Top 100 Coconut Creek, Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 100 home sales for Coconut Creek, Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 159 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $200,000 in Coconut Creek.

Top 100 home sales in Coconut Creek for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Oscar Luis and Lourdes and Violeta Otero4860 Swans Manor$600,000
Sean Gorbell and Danielle Dryden5024 Pinecreek Place$575,000
Caleb D. and Jennifer M. Devore7241 43rd Ave.$570,000
Eric D'Amato4467 63rd Drive$562,500
Denise N Craig3910 54th Court$555,000
Jon and Caitlin Lewis4555 50th Court$550,000
John V. Zaffarano6406 Mallards Lane$535,000
Jhonny Zapata Hernandez and Dayana Errante Salas7125 Crescent Creek Way$525,000
Joshua Eric and Emily Phillips Key4856 49th St.$510,000
Zayar Lwin and Tinma Myat3792 Woodfield Court$505,000
Maxo Raymond and Mideline Petion5871 40th Lane$500,000
Zbigniew J Cichowski and Angela Baumann4024 62nd Court$500,000
Colin Gregory and Kayladee Asyneth McLean5541 50th Ave.$490,000
Eric and Carolyn Elena Suarez5411 53rd Drive$485,000
Horacio Ortiz Leon and Zulma Aragon Ortiz4050 Crescent Creek Court$483,500
Michelle R. and David J. Whittemore530 43rd Ave.$480,000
Marina Bonamo and Robert Almodovar Cruz5643 39th Ave.$479,999
Willian Andre and Jennifer Cristina Andrade De Oliveira7610 47th Ave.$468,873
Zillow Homes Property (trust)5032 Heron Place$457,800
James Patrick and Erica Rachel Cullen4947 Pelican Manor$455,000
Richard Jay and Yaseny Yojany Feldman4813 14th Drive$451,000
Emmanuel Borgella and Esther Borgella Constant5129 Heron Place$447,000
Cory Leavitt and Catherine Hanlon4410 Ninth Court$435,000
Isabel Carvajal1415 49th Ave.$435,000
Leonir Kunharski and Simoni Phillips4282 44th Terrace$435,000
Courtney Lynne Hudson and Robert Louis Workman Jr.4061 Coconut Creek Blvd.$435,000
Jerred Michael Nemerson4061 54th Court$430,000
Saloman E Vaca Rendon and Yamileth Melendez3802 Woodfield Court$430,000
Marvin Michael Maxwell1424 49th Ave.$425,000
Alex Hall, Keisha Guyah and Suneil Townsend2131 34th Terrace$423,000
Graham and Lotus Spenceley1951 35th Terrace$412,900
Tamara White4751 Fifth Place$400,000
Philip D'Agostino and Samantha D'Agostino4942 Egret Court$400,000
Nickson Seraphin and Daleine Jean6100 43rd Ave.$398,000
Losarnia S Hamilton4777 Grand Cypress Circle$385,000
Juliana Tomaz Dos Santos3999 Crescent Creek Court$376,000
Kyle Paul Giddings and Allyson Margaret Goldbach4714 Lago Vista Drive$375,000
Gladys Sanchez-Bello2736 Calliandra Terrace$375,000
Mingyang Hong and Vincent Giang3902 Monarch Lane$367,500
Bruny Telfort and Carla Petion3551 Morningside Place$360,000
Susana and Washington Manzano and Belgica Vaca4758 Sixth Place$350,000
Taj and Shannois Colquhoun4680 Mimosa Place 801-8$350,000
Neil A. Lawson and Yvette Echevarria-Lawson2410 Ginger Ave.$342,500
Unique K. and Frantz C. Demorcy2354 34th Road$340,000
Nadine Elie and Metersky Metellus4780 Lago Vista Drive$335,000
Tammy M Measel4072 62nd Court$335,000
Alex C. Jenkins5190 Stagecoach Drive$330,000
Michael Gates3502 Bimini Lane J-2$328,000
Fay Samaroo4760 Mimosa Place 1011-10$325,000
Faline G. Roberts (trust)3502 Bimini Lane E.-4$320,000
Elizabeth Hope Cunningham2600 Calliandra Terrace$304,500
Denise Platt (life estate) and Devin C Platt2647 Aloe Ave.$291,000
James W. Castetter4723 57th Place$287,000
Cory Ryan and Meredith Elise Spencer4707 30th St. 907$285,000
Linh Dang4810 22nd St. 4124-21$268,500
Lior and Rachael Noach3655 Carambola Circle 2859-10$262,000
Diego A. Garcia and Maria B. Hernandez2346 36th Ave. A-2$261,900
Christopher Ferreira283 Sunshine Drive$260,000
Imad Al-Madi (life estate) and Amira F. Al and Hoda S. Al-Madi3865 35th St. 1517-24$260,000
Amandeep and Bernice Singh4854 22nd St. 4168-28$260,000
Diego Tavares Dias and Priscilla Lopes6435 Egret Terrace$260,000
Dayna C Jones2145 45th Ave.$255,000
Alexander Carpovich and Lacey Erin Wilson3895 Carambola Circle$250,000
Jamie Elizabeth Lorin and James Toynton Schlegel II4662 Carambola Circle 2743-7$249,955
Cindy Jo and Bianca Barbara Salem4584 Carambola Circle$245,000
Matthew James Gilman and Kayla Hungate3333 Carambola Circle 2411-1$245,000
Mark Leidner and Eileen Ayala1704 Andros Isle F-2$243,000
Jason and Melissa Cooper2255 45th Ave.$243,000
Akeisha Walker296 Sunshine Drive$230,000
Gmma Consulting Services Inc.5055 Wiles Road 305-12$229,900
Tara Manchester3719 Cocoplum Circle 3548-6$221,000
Anthony Trombino and Ann Marie Bruno2804 Victoria Way O4$219,000
Antonino, Giovanna D.'Elia, Benedetto and Maria Abile3854 Lyons Road 302-5$217,000
Thomas Vitola4207 22nd St. 119L$215,000
Karen R Clark2737 Carambola Circle 1912-2$214,800
Kemina McTyson2675 Carambola Circle 1759-10$212,000
Jessica Roja3870 21st Court F-16$210,000
S & L Property Solutions LLC4322 Acacia Circle$207,500
Angela Galette4871 22nd St. 4185-33$205,000
Jeanita Pierre4186 Carambola Circle 2183-11$200,000
Angel and Felicita Santiago Suarez2639 Carambola Circle 1725-6$200,000
Marta Cullen and Adam Elotmani3941 Cocoplum Circle 3522-3$200,000
Kristen M Pirtle and Danny Casanas4121 Coral Tree Circle 238$200,000
Chamella R Brown and Benedict Osuji4433 22nd Road 412$200,000
Subirana 4848-204 LLC4848 State Road 7 4204-4$200,000
Ashley Nichole Watt3635 35th St. 1659$198,000
Gary Michael and Elizabeth Holzman2802 Victoria Way B3$195,000
Doris Frankel3301 Aruba Way O-3$195,000
Heidi Gerstner and Patrice Morin3203 Portofino Point O4$195,000
Veronica Cecilia Giugni2657 Carambola Circle 1743-8$193,000
Pearl Shore3101 Portofino Point L3$192,000
Brian Thomas Brittle3297 47th Ave. 3227-6$190,000
Elizabeth J. Deforrest2502 Antigua Terrace M-1$189,999
Samantha D. Jagroop and Tay Jolie Jagroop (revocable trust)4760 Mimosa Place 1008-10$189,010
Isaac and Gilberte Albert4161 Carambola Circle 2158-8$185,750
Ligia Margarita and Rafael Quinones2304 Lucaya Lane B-3$185,000
Leslie and Rhonda Gal2803 Victoria Way M2$185,000
Juliane Souza3873 Carambola Circle 2956$185,000
Elizabeth Joy Jordan4701 Martinique Drive M4$185,000
Marcial Junior Avila MacHado2644 Carambola Circle 1730$183,000

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