Top 50 Urbandale, Iowa home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Urbandale, Iowa in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 63 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $254,900 in Urbandale.

Top 50 home sales in Urbandale for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Scott P Brown12816 Wilden Drive$539,250
Joseph T. and Lisa Chmelka3908 140th St.$427,140
Emily S. and Ryan M. Nelson9835 Brookview Drive$415,000
Benson Collective LLC3015 67th St.$385,000
Justin and Alexandria Ann Schmidt12216 Winston Ave.$385,000
Tara L Rechkemmer and Kristopher Knutson13006 Hammontree Drive$375,000
Jason and Allison Carlson4637 91st St.$375,000
Kyle Peterson and Kara Niles12605 Horton Ave.$365,100
Butoto Nyansingizwa and Eugenie Nyirasuku7412 Oakwood Drive$362,500
Alyssa Lee and James T. V. Vowell3619 80th St.$359,500
Sandra W Gahn and Kathryn S. Marean8107 Cobblestone Court$350,000
Robb William and Molly Lynn Riggle8404 Aurora Ave.$350,000
Samir and Ajka Bektic4019 122nd St.$350,000
Jeramy and Lynae Christine Bethards4200 126th Court$343,000
Jerry and Renee Heiselman9917 Brookview Drive$340,000
Caroline Mary Compiano12224 Madison Ave.$325,000
Tony and Marissa Kirby6335 Sutton Drive$316,000
Matthew M. and Cynthia M. Smith9114 Alpine Drive$315,000
Steve Simon13107 Greenbelt Drive$310,000
Lal C Tluanga and Dawt Hniang4716 70th Place$310,000
Beth Ann D Fox4724 95th St.$300,000
Geoffrey and Danielle Converse8121 Sharon Drive$299,000
Shindano MacImu and Mwavita Kipili4822 70th Place$297,000
Forest H. and Phouc T. Nguyen2412 70th St.$285,000
Levi D. and Taylar F. Shepherd4325 62nd St.$281,000
Ronald S Karnowski3945 124th St.$280,000
Kosi A. Kogue and Kossiwa Agbavon7004 Northview Drive$275,000
Cassandra Leigh Taylor5139 69th St.$270,000
Alexander J Higgins3931 122nd St.$265,000
Elizabeth Spaulding and James Murty3846 92nd Drive$255,000
Kelly M Smith and Eric J Wilkening6814 Oliver Smith Drive$255,000
Hussein Mandil4225 65th St.$254,900
Jenna Lauren and Joshua Richard Luna4513 76th St.$250,000
Donald and Terri L. Carroll7109 Airline Ave.$250,000
Shawna and Matthew Johnson8504 Airline Ave.$250,000
James and Samantha Morris4001 81st St.$247,000
Briante D. and Akim L. Nyang2705 70th St.$242,000
Terrence Clarkson4509 73rd St.$238,000
Joaquin Eduardo Patino Grijalva and Rossana Amarilis Ramirez Gonzalez Depatino8803 Hammontree Circle$238,000
Lynn Deyen7086 Hickory Lane$233,000
Elizabeth Anne Matney8809 Beechwood Drive$230,000
Virginia Ruiz Suarez and Jose Candelario Garcia Sanchez3319 64th St.$230,000
Madhavi Karnati3920 78th St.$229,000
Deseree Mary Horan8516 Prairie Ave.$228,720
Aaron E. Daniels3212 74th St.$225,000
Andrew J. Bjerke7309 Monroe Court$223,000
Jayme Sobieralski7318 Monroe Court$215,900
Christopher and Kailey Jorgensen3200 68th St.$215,000
Patrick J. Dorrian3908 76th St.$215,000
Saul and Maria Romero6811 Prairie Ave.$175,000

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