Top 50 Cedar Park, Texas home valuations for July 2021

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These are the top 50 home valuations for Cedar Park, Texas in July 2021, according to

In July 2021, there were 81 homes sold, with a median home valuation of $265,536 in Cedar Park.

Top 50 home valuations in Cedar Park for July 2021
Scott Smith and 300 Cougar (trust)300 Cougar Ave.$101,499
Constantin Scholl2618 Byfield Drive$217,559
Opendoor Property Trust I.204 Mount Rushmore Drive$217,563
Jared R Siebert1816 Continental Pass$217,756
Kathryn B. Houlton2007 Clover Lane$217,766
Scott Allen Brewer407 Mount Rushmore Drive$220,742
Opendoor Property Trust I.3103 Great Valley Drive$220,853
Robert A. Ross Jr. and Lisa P. and Kaitlyn E. Ross908 Lost Pines Lane$221,774
Stephen Eugene Nester Jr.1216 Ney Cove$221,868
Ael Properties LLC1822 Enchanted Rock Drive$224,414
Robert Shawn Stark and Anna-Leigh Gabriella Strong1805 Rockwood Lane$226,148
Anma Realty LLC1516 Big Thicket Drive$226,443
Almie Legion Properties LLC3204 Blazing Star Trail$227,384
Liying Zhao and Dongwei Cao602 Brazos Bend Drive$229,680
Chenpeng Zhao1706 Zilker Drive$229,744
Norman Bonen1413 Davis Mountain Loop$230,544
Rz Investments LLC1413 Davis Mountain Loop$230,544
Giri P Bhattarai803 Kettering Drive$230,729
Michelle Marie and William Grant Willette1511 White Post Road$230,895
Thomas Wilson Gilmore and Kathleen Deann Whyte1314 Davis Mountain Loop$232,238
Robert Daniel Spellings Jr.1004 Lost Pines Lane$232,781
XI Kan and Fangxu Dong2216 Founder Drive$240,693
Suzanne Kenney1205 Darless Drive$241,081
Anthony Strain James (revocable trust)1802 Ascot Lane$243,345
Cesar Lira and Claudia Bucio3307 Sweetgum Trace$244,250
James Sorrells513 Tyree Road$244,885
Kathleen E. Yamane-Olmos and John Olmos1609 Hawk Drive$246,541
Christian Blaise Bermudez2507 Stapleford Drive$248,720
Eddie and Frances Melendez1304 Cedar Crest Drive$250,767
Leighanne Jasso724 Lost Pines Lane$251,528
Paulomi Nandkishore Jatinkumar and Punam Prahaladbhai Patel Jatinkumar and Virenkumar Thakkar1202 Paint Brush Trail$252,943
Timothy Ryan and Christina Marie Shout1901 Big Bend Drive$255,346
Milind Kashinath and Ashima Mital Borkar1406 Hangtree Cove$256,463
Alice Joan Smola1505 Pecan St.$257,150
Anthony Isaiah and Brook Huerta1804 Hollow Ridge Drive$260,877
Weiwei Hu and Yanci Zhang1812 Coral Drive$260,933
Jianmei Cen and Ming Xu1505 Big Thicket Drive$261,046
Gil and Vered Gani Katzir1928 Wheaton Trail$262,860
Jeremy S Ritter and Jessica L. Luna2305 Fairhill Cove$263,384
Christian Michael and Nicole R. Turner1203 Heritage Hill Cove$263,612
Opendoor Property Trust I.2412 Romeo Drive$265,536
Chad Thomas Brock and Amber Kathryn Marvis2212 Drue Lane$267,243
Peter Dorkhom and Petra Ayoub707 Brazos Bend Drive$273,078
Bharatraj Rai and Harshitha Bhandary2507 Nightshade Drive$277,770
Opendoor Property C LLC1914 Laminar Creek Road$282,061
Erika L. and Cornelia Smith2706 Big Meadow Drive$284,159
Ayelet Orfali Zilcha2517 Preserve Trail$284,194
Corey Bernard Bradford1006 Old Mill Road$284,637
Carrie Wyman and Austin, Hannah, Brooke and David Teater406 Mesa Verde St.$286,774
David John and Genevieve Ashcom King2909 Martin Drive$292,606

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