Top 100 Delray Beach, Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Delray Beach, Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 234 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $337,500 in Delray Beach.

Top 100 home sales in Delray Beach for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Kristen H. and Robert Edward Kane1847 Dusty Miller Drive$9,000,000
Christa Robinson and Richard Chyette715 10th St.$5,600,000
Patricia A. and Kevin M. Kelly1005 Seasage Drive$5,459,207
Teminma Spetner and Barry Calhoun1030 Rhodes Villa Ave.$3,895,000
Boca Equity Group LLC3130 Jasmine Court$3,670,000
Hanna and Daniel Stanton1800 Lake Drive$3,500,000
Ryder Realty (trust), Lorri A. Ryder (trustee) and Brian T. Ryder (trustee)959 Gardenia Drive$3,200,000
Mary Beth and Kevin Sullivan510 Palm Trail$2,950,000
M. Taylor Thomas (living trust) and Thomas M. Taylor (trustee)331 Eighth Ave.$2,420,000
Dimiter Mace3100 Jasmine Drive$2,147,125
Danielle and Gregory Neufeld914 Second Ave.$2,014,875
Annabel and Andrew Kerin214 Swinton Ave.$1,995,000
Gina and Joseph Sarno170 Marine Way$1,850,000
Michelle L. and John B. Doggett306 Seventh St.$1,699,000
Robert Surgent Jr.418 14th St.$1,689,000
Barbara Weldon (trust) and Barbara Weldon (trustee)1028 Coralina Lane$1,650,000
Eloise Vail Circhansky and Dustin James Kuehn902 Lake Shore Drive$1,500,000
Winged Thistle LLC320 11th St.$1,475,000
Rita C Ciocca1029 Coralina Lane$1,465,000
Tzirel and Alter Wagschal937 Fern Drive$1,465,000
Catherine M. and Andrew O. Eshelman790 Andrews Ave. Interstate 104$1,450,000
Laura and Stephen Derrickson248 First Ave.$1,400,000
Pamela and Gary Frigo110 Gleason St., Unit 201$1,400,000
Tami Kutz and Charles Robertson707 First St.$1,350,000
Domov 401 LLC401 17th St.$1,350,000
Cheree L Nichole110 Seventh St.$1,349,000
Jerilyn Walter290 22nd St.$1,300,000
Ten Thirty Lewis Cove LLC1030 Lewis Cove Road$1,300,000
Alan Romeo Paquette1564 Estuary Trail$1,299,500
Helen and Michael Nicolosi940 Dogwood Drive$1,260,000
Patricia A. and Scott M. Gandy30 11th St.$1,175,000
Pelican Investment Group LLC229 11th St.$1,150,000
Maura and John L. Siegenthaler86 MacFarlane Drive 10-G$1,100,000
Leslie N. Holley (trustee) and Leslie Nanette Holley 2011 (revocable trust)415 Enfield Road$1,075,000
Jefferey R Larsen2520 Greenbrier Drive$1,075,000
Lr Delray Latitude LLC351 Seventh Ave.$1,000,000
Blair and Jennifer Potter115 Venetian Drive 11$990,000
Kathryn and Betty L. Barbatsuly731 Lakeshore Drive$985,000
Land Desiree J137 Swinton Ave.$940,000
J. Rasansky Max (revocable trust), Max J. Rasansky (trustee) and Cindy Lee Rasansky (trustee)16890 Silver Oak Circle$880,000
237 Delray LLC237 10th St.$880,000
Allan and Lori Kaplan2000 Ocean Blvd. 304$865,000
Andrew S. Hennig1035 Sixth Ave. 33$860,000
Lynda and Edward D. Burak1035 Sixth Ave. 34$850,000
Sarah K. and Robert F. Ehinger1035 Sixth Ave. 44$837,500
Albert C. Scartabello Jr.717 Eldorado Lane$825,000
Elisabeth Hughes and Charles MacKenzie Phillips1225 Ocean Blvd. 1002$825,000
Richard and Corrine Gould4880 Pineview Circle$805,000
Joseph Bilotta2785 Hampton Circle$800,000
Angelique and Pierre Richard Rochemont711 Second St.$761,586
Susan Kipp and Mark Newman225 307$760,000
John and Bonnie Willoughby305 Fourth Ave.$745,000
Robin and James Kaptzan2000 Ocean Blvd. 404$708,000
Ruth E. Tofalo McGivern and Kevin C. and Marie A. Tofalo2200 Ocean Blvd. 1103$706,000
Jennifer Locantro704 Fifth St.$700,000
Carol A. Fredericks and Kenneth E. Schloesser523 Enfield Road$700,000
Linda and Dennis Hurwitz16840 Silver Oak Circle$699,000
B Reno LLC15 16th St.$685,000
Christopher Kelly Kaplanek2123 36th Terrace$675,000
Judith Carmen and Donald Alexander Sheldon50 East Road 5-J$651,000
Bonnie L. and Eric L. Glazer931 Palm Trail 9$650,000
Anali Yeanette Peri Piriz3429 Lakeview Blvd.$640,000
Kelly Ann Devereux4870 Classical Blvd.$630,000
Joyce Rico M. (revocable trust) and M. Joyce Rico (trustee)959 Greensward Lane$629,000
2007 Matthew Kenney (trust) and John Kenney (trustee)3763 Red Maple Circle$612,500
Curtis Bennett and Chris Mygatt734 Fourth Ave.$600,000
Amy and Howard Smith16840 River Birch Circle$575,000
Iraida and Enrique Estevez217 11th St.$572,500
2925 Cormorant Road LLC2925 Cormorant Road$565,000
Bonnie L. Katz and Carl L. Tishler1050 20th Ave.$562,500
Adrienne E. and Jordan J. Thomas4231 Magnolia Circle$560,000
Elena I Alabina and Francisco J Carpio117 George Bush Blvd.$550,000
Mary and Robert Harnett250 Third Ave., Unit 1503$545,000
Ekaterina Chernyshenko827 Lake Ave.$540,000
Denis L Selin and Tatiana A. Selina1661 Classical Blvd.$530,000
David Orazietti365 Sixth Ave., Unit 401$529,000
Pamela A. Nichols and Dennis A. First2200 Ocean Blvd. 307$527,500
Aspi Anguelov and Victoria Tomasino1195 20th Ave.$525,000
Chona S. and Joseph A. Zanelli4807 Classical Blvd.$525,000
Karen Reichert and Michael N. Balsamo1985 10th St.$525,000
Meghan Justine Blackford and Robert Charles Coe1183 Canoe Point$517,000
Trevor Edward Cavanagh and July Olivia Aviles1305 Magnolia Circle$500,000
Bliss On 4TH LLC10 Fourth Ave.$500,000
Community Child Care Center of Delray Beach Inc.620 Lake Ida Road$500,000
Richard Bergida and Nadine Callon555 Banyan Tree Lane 11$499,000
Snugoal LLC2894 FL Blvd.$480,000
Matthew J. Madsen923 Fourth Ave.$480,000
Marilyn and Jeffrey Zipes4786 Tree Fern Drive$466,400
Erin and David Callahan1700 21st Court$465,000
Kathryn Lenore Gunderson243 Homewood Blvd.$456,000
Alejandra Parra and Andrew Antonucci4609 Hammock Circle$455,000
Lise A. Federman1 Harbourside Drive 4604$450,000
4215 Live Oak Blvd LLC4215 Live Oak Blvd.$450,000
Kirsten Marie Hernquist and Blake T C Coller796 22nd Court$442,000
Lorna McKeith and Stuart McKeith-Wellington251 17th St.$441,000
Grium LLC212 First Ave.$435,000
Rkj Investments LLC311 Decarie St.$430,000
Mary Clare and David Garber100 Venetian Drive 9$422,500
Ellen Spencer and Alexander Anadollis554 29th Ave.$420,000
Oksana Gazina and Roman Lazarets1055 20th Ave.$405,000

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