Top 50 Mint Hill, North Carolina home sales for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home sales for Mint Hill, North Carolina in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 53 homes sold, with a median home sale price of $390,000 in Mint Hill.

Top 50 home sales in Mint Hill for July 2021
BuyerAddressSale Price
Barbara Devan and Kevin Patrick Hannon14927 Davis Trace Drive$800,000
Victor G. and Janice E. Cadice13154 Odell Heights Drive$705,000
Robert K. Marr Jr. and Deborah A. Marr5052 Isabella Place$689,000
Daniel T. and Ellen R. Lynch12135 Jumper Drive$670,000
Charles and Ashlee Pettit4418 Walter Nelson Road$612,500
Timothy Edward Moreau Jr. and Megan Phillips Moreau6233 Wild Meadow TL$585,000
Peter Wayne and Joan Henry Sanfilippo8111 Grey Timbers Court$581,000
Peyton William and Christine Ragle11925 Jumper Drive$580,000
Carl and Naomi Chambers11909 Canter Lane$565,000
Stephen Rivera8132 Early Bird Way$560,000
Heather Louise and Damian Anthony Bess11958 Canter Lane$550,000
Mitchell Preston and Lindsey Marie Granger6525 Hollow Oak Drive$545,000
Lum and Bethany L. Mati11305 Whispering Leaf Court$530,000
Michael James and Colleen Mecredy11724 Barnard St.$505,000
Neal and Carol Raffe12600 Bain School Road$490,000
J&M Investments LLC9547 Hitchgate Drive$485,000
Ellen and Glen Houlihan5532 Saddlewood Lane$468,000
Lun Xiong He10314 Club Field Court$460,000
Vaughn Pollman and Danielle Smith4800 Golfview Court$450,000
Opendoor Property J LLC4015 Five-Oaks Court$442,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.6201 Gold Wagon Lane$431,000
Kelly A. Adamchick7509 Hogans Bluff Lane$430,000
Christine L. Ha and Holly Beth Fanning12048 Canter Lane$427,500
Clifton II and Megan Sanders6024 Storehouse Road$410,000
Rachel Nicole and Garrett Michael Smith4009 Highway Meadow Drive$405,000
Dennis and Trudy Cloward3730 Walter Nelson Road$394,000
Timothy Lloyd and Annette Matthews Spain8923 Lauriston Place$390,000
Durga Devi Adhikari and Chuda N Dhimal8853 Driftwood Commons Court$390,000
The Frank Pustaver Family Trust Dated July 31 20188025 Silver Maple Lane$380,000
Hailey Nichole Amico and Grant Carl Engebretsen4012 Martele Drive$375,000
Kitchen Charles William Jr. and Kitchen Kathryn Elizabeth Barber6315 Willow Branch Drive$367,000
Pakho Thang and Dawt Iang4927 Foxden Court$340,000
Diego Adame7434 Lawyers Station Drive$335,000
Sheldon Clark and Clark Carma6204 Elkington Lane$330,000
Vivi Sutjipto and Frank Harry Ligas14818 Rothwell Drive$330,000
Sylinda Fulse and Derrick Harris Jr.4312 Chuckwood Drive$330,000
Scott Levance Dellinger9012 Lauriston Place$326,000
Keith E. and Antoinette J. Layton10312 Topeka Drive$320,000
Charlotte Jane Matthews10028 Santa FE Lane$315,000
Zillow Homes Property (trust)10742 Kemptown Square$306,000
Melissa Dunston-Gatling and Melissa Dunston Gatling3021 Coventry Commons Drive$303,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.4818 Wilgrove-Mint Hill Road$300,000
Opendoor Property Trust I.10321 Roundhouse Creek$288,000
John Mark Dearing7305 Iron Horse Court$276,000
Pnj Re Holdings LLC7533 Lawyers Station Drive$270,000
Crowne Property Acquisitions LLC7206 Lancashire Drive$266,000
Chelsie Melissa and Phillip Russell Crownover10711 S. Hampton Drive$250,000
Progress Charlotte LLC7115 Casual Corner Lane$245,000
RS Rental I LLC9640 Surrey Road$240,000
Travis Roy Alfrey14104 Thompson Road$200,000

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