Top 50 Wilton Manors, Florida home sales for June 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Wilton Manors, Florida in June 2021, according to

In June 2021, there were 61 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $454,000 in Wilton Manors.

Top 50 home sales in Wilton Manors for June 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Viac 2112 LLC2112 17th Ave.$1,495,000
Reichen Kuhl633 20th St.$1,450,000
William H. Hayden and Ronald N Perkov2956 10th Ave.$1,155,000
1728 Ne 27 Drive LLC1728 27th Drive$945,000
Tetiana Antypova and Dmytro Ocheretianyi2316 17th Terrace$807,000
Grey Court Apartments LLC317 23rd St.$798,525
Albert V. Catterton and Stephen C. Mumby2107 17th Ave.$760,000
Charles J. Schmidt and Matthew W. Hansen113 Almar Drive$749,900
Paul Vladimir Borichevsky and Jane K. Oeffner2814 16th Terrace$745,000
Sergey Krasnovsky417 21st St.$726,000
Christopher J. Mangi and James S. Lombardo505 23rd St. 1-3$700,000
David Kutch709 22nd St.$690,000
Angel Falls Capital LLC817 30th St.$690,000
Lorraine Gross and Julie A. Carson406 20th St.$690,000
George Gutierrez, George Hearnz and Gutierrez Hearnz Family (living trust)2609 14th Ave. 405-Frisco$680,000
Todd Tedrow and Michael Thomas1825 27th St.$630,000
Sherman Yee2131 Second Ave.$620,000
Catherine E. Giarrusso1532 27th St.$615,000
Jimmy Van Den Bosch2733 Ninth Terrace$600,000
James Galligan3024 Fifth Ave.$538,000
Richard A. Demeo and Scott B Lewis141 20th St.$537,000
Dale P Warner II2309 Ninth Ave.$527,000
Chad J Kaiser1408 22nd St. 1-2$525,000
Anthony Papageorgiou3033 Third Ave. 1-4$522,500
Steven Kothlow400 28th Court$500,000
Jason Stiltner2263 Ninth Ave.$495,000
Jennifer Sullivan2760 Eighth Ave. 19$480,000
Gregory Scott White and Benjamin Arroyo301 27th Drive$475,000
Stacy M. and Charles E. Langston2633 14th Ave. 304-Pacifi$462,000
Ronald Gene Ratliff Jr. and Beixiang He904 Duval Place 203$454,000
Brian Di Bartolomeo and Matthew A. Saleski25 26th Court$454,000
Jesse Brandon Adamson and Andrew Suchann316 28th Court$450,000
Francisco Arturo De Quesada and Raymond Patrick McCue1380 24th St.$430,000
Derek Maingot2617 14th Ave. 303$429,000
Yman Tajzoy and Matias Piana2906 Fifth Ave.$425,000
Anthony Logrande2625 14th Ave. 505$420,000
Judy's House LLC416 29th St.$415,000
Kaitlin Dorn Severini and Joe and Diana Xavier2832 Third Ave.$405,000
Rasa Bacelyte Silverman100 Almar Drive$400,000
Runnebaum Investments Inc.833 30th St.$389,000
Gailledreau Bj LLC141 30th Court$374,000
Joseph Thomas Geiman2631 14th Ave. 219$340,000
Joao Pedro D'Alincourt Da Fonseca Pecanha and Erika Bartosch Caminha D'Alincourt663 Kensington Place 102B$315,000
Jonathan and Harvey and Marcia Zuckerberg36 20th Court 3B$280,000
Geoffrey Ferrucci1951 Second Ave. 116I$280,000
Blane Robert Donahue and Jason Doherty Fallon188 20th Court 1E$276,500
Victor L Medina and Michael Ray Robear Joint (living trust)1940 Second Ave. 118J$275,000
Jack T Milam181 20th Court 8F$273,000
Denzyl P Byrd2450 15th Ave. 106$270,000
David A. Jenkins and Todd W Eastburn300 19th Court 115N$249,000

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