Top 100 Evanston, Illinois home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Evanston, Illinois in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 119 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $375,000 in Evanston.

Top 100 home sales in Evanston for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
1010 Michigan Ave LLC1010 Michigan Ave.$2,150,000
Nikolaos A. Dallas (trust), D. Schaye Conor (trust), Conor D. Schaye (trustee) and Nikolaos A. Dallas (trustee)1741 Hinman Ave.$2,025,000
Juiie Bradbury Miller2895 Sheridan Road$1,669,000
Stephanie and Alec MacEachern2245 Central Park Ave.$1,350,000
John Randal Long (trustee), Carol Squi Long (residuary trust), John Randal Long (trust) and Squires Long Carol (trust)2528 Marcy Ave.$1,337,000
Mugwa Den Lle729 Judson Ave.$1,154,000
Alexander Putt and Maureen Carroll Curley2520 Sheridan Road$1,150,000
Justin A. and Abigail B. Morgan1213 Judson Ave.$1,100,000
Jacqueline and Lewis Chilton1720 Asbury Ave.$1,055,000
Jude and Alexandra Baldo2325 Central Park Ave.$1,050,000
Michael and Lauren Edmonds2227 Colfax St.$995,000
Judith and Richard Krieg1202 Crain St.$979,000
Teresa Marie and Teresa M. Harkin and George A. Luscombe III1007 Wesley Ave. First$949,000
Griffin Schulman and Kylie Ford2645 Hurd Ave.$905,000
Lisa A. and John Stracks2224 Lincolnwood Drive$889,000
Jennifer Martin Sorensen and Jennifer Mach Wheeler1027 Maple Ave.$875,000
Anne Elizabeth and Garrett James Rothe2504 Harrison St.$780,000
Eric Hillerbrand and Jennifer Smith1849 Asbury Ave. 1847$775,000
Neil A. and Kelly Klingensmith2759 Asbury Ave.$707,500
Mark and Elizabeth Boyle3114 Central St.$689,000
Empfield (trust), Claire M. Empfield (trustee) and John W. Empfield (trustee)1050 Hinman Ave.$685,000
Marna Steinberg1205 Noyes St.$669,500
Benjamin Jonah and Courtney Slovin Blenner2120 Lincolnwood Drive$665,000
1408 Rdg Ave LLC1408 Ridge Ave.$655,000
Claire Hevel2112 Ewing Ave.$627,000
Mack Samuel S. and Mack Kelly A.2541 Ewing Ave.$595,000
Mary F. Agre (trustee) and Mary F. Agre (trust)1631 Hinman Ave. 1S$590,000
Janet S. and Lucas Kent Marthaler543 Forest Ave.$585,000
Amanda Herche1572 Maple Ave. 404$575,000
Anthony Sosa and Netanya S Mintz1800 Ridge Ave. 101$567,500
Grill Charlotte and Grill Andrew2760 Central Park Ave.$565,000
David Giljohann2103 Ridge Ave.$565,000
Mihai Hogea and Kira Novak3317 Payne St.$550,000
Laura Buchanan and Christopher Holleman3036 Thayer St.$541,000
Kristi L Depaul and Andrew J. Horn2816 Simpson St.$535,000
Robert and Ellen Lunz3453 Harrison St. 3453$517,500
Alan Gould421 Sherman Ave.$500,000
Pamela Marie and Langdon Edward Alger1213 Michigan Ave. 2$499,000
Atangadi Enyiema546 Dodge Ave.$495,000
Paul and Jeanne Breslin1635 Hinman Ave. 1$489,000
Christopher and Kimberly Duncan516 Keeney St.$485,000
Jehan Mari Adamiji and Manuel Hermosilla535 Chicago Ave. B$485,000
Stephanie D. and Anthony A. Baldoni623 Custer Ave.$485,000
Maria C. Rincon-Bisbey and Brandon P. Bisbey0 Unknown$482,000
Elizabeth Gallo and Joseph Cappo1211 Central St. 40$471,500
Charles H. Fawcett and Hanh Huynh1308 Kirk St.$459,000
Colin Carr and Valerie Kahan549 Florence Ave.$450,000
Sarah Jo Zaharako and Eric and Jan Courtland Perney1044 Dewey Ave.$445,000
Kaileen McGourty and Andrew Akira Kaplan525 Chicago Ave. H$445,000
Tabbie E Matsumoto2428 Hastings Ave.$440,000
John Paul Rauh1800 Ridge Ave. 107$437,500
Marcia L Poyser and Frank C. Rocco1639 Church St.$435,000
Riste Katrov and Volha Nepap1629 Church St.$413,000
Wayne H. and Mary C. Levy1640 Maple Ave. 1203$412,500
Nicholas Gosser1818 Ashland Ave.$410,000
The Jacqueline Joy Fridklin 3RD Party Spec Needs (trust) and Lifes Plan Inc. (trustee)1720 Maple Ave. 2320$410,000
Craig T Jakobsen and Louis Pooja A.539 Sheridan Road 3$405,000
Jens and Edsom Koch1640 Maple Ave. 1305$390,000
Paulette Cocozza544 Michigan Ave. 3$382,000
David Lawlor and Melanie Sympson811 Chicago Ave. 608$375,000
Christopher and Sonia Goerg505 Sheridan Road 6$375,000
Agnieszka and Jacek F. Wlodek3331 Dartmouth Place$375,000
Shantel Nelson and Erin Hawes301 Darrow Ave.$365,000
Katerina Grigoropoulos807 Davis St. 710$363,000
Sarah Rouleau and Emad Saghir1319 Fowler Ave.$362,000
Diane Denk2009 Harrison St. 304$360,000
Alison Stoll880 Forest Ave. 44$354,000
Yu Xu807 Davis St. 1503$353,000
Alexandra Marie Sonya Elizabeth and Patrick R. Pritchard Sonya Elizabeth800 Elgin Road 1620$352,500
Dellie D. and Joseph A. Frissora1333 Dewey Ave.$340,000
Alyssa D. Garcia617 Custer Ave.$335,000
Gary W. and Paula Ann Leather1333 Maple Ave. 1-A$330,500
Debra L Netter2720 Central St. 4D$325,000
Andrew Tarach2723 Gross Point Road 2$310,000
Amy G. Davis and Lee G Nagan222 Main St. 306$305,000
Robert Ashurst834 Forest Ave. 7$305,000
Skinner (trust), Douglas J. Skinner (trustee) and Linda P. Skinner (trustee)811 Chicago Ave. 604$300,000
Cecile-Anne Sison1580 Sherman Ave. 705$294,000
Valeriya Nikolayeva and Nigel Thibodeaux612 Mulford St. G-11$288,000
Sharon L Kramer1580 Sherman Ave. 909$288,000
Jeannette D Christianson1112 Main St. 3E$287,000
Zinqian Yang and Tianchuan Ge1640 Maple Ave. 808$282,000
Hanjing Wang and Ying Liao1580 Sherman Ave. 609$282,000
Ann Claire Gadzikowski (trustee) and Ann Gadzikowski (trust)832 Hinman Ave. 1$271,000
Christina Hutton Ziegler850 Forest Ave. 52$261,500
Danielle M Zimmerman208 South Blvd. B$261,000
Maniaha Baraki and Mohammad Behroozjan2150 Sherman Ave. 2-C$255,000
Mattingly A. Gerasimovich and Alexandra Goldhammer1414 Elmwood Ave.2G$255,000
Helen D. April1501 Oak Ave. 206$245,000
Howard Seth Axelrod814 Michigan Ave. 3E$240,000
Stuart Steinberg2314 Sherman Ave. 1E$239,000
Hope Barrett835 Judson Ave. 310$237,000
Brian M Jobbe and Margaret A. Ealy728 Dodge Ave.$235,000
Yikuan LI1720 Maple Ave. 1070$233,000
Christopher Wong and Po Shan Yiu2040 Sherman Ave. 1C$232,500
Dilma Silva Richardson121 Callan Ave. 3S$232,000
Wesley Wiston Hunt601 Linden Place 113$231,000
Matthew Jay McMunn and Grace Overbeke Kessler-McMunn924 Judson Ave. 3W$225,000
Anne Decelles804 Forest Ave. 1$220,500
Burak Atagun and Yael Kurganoff2324 Central St. 2-C$215,000

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