) and Melvin Schinasi (trustee)11542 Spring Oak Ave.$415,100
Stephen Hayes5320 Glenville Drive$415,000
Rachel and Roy Kisos4327 Juniper Terrace$415,000
Liana E. and Mark J. Ravkin7418 Kea Lani Drive$415,000
Holly Delma and Gary Wayne Lovgren10623 Conway Trail$410,000
Carol Lynn Blankman10710 Conway Trail$409,000
Gabriel Dillon and Jacob Hoffman6793 19th Ave.$408,000
Fred and Barbara Simon6594 Bayhill Terrace$405,000
Orosa Family (revocable trust) and Cindy Hernandez (trustee)11463 Lanai Lane$400,000
Broni and Felix Marmur9882 Harbour Lake Circle$400,000
Emily and Joseph Spilotras6318 Westchester Club Drive$400,000
Steven W. Jacobson (trustee) and Ellen Swoff Perpetual Exempt (trust)12138 Roma Road$400,000
Karen M. and Gary L. Unger7602 Caprio Drive$399,900
William Barth and Teresa M. and Patrick M. Amand8944 Agliana Circle$396,000
Susan Leon0$395,000
Joanne and Paul B. Brody10108 Diamond Lake Road$395,000
Jacqueline R. and Zev Friedman5736 Swaying Palm Lane$395,000
Nashmise Altona and Mise Larose4439 Sunset Cay Circle$390,000
Virginia and Raymond Crouse8766 Bellido Circle$390,000
Maxine Kamin and Kenneth Hagen10342 Utopia Circle$385,000
Patti and Robert Mittelman11536 Corazon Court$385,000
Marilyn Torres Diaz and Carole Anne Toft6297 Country Fair Circle$382,500

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